I love the name YOLANDA. It sounds really sexy and it's a very unique name. Not a lot of girls have that name so it makes women that are named YOLANDA stand out more. My late wife was named YOLANDA so I really love that name. (RON HAANING)
My name is Eulonda (Ulonda). Most people call or address me as Yolonda or Yolanda. One girl called me Yo. After 10 years I asked why that nickname. The Golf pro always introduced me as Yolander. Yep, that’s really ugly. My Mom said my name was a scrambling of her name, Eulala and Dad’s, Leon. (She never mentioned that there was a Spanish queen named Eulalia.). I have been called Loni, Londa, Yo, YoYo, Yoli, Yolanda and Yolonda + more. I guess it’s good because no one on planet earth has my maiden name nor married name on combo. But folks, be careful what you name your babies. BTW, I didn’t know that the original meant Violet, my favorite childhood color.
Yolanda King is the name of one of Martin Luther King's daughters.
This is an unpopular opinion, but I really like this name. It rolls nicely on the tongue and sounds youthful and refined, to me at least.
It's also used for Bagyong Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan) in the Philippines.
Really bad. Ugly, trashy and dated. Sorry.
Doesn't sound very attractive...
I think it's nice...but I won't ever use it.
Unpopular opinion: This name isn't horrible. Sure, it may not be the greatest or prettiest name in the world, but it isn't "ugly", "disgusting", or horrible like some others are saying. And the nickname Yoli isn't too awful either, if you don't like Yoli as a nickname I guess Andie could be an alternative option.
Also used in Bulgaria. You'll find bearers on social media.
This is my name and I’ve always thought it was ugly. I do appreciate the ones of you that have said it’s a beautiful name. That makes me feel good. My husband even one day let it slip that he thought it was an ugly name. (Stab to the heart) it’s funny because I once met a Yolanda and said “that’s such a pretty name” I guess I like it on other people. My husband's family calls me Yoli and I absolutely love that nickname. I’ve also been called Londie and a boy I babysat use to call me “Mylonda”. Now that was sweet. Oh and I absolutely cringe to be called “Yolando” or “Yola”. But I love a beautiful Spanish pronunciation of “Jolanda” whatever. It’s my name.
Not my favorite...
The most gorgeous name I’ve ever heard, there’s something about this name, it’s like an angel or a princess who’s the most gorgeous and elegant person ever, would be named Yolanda. Wow I truly love this name, amazing for beautiful ladies.
Really ugly.
Not very pretty.
I’ve read all the comments of you guys, maybe no love for Yolanda, haha :) I have no idea why Yolanda has a lot of hate, but in my opinion, this name sounds soft, reminds me of a mature and classic lady. I think I like this name and I will take Yolanda as my Western name.
Reminds me of Roland.
I dislike this name and have always thought of this name as ugly. Yolanda reminds me of three people. 1. Yolanda Saldivar (Selenas killer) 2. Yolanda Martinez (slumlord) 3. Yolanda Vasquez (Hippie/dike). Go with Violet not Yolanda.
I used to be called Yolanda before I changed my name. In the USA they use the pronunciation 'Yo-LAH-nda', which is not the correct pronunciation. Yolanda is a Greek name that became common in Spain. People who speak true Spanish in Spain would never say 'Yo-LAHHHH-nda'. Many Hispanics spoke an ill-educated Americanized version of Spanish (for example, the way in which some Mexicans call a truck 'la troca' instead of 'camión'. As though they thought "who cares about literacy, let's just take the word truck and change the letters a bit to make it sound like it came from Spain"). It's atrocious. It's this kind of 'Spanglish' passed between Hispanics and Americans that caused the erroneous pronunciation of Yolanda to be passed along in the USA and then consequently the world. I heard a Mexican doctor say Yolanda perfectly in Texas once (without the LAHHH) but hey, she was a doctor. Many Hispanics just roll with the dumb version and many other Americans don't know the etymology, they just pass on the rubbish they hear. I also disagree in principle with naming children with "weird" names that many people aren't sure how to spell or pronounce. I have commonly found people who struggled to know how to correctly say or spell Yolanda unless they were from Spain. I've known British people who've been convinced they knew the spelling better than me and would virtually insist they spell it Yolande because they'd seen it that way on EastEnders or their Caribbean cruise. Yes, Yolande is a name, but it's not quite the same as Yolanda. Anyhow, it's setting your kid up for years of irritation and discomfort due to having to correct people all the time. This may not be such a problem in Spain where Yolanda is a fairly common name, but nobody is called Yolanda in the UK, where I'm from. So not only is this name a PITA, most people just don't like it. There are also Eastern European versions - Jolanta and Jolanda, which can cause further complications, neither of which are very attractive either. As others here have already mentioned, Yolanda just means 'purple flower'. Violet is a better option. I changed my name to Elizabeth, which had been my middle name. Only one person in my entire life ever told me Yolanda was a beautiful name (and that was an old woman in a garden centre who was about 95). Over my lifetime I've been called Orlando, Lolonda, Yolin, Yolly, Lolly, Yo-Yo, Alanda, Yowie - all ridiculous. Everyone I know now says Elizabeth is an infinitely better name than Yolanda. Iolanthe, on the other hand, which Yolanda is derived from, is beautiful. It sounds like an enchanting, far-away fairytale princess. It's also the name of a well-loved Gilbert & Sullivan opera. But it's also a joke on the sitcom 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'.
The name is very beautiful, and part of me wants to have this name. I have a friend with the name Yolanda, and it suits her very well. A beautiful name for a beautiful friend of mine :)
In 2018, 41 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Yolanda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 483rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I don't like it. The name just sounds bad to me, and for some reason it makes me think of a very masculine 6-foot tall woman who likes to beat people up.
Ughh. Sounds like the word yodel, and looks very unattractive. Violet is much prettier.
Wow! I just got a kick out of reading the comments on the name YOLANDA. Growing up I hated my name Yolanda. I have always thought of it as a boring name I would ask my mom why did you name me Yolanda?! Until I grew up and looked it up and saw the meaning of the name as Violet! Violet is my favorite color- what a trip. My granddaughter's middle name is Yolanda and I couldn't be happier. I go by Yoli, I'm Mexican and grew up in San Diego, CA in the Ghetto of Logan Heights. I have tattoos across my body, mostly Aztec. I'm not fat or skinny. I just loved the one who said it sounded Ghetto. Everyone's opinion is cool. Don't take it personally people- I didn't- I got a laugh out of it.
Shoutout to all the racists in these comments. You just can't let go of your disgust for a group of people, even when this name is from a completely separate culture, now can you?This is a lovely name, and it deserves more appreciation.
The name Yolanda was given to 106 girls born in the US in 2015.
Yolanda is a very beautiful name and so are the mothers who name their child Yolanda. I have never seen an unattractive person named Yolanda.
This name screams African-American.
I really dislike this name. I don't know what it is about it, but it sounds really ugly. I have a friend who has this name and she goes by Yoyo.
Yolanda Vargas Dulché (Born: July 18, 1926, Died: August 8, 1999) was a Mexican writer.
I LOVE this name! It's very unusual plus it starts with the letter 'y'- a letter which I usually find hard to appreciate much as a beginning letter for a name.
Ehh... I don't really like this name. The spelling is ugly and if I hear the name and think of it with this spelling, it sounds ugly too. Like I picture an overweight woman with a double chin (No offense to anyone with this name, cause you might not look like that at all).
But somehow, if I hear it and think of it spelled Iolanda, it all of a sudden sounds beautiful, like an ancient princess even.
Ghetto-sounding-ish yet European. Hard to describe...
Australian band Yolanda Be Cool who, along with DCUP, released We No Speak Americano.
"Honey Bunny"'s real name in Pulp Fiction.
People don't like this name. But I think it is pretty cool-- like Avery I don't know "bad girl" type of name. Not just another Emily or Emma in the crowd. A stand out.
I don't know what, but there's something about this name I just don't like. Maybe the 'anda' part at the end, but I'm not so sure.
There is a Fountains of Wayne song about a lady named "Yolanda Hayes".
Something about this name I just don't like. I also associate this name with yellow for an unknown reason.
I really like this name. It wouldn't be my first choice if I ever had a daughter, but I would consider it. I've noticed that it appears to be much more popular with Hispanics than with Caucasians.
Not too pretty. I have seen people nicknamed Yoyo.
I think this name is very ugly. I would never name my daughter this.
There's a song by Pablo Milanes called "Yolanda". It's a very beautiful love-song and it was the reason for me to call my daughter Yolanda.
I've always found this name ugly. I associate it with old and unattractive women.
Yolanda Saldivar, the person who killed singer Selena, is a kinda famous bearer.
In the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo, Yolanda Yewbeam was Charlie's great-great-great aunt. She was evil and probably killed Charlie's great-grandmother, Solange, at her castle. Yolanda had two endowments: shape-shifting and hypnotising. In 'Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy' or 'Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa' Yolanda shape-shifted into a young girl who went by the name Belle Donner (which Nimmo got from 'belladonna' the other name for deadly nightshade.) Yolanda was eventually electrocuted by Paton Yewbeam, her great nephew.
Yolanda evolved from the Spanish Violante, which is a very old name, borne by medieval princesses and queens but virtually disapeared nowadays. Also the most usual short name in Spanish is Yoli.
Yolanda is a sweet name, especially for a little girl. My cousin is Yolanda.
I think it means "land of violets" in Greek.
My mother started to name me this and I wish she had. I think this name is so pretty and delicate.
Yolanda Adams, the singer, bears this name.
I've heard the nickname Lolly used for Yolanda.
This is my cousin's middle name, Maria Yolanda. I think it's kind of Italian sounding, but my cousin's last also is Italian, so that's probably why I think that. Anyway, it's a pretty unusual name, but very elegant.
There is something about this name that I find really beautiful.
This name probably derives from another name, Iolanthe, which means "violet." The first part of this name, "Yo-" may come from "Io-," "-lan-" from "-lan-," and "-da" from "-the."
A famous bearer was Yolanda King, oldest daughter of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, who recently died of a heart attack at the age of 51.
Eeew, can't stand this name.
The Spanish version means ‘violet flower’.
Yolanda is Spanish too.
[noted -ed]

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