Breton Legend Submitted Names

These names occur in Breton legends.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ahez f Breton Legend
Of unknown origin and meaning, albeit a connection to Welsh aches, a word denoting the sound of the water clashing on the shore, has been suggested. In Breton legend, Ahez is always described as the daughter of King Gralon, sometimes described as a sorceress, enchantress, fairy or giantess, and often, though not always, considered identical with Dahud... [more]
Ankou m Celtic Mythology, Breton Legend
This is the name of a legendary skeleton-ghost in parts of France, namely Brittany and Normandy as well as Cornwall. He travels by night, riding a creaking cart (or small coach) drawn by four black horses in which he comes to collect the souls of the recently departed... [more]
Audren m & f Breton Legend, Medieval Breton, Breton (Modern)
Medieval Breton form of Aodren which was revived in the 1970s. While this name was strictly masculine in medieval times, in modern times it is used on men and women alike.... [more]
Azenor f Breton, Breton Legend, Theatre
Breton name of uncertain origin and meaning.... [more]
Budoc m History (Ecclesiastical), Breton Legend
Derived from Old Celtic boudi "victory". However, folk etymology likes to associate this name with beuziñ meaning "drown", with the intended meaning of "saved from the waters". In Breton legend this is the name of a 6th century saint, son of Azenor.
Conomor m Breton Legend, History, Medieval Breton (?)
From a Brythonic name, possibly *Cunomāros, derived from Common Celtic *kwon- "hound" or *kuno- "high" and *māros ‎"great". This was the name of Conomor the Cursed, a 6th-century king of Domnonée (modern-day northern Brittany) notorious for his cruelty, who was ultimately excommunicated at the behest of Saint Samson of Dol... [more]
Dahud f Breton Legend
Possibly derived from Breton da meaning "good" and hud "magic". In Breton legend this was the name of a princess, the daughter of the king of the mythical sunken city of Ys. She was portrayed as a wicked sorceress in some versions of the legends.
Gralon m Medieval Breton, Breton Legend
Younger form of Gratlon. In Breton legend, Gralon was the king of Kêr-Is and the father of Ahez.
Malgven f Breton Legend, Celtic Mythology
Meaning uncertain. This was the name of a sorceress or druidess in the Breton legend of Ys. Malgven was the mother of Ahes by King Gradlon (Gralon in Breton).
Meriadeg m Breton, Breton Legend
From an old Breton name composed of the elements mer "sea" and iatoc "forehead". Conan Meriadeg was the legendary founder of Brittany.
Merzhin m Breton Legend
Breton variant of Merlin.