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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is clevelandkentevans.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Afton f & m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Afton. It is also the name of a river in Scotland, and it coincides with the Swedish noun afton meaning "evening".... [more]
Brienne f American (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture, Literature
Variant of Brianne. This is the name of a character in George R. R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series, as well as the TV show based on the books 'Game of Thrones'... [more]
Cyrstal f English
Variant of Crystal.
Daz m English
A pet form for Darren in Britain and Australia, parallelling similar constructions such as Gaz for Gary, Caz for Caroline, Shaz for Sharon or Charlotte, etc.
Dreama f English
Feminized form of Dream or variant of Drema... [more]
Grissel f Medieval English
This is a short form of Griselda.... [more]
Kecia f English, African American, Finnish
Now often seen as a variant of Keisha, but originally used in the USA and Canada because of Kecia Nyman, a fashion model born in Finland on January 17, 1941, who was featured on the cover of many North American fashion magazines in the 1960s.
November f & m English (Rare)
From the Latin word novem, meaning "nine". November was the ninth month of the Roman calendar before January and February were added around 713 BC. It is now the eleventh month of the year.... [more]
Rogene f English (Rare)
Perhaps a variant of Regine or a feminine form of Roger. It seems to have been created in Vermont during the early 19th century.
Shaz f English (British)
Nickname of Charlotte or Sharon. Can be elongated to Shazza or Shazzo.
Taraji f African American
Means "hope" in Swahili. It is a verb, not a noun, and means "to hope, to wish for". It is not used as a name in Africa but was part of the Afrocentric African American naming culture of the 70s that borrowed from various African words.
T9C f & m American (South)
This very rare name is an exception to the rule that numerals are normally not allowed as part of the spelling of names in the United States. It's a creative rebus-like spelling of a slang intensive term for "tiny" found in the Southwestern United States... [more]
Tyrus m English, African American, Popular Culture
Transferred use of the surname Tyrus, or modern blend of Tyrone and Cyrus... [more]
Yalitza f Mexican
Maybe a variant of Yelitza.
Zósimo m Spanish, Portuguese, Galician
Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Zosimos via Zosimus.... [more]