Given Name NANA (2)

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Japanese
OTHER SCRIPTS: 菜奈, 奈菜, 菜々, 奈々, etc. (Japanese Kanji)
PRONOUNCED: NA-NA  [details]

Meaning & History

From Japanese (na) meaning "vegetables, greens" and/or (na), a phonetic character. The characters can be in either order or the same character can be duplicated, as indicated by the symbol . Other kanji with the same pronunciations can also be used to form this name.

Related Names

SAME SPELLING: Nana (1), Nana (3)


City Hunter characters, colors, food, Grandia characters, green, Love-Ru characters, My Hero Academia characters, Nana characters, plants, TV show titles, Vocaloid characters, voice actors, Yandere Simulator characters
Entry updated August 16, 2017