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Given Name CELIA
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: SEEL-yə (English), SEE-lee-ə (English), THE-lyah (Spanish), SE-lyah (Latin American Spanish), CHE-lyah (Italian)   [key]
Meaning & History
Feminine form of the Roman family name CAELIUS. Shakespeare used it in his play 'As You Like It' (1599), which introduced the name to the English-speaking public at large. It is sometimes used as a short form of CECILIA.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Cece, Sissy, Cissy, Sissie (English)
MASCULINE FORMS: Celio (Spanish), Celio (Italian)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Caecilia, Caelia (Ancient Roman), Cecilija, Cila (Croatian), Cecilie, Cecílie (Czech), Cecilie, Cecilia, Cille, Silje, Sille (Danish), Cécile, Cecilia, Cilla, Silke (Dutch), Cecilia, Silja (Finnish), Cécile (French), Cäcilia, Cäcilie, Caecilia, Cecilia, Silke, Zilla (German), Cecília, Cili (Hungarian), Sheila, Síle (Irish), Cecilie, Cecilia, Silje (Norwegian), Cecylia (Polish), Cecília, Célia (Portuguese), Tsetsiliya (Russian), Sìleas (Scottish), Cecília (Slovak), Cecilija, Cila, Cilka (Slovene), Cecilia, Cilla (Swedish)
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Célia, Cèlia
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France  ranked #35 
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