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PronouncedPron.s!l-VES-tər English
zil-VES-tu German

Meaning & History

From a Roman name meaning "of the forest" from Latin silva "wood, forest". This was the name of three popes, including Saint Silvester I who supposedly baptized the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine the Great. As an English name, Silvester (or Sylvester) has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it became less common after the Protestant Reformation.
VariantsSylvester Dutch Sylvester English Sylvester German
DiminutiveSly English
Feminine FormSilvestra Slovene
Other Languages & CulturesSilvestr Czech Sylvester, Vester Danish Sylvestre French Szilveszter Hungarian Silvestro Italian Sylwester Polish Silvestre Portuguese Silvestre Spanish


athletes, green, nature, plants, popes, saints, trees
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