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PronouncedPron.ZHAK-LEEN French
JAK-ə-leen English
JAK-ə-l!n English

Meaning & History

French feminine form of JACQUES, also commonly used in the English-speaking world.
DiminutivesJacquette French Jaci, Jacki, Jackie, Jaki, Jakki English Jacqui English (British)
Masculine FormsJacques, Jacky French Jacob, James, Jaycob, Jaymes English
Other Languages & CulturesZhaklina Bulgarian Žaklina Croatian Jacobine, Bine Danish Jacoba, Jacobina, Jacobine, Jacomina, Coba Dutch Giacoma, Giacomina Italian Zhaklina Macedonian Jacobine Norwegian Żaklina Polish Jaqueline Portuguese (Brazilian) Jamesina Scottish Žaklina Serbian


authors, Dragon Quest characters, feminine forms, first ladies of the USA, Gundam characters, House of Cards US characters, Roseanne characters, Simpsons characters, Stephen King characters, The Haunting of Hill House characters, Tomb Raider characters
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