X Savior.
What is this crap? Xavier is much better.
Ugly. Really ugly.
Guys, I did not give myself that name, my mother did. My name is literally Xzavier, with Z in the middle of X and A. It says that on my identification card, on everything of mine. Birth certificate, everything, no joke.
What in the world?!
Hell no.
Ek-zay-vee-yur! Though it looks like it’s pronounced how it’s spelled, Xzavier, it still looks kinda weird. I prefer Xavier.
Okay y'all are just jealous you don't have my name. It's a great name, grow up you illiterate, incompetent jerks.
What is this concoction?! For the love of God, just use Xavier.
I know someone who just named their son this. I prefer Xavier though.
The name Xzavier was given to 287 boys born in the US in 2016.
I'm not sure if I would name my kid this, but I think it would be a fun character name. The X and Z next to each other reminds me of the double L in Lloyd that I've never understood. I don't think it's the worst. Although since I live in Utah I have seen spellings of names that are much worse.
An awful, trashy spelling of a perfectly lovely French name. Besides, it reflects the butchered American pronunciation of the name.
Can't decide whether you prefer Xavier or Zavier? Combine them! Even if it makes no phonetic sense and looks awful!
This spelling of this name is just horrendous! Use Xavier or Zavier. It's better than this. Besides- Which letter is silent? The X or the Z? Only pick one because both aren't needed at the same time.
This name doesn't look good, and it's too urban, and too modern. Use Xavier.
I think the name's cool because not a lot of people have it spelled the same way, lol. And because it's my name.
Why do people feel the need to spell names so phonetically these days? I'm pretty sure people are perfectly capable of pronouncing "Xavier", there's no need to add in the Z. Xzavier just looks so weird.
Starting off if you're a fan of college sports the school Xavier is pronounced za-vi-er. I personally think a college would get it right. Ending off I like Xzavier so much, it's my 1st born son's name. It looks better and no other letter that I know of is pronounced twice in the alphabet or names/words.
I know someone called Xzavier, and his name is indeed pronounced ex-ZAY-vee-ur. Apparently the parents weren't sure whether Xavier was pronounced ZAY-vee-ur or ex-AY-vee-ur, so they included both pronunciations to keep everyone happy.

(I actually didn't know anyone else had this name! I thought it was a one-off oddity. An important lesson for anyone trying to be unique I guess).
This spelling hurts my eyes! Xavier is a perfectly fine name; there is no need to butcher it. And it doesn't matter how "unique" that the spelling of "Xzavier" is, it's still "Xavier", it's still an ordinary, everyday name; at least people can recognize "Xavier"!
I like this name, I think everyone goes on about how names are so "popular and over used" that it's nice to shake things up and spell it a bit different. Would definitely pronounce it "X-ZA-VI-UR" though.
This name, which is Xavier misspelled, making it not truly a real name, CANNOT be pronounced in English. If it were to be pronounced as ex-ay-vee-ur, it would have to be spelled Exavier or X-avier (still not real names). Each syllable in English requires a separate vowel (or more than one together), unless the name of a letter is to be said as part of the word--or name for that matter, but this would not be appropriate for names--when the letter is offset by a hyphen or by hyphens, as in x-ray and e-mail. Don't name a baby this. Use Xavier, actually a real name, pronounced in English, zay-vee-ur.
I think it's a wonderful spelling. X-avier sounds plain. Now X-zavier sounds interesting.
This spelling makes my brain hurt.
It has a bit of an appeal to me, but I have to say, I think whoever made this up had a desicion making problem. I don't think it "needs" the extra letter, but it does add something. I'd use it for a character or middle name.
The X and Z right next to each other look really bad. This spelling should technically be said "ex-ZZ-av-ee-er". Why add an extra syllable? Use the old spelling. It acually make sense.
This is horrible, in my opinion. They took a perfectly wonderful name and made it look so trashy. It's hard for me to figure out what it's supposed to be when I first see it. Why do you need and x AND a z anyway?
Dude this name is METAL!

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