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Subject: Adenydd's Nerdy Congrats - Round 17
Author: Adenydd   (Authenticated as faelivrin)
Date: April 27, 2012 at 10:46:41 PM
gah, sorry for the wait on this one. This is the second to last round. :D

Nursemom and miakendall dropped.

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Important Things to Know:
- Namebank rules may slightly change each round due to the niche nature of some themes. Nothing too complicated, however, and special rules will always be bolded.
- I will post a new round every 2-3 days, though it may take a day longer if I'm particularly busy.
- You will be dropped after three rounds of non-participation if you do not notify me beforehand.
- Please bold new entries.
- Spelling changes are not allowed, but nicknames are fine.
- No ages, please.


The namebank for this round contains Celebrity Baby Names from 2006-2012 (from

There are no special rules for this round.


Feminine Names: Adela Adyson Agnes Alabama Amaya Arizona Aster Athena Audrey Ava Aviana Avis Bailey Bandit Bardot Beatrix Billie Blue Bluebell Bronwyn Camille Cheyenne Ciel Clementine Coco Colette Cosima Danica Delilah Devon Dominique Eden Eila Eloise Emmanuelle Ethel Evan Evangeline Eve Finley Fiona Genesis Gianna Goldie Grier Gypsyrose Gytta Harley Harlow Harper Heaven Honor Indigo Iris Ivy Junia Juno Lael Lark Leila Léonie Liberty Linda London Lotus Louisianna Luisa Lyra Mabel Madonna Magnolia Maple Marcheline Maxine Mikayla Mitzi Nahla Nicoline Odette Olwyn Paloma Panda Patience Penelope Petah Piper Rain Ramona Raquel Romy Ruby Sabrina Sadie Satyana Savannah Scarlett Seraphina Sheila Shiloh Sky Sloane Sunday Suola Suri Sylvie Tabitha Tamara Tatum True Valentina Violet Vita Vivienne Willa Willow Winter Zaria Zoe

Masculine Names: Aleph Archibald Arlo Atlas Atticus August Axel Bear Beau Beckett Bodhi Boone Brennan Bronx Bryce Buster Callum Cash Cassius Chimere Colby Colin Dallas Dante Darby Dashel Deacon Declan Dexter Diesel Donovan Dwayne Easton Egypt Elias Emerson Enzo Eugene Ever Everly Felix Finley Flynn Friedrich Fyodor Galen Gideon Gunnar Gustaf Henry Hermes Howard Ian Icarus Ignatius Ira Jackson Jagger Jayden Jett Johan Journey Justice Kai Kannon Kase King Kingston Knight Knox Laken Lee Leland Levi Lloyd Logan Luca Magnus Major Marchello Marion Maxwell Miklos Miles Miller Morocco Moses Nathaniel Otis Patrick Pax Porter Ptolemy Quinn Rhys Rio Riley River Roman Rory Rudy Seamus Slater Sophocles Sparrow Spencer Spike Stanley Story Sullivan Talen Tate Tennyson Theodore Tiago Titus Tobias Tripp Vincenzo Walker Wyatt Xavier Zealand Zeppelin Zolten

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