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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is K.
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KADEKm & fIndonesian, Balinese
Possibly from Balinese adik meaning "younger sibling". This name is traditionally given to the second-born child.
KAEDEf & mJapanese
From Japanese (kaede) meaning "maple" or other kanji which are pronounced the same way.
KAGISOm & fSouthern African, Tswana
Means "peace" in Tswana.
From the name of a type of green gemstone found in New Zealand, meaning "sky blue" in Maori.
KAI (3)m & fHawaiian
Means "sea" in Hawaiian.
KAIMANAm & fHawaiian
From Hawaiian kai "ocean, sea" and mana "power". It is also Hawaiian meaning "diamond", derived from the English word diamond.
KAIPOm & fHawaiian
Means "the sweetheart" from Hawaiian ka, a definite article, and ipo "sweetheart".
KALANIm & fHawaiian
Means "the heavens" from Hawaiian ka "the" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
KALIf & mHinduism, Bengali, Tamil
Means "the black one" in Sanskrit. The Hindu goddess Kali is the fierce destructive form of the wife of Shiva. She is usually depicted with black skin and four arms, holding a severed head and brandishing a sword. As a personal name, it is generally masculine in India.
KAMALAf & mHinduism, Tamil, Indian, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Nepali
Means "lotus" or "pale red" in Sanskrit. This is a transcription of both the feminine form कमला and the masculine form कमल. This is the name of one of the Krittikas, or Pleiades, in Hindu epic the 'Mahabharata'. It is also another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.
KAMALANIf & mHawaiian
Means "heavenly child" or "royal child" from Hawaiian kama "child" and lani "heaven, sky, royal, majesty".
KAMONm & fThai
Means "heart, mind" in Thai.
KANTAf & mIndian, Hindi, Bengali
Means "desired, beautiful" in Sanskrit. This is a transcription of both the feminine form कान्ता and the masculine form कान्त.
KANTIf & mHinduism, Indian, Hindi, Bengali
Means "beauty" in Sanskrit. This is a transcription of both the feminine form कान्ती (another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi) and the masculine form कान्ति.
KAORUf & mJapanese
From Japanese (kaoru), (kaoru), (kaoru) all meaning "fragrance, fragrant", as well as other kanji having the same reading.
KAPUAf & mHawaiian
Means "the flower" or "the child" from Hawaiian ka, a definite article, and pua "flower, offspring".
KARAMm & fArabic
Means "generosity" in Arabic.
KARMAm & fBhutanese
From the Sanskrit word कर्म (karma) meaning "action, deed, fate".
KASEYm & fEnglish
Variant of CASEY.
KATLEGOm & fSouthern African, Tswana
Means "success" in Tswana.
KAUIf & mHawaiian
Means "the youthful one" from Hawaiian ka, a definite article, and u'i "youth, beauty".
KAULANAm & fHawaiian
Means "famous" in Hawaiian.
KAWEHIf & mHawaiian
Means "the adornment" from Hawaiian ka, a definite article, and wehi "adornment".
KAYIN (1)m & fWestern African, Yoruba
Means "celebrated child" in Yoruba.
KEAHIf & mHawaiian
Means "the fire" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and ahi "fire".
KEALAf & mHawaiian
Means "the path" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and ala "path".
KEALOHAf & mHawaiian
Means "the loved one" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and aloha "love".
KEANUm & fHawaiian
Means "the cool breeze" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and anu "coolness". This name is now associated with Canadian actor Keanu Reeves (1964-).
KEELANf & mIrish
Anglicized form of CAOILFHIONN, sometimes used as a masculine name.
KEFILWEm & fSouthern African, Tswana
Means "I was given" in Tswana.
KELLEYf & mEnglish
Variant of KELLY.
KELLYm & fIrish, English
Anglicized form of the Irish given name CEALLACH or the surname derived from it Ó Ceallaigh. As a surname, it has been borne by actor and dancer Gene Kelly (1912-1996) and actress and princess Grace Kelly (1929-1982).
KELSEYf & mEnglish
From an English surname which is derived from town names in Lincolnshire. It may mean "Cenel's island", from the Old English name Cenel "fierce" in combination with eg "island".
KENDALm & fEnglish (Modern)
From a surname which was a variant of KENDALL.
KENDALLm & fEnglish
From a surname which comes from the name of the city of Kendale in northwest England meaning "valley on the river Kent".
KENNEDYf & mEnglish, Irish
From an irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cinnéidigh meaning "descendant of CENNÉTIG". The name is often given in honour of assassinated American president John F. Kennedy (1917-1963).
KENZIEm & fEnglish
Short form of MACKENZIE.
KEONEm & fHawaiian
Means "the homeland" from Hawaiian ke, a definite article, and one "sand, homeland".
KERRYm & fEnglish
From the name of the Irish county, called Ciarraí in Irish Gaelic, which means "CIAR's people".
KESHETm & fHebrew
Means "rainbow" in Hebrew.
KETUTm & fIndonesian, Balinese
Possibly from a Balinese word meaning "small banana". This name is traditionally given to the fourth child.
KEVYNm & fEnglish (Rare)
Variant or feminine form of KEVIN.
KHAYRATm & fArabic
Means "good deeds" in Arabic, plural of خيرة (khayrah).
KHORSHIDm & fPersian
Variant transcription of KHURSHID.
KHURSHIDm & fPersian, Urdu, Persian Mythology
Modern Persian form of Avestan Hvare Khshaeta meaning "shining sun". In Zoroastrianism this was the name of a Yazata (or angel) who was associated with the sun.
KIM (1)f & mEnglish
At the present it is usually considered a short form of KIMBERLY, but it in fact predates it as a given name. The author Rudyard Kipling used it for the title hero of his novel 'Kim' (1901), though in this case it was short for KIMBALL. In her novel 'Show Boat' (1926) Edna Ferber used it for a female character who was born on the Mississippi River and was named from the initials of the states Kentucky, Illinois and Mississippi. The name was popularized in America by the actresses Kim Hunter (1922-2002) and Kim Novak (1933-), both of whom assumed it as a stage name.
KIRABOm & fEastern African, Ganda
Means "gift" in Luganda.
KIRANf & mIndian, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Nepali, Urdu
Derived from Sanskrit किरण (kirana) which can mean "dust" or "thread" or "sunbeam".
KISEMBOm & fEastern African, Tooro
Means "gift" in Rutooro.
KITm & fEnglish
Diminutive of CHRISTOPHER or KATHERINE. A notable bearer was Kit Carson (1809-1868), an American frontiersman and explorer.
KOHAKUf & mJapanese
From Japanese 琥珀 (kohaku) meaning "amber".
KOMANGm & fIndonesian, Balinese
Meaning unknown. This name is traditionally given to the third-born child in Balinese families.
KONANIm & fHawaiian
Means "bright" in Hawaiian.
KONDWANIm & fSouthern African, Chewa, Tumbuka
Means "be happy, rejoice" in Chewa and Tumbuka.
KRISm & fEnglish, Danish
Short form of KRISTIAN, KRISTOFFER, and other names beginning with Kris.
KULAPf & mThai
Means "rose" in Thai.
KUMBUKANIm & fSouthern African, Chewa
Means "remember" in Chewa.
KUNf & mChinese
From Chinese (kūn) meaning "earth, female", as well as other characters with a similar pronunciation.
KUNZANGm & fTibetan, Bhutanese
Means "all good, ever excellent" in Tibetan.
KUSUMAm & fIndonesian
Derived from Sanskrit कुसुम (kusuma) meaning "flower".
KYOm & fJapanese
Variant transcription of KYOU.
KYOUm & fJapanese
From Japanese (kyou) meaning "unite, cooperate", (kyou) meaning "capital city", (kyou) meaning "village", (kyou) meaning "apricot", or other kanji with the same pronunciation.
KYRIEm & fEnglish (Modern)
From the name of a Christian prayer, also called the Kyrie eleison meaning "Lord, have mercy". It is ultimately from Greek κυριος (kyrios) meaning "lord". In America it was popularized as a masculine name by basketball player Kyrie Irving (1992-), whose name is pronounced differently than the prayer.
KYUNGm & fKorean
Variant transcription of GYEONG.
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