Yoruba Submitted Names

Yoruba names are used by the Yoruba people of Nigeria.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Temitayo f & m Yoruba
Means "mine is worthy of joy" in Yoruba.
Teniayo f Yoruba
Means "foundation of joy" in Yoruba.
Tijani m & f Yoruba
Means "unmatched greatness" in Yoruba.
Titi f Yoruba
Means "forever" in Yoruba and is typically a short form for names starting with Titi such as Titilayo.
Titilola f & m African, Yoruba
Means "wealth is forever" in Yoruba.
Tiyamiyu m Yoruba
Mans "my mother is the dearest" in Kwa.
Toba m Yoruba
Short form of Oloruntuba.
Tokunbo m & f Yoruba
Means "returned from overseas". It is often given to children born abroad and brought home.
Tolulope f & m Yoruba
Means "to the Lord be Praise" in Yoruba.
Toluwanimi m & f Yoruba
Means "I belong to God" in Yoruba.
Tosin m & f Western African, Yoruba
Short form of Oluwatosin.
Toyin f & m Western African, Yoruba
Means "worthy of praise" in Yoruba. It is also used as a short form of Oluwatoyin.
Toyosi m & f Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "something to rejoice about" in Yoruba, also used as a short form for other names ending in -toyosi including Olutoyosi or Oluwatoyosi.
Tunde m Yoruba
Means "returned again" in Yoruba, more often used as a short form of other Yoruba names ending in tunde, such as Babatunde and Olatunde.
Wura f Yoruba
Means "gold" in Yoruba.
Wuraola f Yoruba
Means "gold of wealth" or "shining treasure of wealth" in Yoruba.
Yarra f & m Western African, Yoruba, Kanga, Nago, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "child" in Yoruba.
Yemaja f Yoruba
Contraction of the Yoruba words Iye, meaning "mother"; ọmọ, meaning "child"; and ẹja, meaning "fish"; roughly translated the term means "mother of fish children.”
Yemanyá f Yoruba
This name is the name of an Orishá (a feminine deity/goddess) of the Yoruba pantheon. The goddess is also popular in Brazil.
Yemaya f Yoruba
Yemaya, an African Goddess originally from the Yoruba religion, represents a mother's love for her children, for birthing, creating, for home and family. She represents connectivity to the creation of life and the process and continuation of caring for... [more]
Yemi m & f Yoruba
Means "I am honourable" in Yoruba.
Yemọja f African Mythology, Yoruba
Derived from the Yoruba phrase Yeye emo eja meaning "mother whose children are like fish". She is the mother goddess and patroness of birth of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, worshipped primarily by women.
Yeni m Yoruba
Means "fit" in Yoruba.