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PronouncedPron.SUYL-vee Finnish

Meaning & History

Norwegian and Swedish variant of SOLVEIG. It is also used as a short form of SYLVIA.
VariantsSolveig, Sølvi Norwegian Solveig, Solvig Swedish
Other Languages & CulturesSólveig Ancient Scandinavian Silviya, Silva Bulgarian Sílvia Catalan Silvija Croatian Silvie Czech Solvej, Sylvia Danish Silvia, Sylvia English Sylvie French Silvia, Sylvia German Szilvia Hungarian Sólveig Icelandic Silvia Italian Silvia Late Roman Silvija, Solveiga Latvian Silvija, Solveiga Lithuanian Silvija Macedonian Sylwia Polish Sílvia, Silvia Portuguese Silvia Roman Mythology Silvia Romanian Silvija Serbian Silvia Slovak Silvija, Silva Slovene Silvia Spanish


celestial, green, nature, plants, strength, trees, virtues
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