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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Just Jonquil.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aeres f Welsh (Modern, Rare)
Allegedly directly taken from Welsh aeres "heiress". Seems restricted to the Carmarthen district, in South Wales.
Betsan f Welsh
Welsh diminutive of Elizabeth.
Bezalel m Biblical
Hebrew, meaning "protected by God". It occurs in the Bible as the name of a celebrated skilled craftsman. As a result, the school of arts set up in Jerusalem in the 20th century was named Bezalel.
Bonamy m & f English
Transferred use of the surname. This name was borne by British literary scholar Bonamy Dobrée (1891-1974), who was given the name because it was a family surname.
Bronya f Polish (Archaic)
Archaic variant of Bronia.
Cadwallader m Medieval Welsh (Anglicized), Welsh (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Cadwaladr. This spelling occurs in Shakespeare's 'Henry V'.... [more]
Cerf m Medieval French, Medieval Jewish
Means "stag (a large buck or male deer)" in French. Cerf sometimes appears in historical documents concerned with the Jews of Alsace and early modern France; it was a local translation of the Yiddish Hirsh, meaning "deer", the Hebrew equivalent of which is Zvi.
Del f Welsh
Welsh, meaning "pretty". A modern Welsh name.... [more]
Delwen f Welsh (Rare)
Derived from Welsh del "pretty" and gwen "white; fair; blessed".
Elaria f English, Medieval English
A medieval English form of Eulalia. ... [more]
Ismay f English (British), Dutch, Anglo-Norman, Medieval Irish
Variant of Isemay, an Anglo-Norman name of uncertain origin and meaning. It was also recorded in medieval Ireland on women born into Anglo-Norman families.
Lilardia f Indigenous Australian
Lilardia means "flower".
Lylie f English, Medieval English
Lylie was first recorded as a diminutive of Elizabeth in 13th century England.... [more]
Morfudd f Welsh, Medieval Welsh
From Welsh mawr "great" and budd "wealth". In Welsh legend Morfudd was the twin sister of Sir Owain and the daughter of King Urien by Modron... [more]
Petroc m Cornish
Cornish form of Peter.
Virtue f English (Puritan)
This name was very occasionally used by Puritan parents in 17th century England. It ltimately derived from Latin virtus "manliness; valor; worth".
Wariboko f Ijaw
Derived from the Ijaw word wari meaning "house" and boko meaning "harbinger of riches".