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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. HEHL-mee(Finnish)
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Meaning & History

Diminutive of VILHELMIINA or VILHELMINA. It also means "pearl" in Finnish.

Related Names

VariantsIina, Miina, Mimmi, Vilma(Finnish) Vilma, Mimmi(Swedish)
Masculine FormsVilhelmi(Finnish) Vilhelm(Swedish)
Other Languages & CulturesWilhelmina, Willemijn, Willemina(Dutch) Wilhelmina, Willa(English) Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, Elma, Helma, Helmine, Minna, Wilma(German) Vilhelmina(Lithuanian)
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People think this name is

classic   youthful   informal   common   natural   wholesome   delicate   strange   simple  
Estonia: May 7
Finland: May 7


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