Finnish Submitted Names

Finnish names are used in the country of Finland in northern Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Veini m Finnish
Finnish variant of Sven.
Vella f Finnish, Estonian
Short form of Vellamo.
Venne m Finnish
Finnish form of Svenne and diminutive of Werner.
Venni m & f Finnish
A diminutive of Verner and Vendela.
Verneri m Finnish
Finnish form of Verner.
Vesteri m Finnish
Finnish variant of Vester.
Via f & m Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English (American, Modern)
This is used in Scandinavia and HUngaria as a short form of Olivia/Olívia, Sylvia/Szilvia, Viviána, and other names ending with the same sound (compare Vivi)... [more]
Viekki f Finnish
Variant feminine form of Vieno.
Viena f Finnish
Variant of Vieno. Viena may also refer to the area of White Sea Karelia or White Karelia in the northwestern Russia, known as Vienan Karjala or Viena in Finnish and Karelian.
Vihtor m Finnish
Finnish form of Victor.
Viia f Finnish
Variant of Via.
Viik m Finnish
Finnish short form of names containing the name element VIG "battle, fight" or a Finnish spelling of Viki.
Viima m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
From a Finnish word meaning "strong wind".
Viinu f Finnish
Finnish form of Vina.
Vikke m Finnish
Finnish variant form of Viik or a Finnish spelling of Vicke.
Vikko m Finnish
Variant of Vikke.
Vilhe m & f Finnish
Short form of Vilhelm.
Viliina f Finnish
Feminine for "Vili" or "Wilhelm".
Vilkas m Lithuanian, Finnish
Vilkas is part of the Lithuanian language which means "wolf". This name is most famously used in the video game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" where one of the characters is named "Vilkas'.... [more]
Vilkki m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Wilke.
Villehard m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish variant of Willehad.
Villi m & f Finnish, Estonian
Means "wild" in Finnish. It could also be used as a shortening of Villiam.
Vilmiina f Finnish
Finnish short form of Vilhelmiina.
Vilpas m Finnish
Finnish dialectal variant form of Filpus.
Vinski m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
A Finnish diminutive of Vincent.
Vinter m & f Old Swedish, Swedish (Modern, Rare), Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Old Swedish form of Vetr meaning "winter" as well as the modern Scandinavian word for "winter" (see Winter).
Virpi f Finnish
Means "sapling" in Finnish, a Finnish equivalent of Virve. It was coined in the early 20th century.
Virta f & m Finnish
Means "river"
Visa m Finnish
From Finnish visakoivu meaning "curly birch".
Viula f Finnish
Finnish variant of Viola.
Vivikka f Finnish
Finnish variant of Vivika.
Volter m Finnish, Swedish (Rare)
A variant of Wolter.... [more]
Vote m Finnish
Diminutive of Voitto.
Wäinö m Finnish
Variant of Väinö.
Wilho m Finnish
Variant of Vilho.
Wiljami m Finnish
Variant of Viljami.
Yenni f Finnish, Swedish
Variant of Jenni.
Ylermi m Finnish, Literature
Invented by Finnish poet Eino Leino (1878-1926) for the main character of his poem Helkavirsiä I. Perhaps derived from Finnish ylevä "sublime" or from the prefix ylä- "superior, upper, high, higher"... [more]
m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "night" in Finnish.
Ystävä m & f Finnish
Means "friend" in Finnish.
Zachris m Swedish, Finnish
Short form of Zacharias.