Medieval Turkic Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Turkic peoples.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ALARA f Turkish, Medieval Turkic (Rare)
Alara appears in the Turkic Mythology as a beautiful water fairy. She lives in the lakes and rivers of the Caspian basin and grants the wishes of those she deems worthy. She is said to be capable of repairing broken hearts and making them capable of love again... [more]
ALTAN m & f Mongolian, Medieval Turkic
Meaning, "golden" or "red dawn."
ARAZBIJA f Medieval Baltic, Medieval Turkic, Tatar (Archaic), Lithuanian (Archaic)
Recorded in Lithuania on a Muslim Tatar female in the 16th-century.
ATAMAN m Medieval Turkic (Rare)
Used as a title in both Cossacks and Turks."Ataman" derives from Gothic "father of men-warriors", or Turkic Ata-man, "father of horsemen". Cossacks kept in their speech the original meaning of the word, sometimes saying "father-ataman" ("bat'ka-ataman")... [more]
BENGÜ m & f Turkish, Medieval Turkic
Endless, always-staying, everlasting, eternal.
KÜRŞAT m Medieval Turkic, Turkish
Meaning, "valiant, brave, hero". One of the princes of Göktürks (Turkic Khaganate).
MUSINA f Medieval Baltic, Medieval Turkic
Recorded in 16th-century Lithuania among the Tatar Muslim community
ÜLGEN m Medieval Turkic, Medieval Mongolian, Near Eastern Mythology
Means "magnificent" in Old Turkic. ... [more]