GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English
Meaning & History
Sometimes a diminutive of JACOB. This name may have also resulted from a nickname of James Ewell Brown Stuart (1833-1864), a Confederate general in the American Civil War, which was formed from the initial letters of his three given names.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Coby, Jake, Koby
OTHER LANGUAGES: Jaumet (Catalan), Jakša (Croatian), Ib, Jeppe (Danish), Cobus, Coos, Jaap, Kobe, Kobus, Koos, Sjaak, Sjakie (Dutch), Jaak (Estonian), Jaakko, Jaska (Finnish), Koba (Georgian), Lapo (Italian), Kuba (Polish), Yasha (Russian), Jaka (Slovene), Kapel, Koppel, Yankel (Yiddish)
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