GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: אֵיתָן (Hebrew)
PRONOUNCED: EE-thən (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
Means "solid, enduring" in Hebrew. This is the name of a wise man in the Old Testament. After the Protestant Reformation it was occasionally used as a given name in the English-speaking world, and it became somewhat common in America due to the fame of the revolutionary Ethan Allen (1738-1789). It only became popular towards the end of the 20th century. This was the name of the main character in Edith Wharton's novel 'Ethan Frome' (1911).
Related Names
VARIANTS: Eitan, Eytan (Hebrew)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Aithan (Biblical Greek), Eitan (Biblical Hebrew)
United States  ranked #6 
England/Wales  ranked #13 
Canada (BC)  ranked #1 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #6 
Belgium  ranked #16 
France  ranked #11 
Ireland  ranked #30 
Netherlands  ranked #357 
New Zealand  ranked #12 
Northern Ireland  ranked #6 
Scotland  ranked #12