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PronouncedPron.AY-də English
A-da Polish
AH-dah Finnish

Meaning & History

Short form of ADELAIDE and other names beginning with the same sound. This name was borne by Augusta Ada King (1815-1852), the Countess of Lovelace (known as Ada Lovelace), a daughter of Lord Byron. She was an assistant to Charles Babbage, the inventor of an early mechanical computer.
VariantsAddie, Addy, Della English Alida, Heida, Heidi German Alida Hungarian Alina Italian Aada Finnish
Masculine FormsAdorján, Adrián Hungarian Aldo Italian
Other Languages & CulturesAdalheidis, Adela, Adelais, Adelina, Alda Ancient Germanic Hadriana Ancient Roman Alisa Bosnian Adelina Bulgarian Alícia Catalan Adrijana, Jadranka Croatian Adéla, Adriana Czech Heidi Danish Adelheid, Adriana, Aleid, Aleida, Alida, Elke Dutch Adélaïde, Adèle, Adeline, Adrienne, Alice, Alix, Aude, Aline, Alison, Line French Elke Frisian Aliki, Kiki Greek Ailís Irish Alise Latvian Adrijana Macedonian Aalis Medieval French Heidi Norwegian Adelaide, Adelina, Adriana, Alda, Aldina, Alice, Alícia Portuguese Adriene, Aline Portuguese (Brazilian) Adela, Adelina, Adriana, Alina Romanian Alisa Russian Aileas Scottish Adrijana, Jadranka Serbian Adriana, Alica Slovak Adrijana, Jadranka Slovene Adela, Adelaida, Adelia, Adelina, Adriana, Alicia Spanish Adelita Spanish (Latin American) Alicia, Heidi Swedish Alisa Ukrainian Alis Welsh
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