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This is a list of names in which the gender is masculine; and the meaning contains the keyword hope.
Amal 1 f & m Arabic
Means "hope, aspiration" in Arabic. It is related to Amaal.
Arman 1 m Persian, Kazakh
Means "wish, hope" in Persian.
Chiyembekezo m & f Southern African, Chewa
Means "hope" in Chewa.
Dovilas m Lithuanian (Rare)
From the Lithuanian root do- "to give" combined with viltis "hope".
Elpidius m Late Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of the Greek name Ἐλπίδιος (Elpidios), which was derived from ἐλπίς (elpis) meaning "hope". This was the name of a 4th-century saint who spent twenty years in a cave in Cappadocia.
Imeda m Georgian
Derived from Georgian იმედი (imedi) meaning "hope".
Jahleel m Biblical
Means "God waits" in Hebrew. This name is mentioned briefly in the Old Testament.
Kazuki m Japanese
From Japanese (kazu) meaning "one" or (kazu) meaning "harmony, peace" combined with (ki) meaning "brightness", (ki) meaning "hope" or (ki) meaning "tree", as well as other combinations of kanji characters.
Kōki m Japanese
From Japanese () meaning "light" or () meaning "happiness, good luck" combined with (ki) meaning "hope" or (ki) meaning "brightness". This name can be formed from other combinations of kanji characters as well.
Omid m & f Persian
Means "hope" in Persian.
Tesfaye m Eastern African, Amharic
From Amharic ተስፋ (tasfa) meaning "hope".
Themba m Southern African, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele
Means "trust, hope" in Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele.
Toivo m Finnish, Estonian
Means "hope" in Finnish.
Tshepo m & f Southern African, Sotho, Tswana
Means "hope" in Sotho and Tswana.
Tukulti-Ninurta m Ancient Assyrian
Means "my trust is in Ninurta", from Akkadian tukultu meaning "trust, faith" and the god's name Ninurta. This was the name of a 13th-century BC king of the Assyrian Empire.
Tumaini f & m Eastern African, Swahili
Means "wish, hope" in Swahili.
Umed m Tajik
Means "hope" in Tajik, ultimately from Persian امید (omid).
Ümid m Azerbaijani
Means "hope" in Azerbaijani, ultimately from Persian امید (omid).
Umid m Uzbek
Means "hope" in Uzbek, ultimately from Persian امید (omid).
Ümit m Turkish
Means "hope" in Turkish, ultimately from Persian امید (omid).
Umut m & f Turkish
Variant of Ümit. The Turkish words umut and ümit are etymologically related synonyms.
Vilmantas m Lithuanian
From Lithuanian viltis "hope" combined with mantus "intelligent" or manta "property, wealth".
Viltautas m Lithuanian (Rare)
From Lithuanian viltis "hope" and tauta "people, nation".
Yūki m & f Japanese
From Japanese () meaning "excellence, superiority, gentleness" or () meaning "permanence" combined with (ki) meaning "hope", (ki) meaning "brightness" or (ki) meaning "living". Other combinations of kanji can form this name as well.