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Scriptsשָׁאוּל Hebrew
PronouncedPron.SAWL English

Meaning & History

From the Hebrew name שָׁאוּל (Sha'ul) which meant "asked for, prayed for". This was the name of the first king of Israel, as told in the Old Testament. Before the end of his reign he lost favour with God, and after a defeat by the Philistines he was succeeded by David as king. In the New Testament, Saul was the original Hebrew name of the apostle Paul.
Other Languages & CulturesSaoul Biblical Greek Sha'ul Biblical Hebrew Sauli Finnish Shaul Hebrew Saulius Lithuanian
User SubmissionsŠaul, Saúl, Saül


apostles, authors, biblical, biblical patriarchs, kings, literature, musicians, scientists, Ys characters
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