Names Categorized "ends in -lita"

This is a list of names in which the categories include ends in -lita.
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ADELITA f Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish diminutive of ADELA. It is used especially in Mexico, where it is the name of a folk song about a female soldier.
ALITA f English (Rare)
Possibly a variant of ALETHEA.
ANGELITA f Spanish
Spanish diminutive of ANGELA.
Spanish diminutive of CARMEL.
ELITA f Latvian
Meaning unknown.
JULITA f Polish
Polish form of JULITTA.
LALITA f Hinduism, Indian, Hindi, Marathi
Means "playful, charming, desirable" in Sanskrit. In Hindu belief this is the name of one of the playmates of the young Krishna. It is also another name of the goddess Parvati.
LILITA f Latvian
Latvian form of LILITH.
LITA f English
Short form of names ending in lita. This name was brought to the public eye in the 1920s due to Lita Grey (1908-1995), who was the second wife of Charlie Chaplin. Her birth name was Lillita Louise MacMurray.
LOLITA f Spanish
Diminutive of LOLA.
Diminutive of MANUELA.
MELITA f Various
In the case of Queen Victoria's granddaughter Princess Victoria Melita (1876-1936) it was derived from Melita, the Latin name of the island country of Malta, where she was born.
PERLITA f Italian, Spanish
Diminutive of PERLA.
TALITA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of TALITHA, popular in Brazil.