I'm trans and this is the only name that's felt like home to me ♥.
Absolutely gorgeous! I think Xenia is a beautiful name it's so unique and lovely ❤❤.
I like the the sound but not the meaning.
So pretty and mysterious sounding.
I LOVE this name! It sounds very classic and regal. I can foresee any girls with this name to be the only one in their class with this gorgeous Grecian name. I'm glad that I've never met nor have known someone with this name so it isn't ruined for me to potentially use for my future daughter. A Xenia among Brooks and Paisleys.
I've heard this pronounced in English as both ZEE-nee-ə (ZEE-nyə) and ZEN-ee-ə (ZEN-yə). The first pronunciation is clearly influenced by Xena, whereas the latter pronunciation is likely influenced by the Slavic variant Kseniya.
Spanish: SHE-nya, KSE-nya, SE-nya
Catalan: SHE-nya
English: ze-NI-a
Russian: KSE-nya.
Also used in Spanish. In Catalan-speaking regions, the spelling Xènia is more used. [noted -ed]
This is also a variant transcription of Russian Ксения :
Xenia can also be used in Russia, in the form of Xeniya.
Super cool.
I think that “Zenia” is much prettier and more elegant than “Xenia.”.
The X initial makes it really unique.
The Actor/Dancer main character in Dance Academy is called Xenia Goodwin and she pronounces it SHEN-ya (sort of like Jenya).
In Greek, pronunced "kse-NEE-ah" and the English pronunciation is "ZEEN-ee-ə".
I used the variant Kseniya in one of my stories to name a beautiful white wolf. I think it works really well, and I think of a gracious, pretty and loving girl when I hear it.
Pronunced "KSEN-yah".
A cool name. The way it looks is great!
Actress Xenia Desni (1894-1962).
Xenia Tchoumitcheva (b. 1987), a beautiful Swiss fashion model of Russian extraction.
This name, with the spelling Xènia, is used in Catalan.
I should add that some sites say that the Catalan Xènia originally developed as a nickname for Eugènia, the Catalan form of Eugenia, rather than from the Greek Xenia.
Xenia Martinez (born 1994 in Chula Vista, California) is an American singer. She was in the top eight on the US reality singing competition "The Voice".
Xenia Goodwin from Dance Academy (Australian show).
Xenia is an unbelievably awesome name! It starts with an X, a rare and spunky starting letter; and it sounds close to Xena without actually being Xena: Warrior Princess. It also has a long history, with a famous namesake as early as the 5th century. Xenia is both elegant and legitimately "cool" at the same time.
Another famous bearer of the name is the eighteenth-century Russian saint, St. Xenia of St. Petersburg.
Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia was the younger sister of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.
I know a Polish girl who bears this name, spelled the original Greek way, instead of the common Polish way with the letter K. Her parents were born and raised in Poland, and they called her "IX-YEN-EE-A"
The only Xenia I've ever met was from Spain, and she pronounced it SHEN-ya.
Also, Famke Janssen's infamous Bond girl in GoldenEye is named Xenia Onatopp.
An Anglicized version of this name, used in Australia, is Kesenya or Kasenya. Taken from the Russian Kseniya.
I've known two Greek Xenias and they've both pronounced it Zen-ya.
Pronounced: Ka-sain-yuh
Formerly Greek then transformed by the Polish to be spelled "Ksenia" and becoming a Russian name meaning "kind hospitable and generous". Grand Duchess Anasatia Romanoff's favorite aunt was named Ksenia; one of the few to escape the killing.
Contributed by Xenia Yevgenevna on 4/21/2008
Also used in Russia.
Xenia, Ohio
Slightly in between Cincinnati and Columbus.
It´s also the Czech and Slovak form. Pronounced as "Ksenya".
Name Day: 27th November (in the Czechia).
Xenia´s pet forms are Xenie, Xenin(k)a, Nina, Xenushe. Pronounced as: "Ksenia".
Xenia was the name of one of Tsar Nicholas's sisters.
I know several Russian people with this name, and they pronounce it Ks-ey-nee-uh. Somewhat better-sounding in my ears.
Xenia Seeburg played the character Xev Bellringer of B3K on the science-fiction TV show "Lexx".
Since masculine 'Xenos' means in Greek 'stranger', 'Xenia/Xena' could probably be interpreted as its feminine variant (like 'Barbara').

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