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Author: Angi   (guest)
Date: March 22, 2002 at 1:20:05 PM
Okay , my husband and i only give our children names with meaning (were not hippies by far ) but we give our children some what of an earth name .My daughters name is Skylar Leigh , I call her Skye , well we are needing a boys name and a girls name ........I was thinking Samuel River and calling him River ( of course) or River lee , but I like the spelling of LEE this way LI , does anyone agree , okay 2.) For the girl I was thinking Rainey but I dont have a middle name unless I give her two earth names like MEADOW RAIN does this sound okay or a little much also , I need a earth name with meaning , my daughters name means scholar its dutch..........someone please help and feel free to email , all opinions are taken!:)
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