Roman and Byzantine Emperors by Frequency of Name


Flavius32 emperors
Marcus24 emperors
Constantinus9 emperors
Gaius9 emperors
Michael9 emperors
Johannes8 emperors
Alexius5 emperors
Leo5 emperors
Lucius5 emperors
Publius5 emperors
Andronicus4 emperors
Romanus4 emperors
Titus4 emperors
Nicephorus3 emperors
Tiberius3 emperors
Basil2 emperors
Heraclius2 emperors
Isaac2 emperors
Julius2 emperors
Manuel2 emperors
Theodorus2 emperors
Alexander1 emperor
Anicius1 emperor
Artemius1 emperor
Aulus1 emperor
Decimus1 emperor
Eparchius1 emperor
Glycerius1 emperor
Irene1 empress
John1 emperor
Justinian1 emperor
Justinianus1 emperor
Nero1 emperor
Philippicus1 emperor
Procopius1 emperor
Romulus1 emperor
Servius1 emperor
Stauracius1 emperor
Theodora1 empress
Theodosius1 emperor
Theophilus1 emperor
Valerius1 emperor
Varius1 emperor
Vetranio1 emperor
Zeno1 emperor
Zoe1 empress