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African names are used in various places on the continent of Africa. See also about African names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AADEN   m   Somali
Somali form of Adam.
AAMIINA   f   Somali
Somali form of Aminah.
AANISAH   f   English (British, Rare), South African (Rare)
Variant transcription of Anisa.
ÁÁRÓNÌ   m   Yoruba
Yoruba form of Aaron.
ABA   f   Akan
Means "born on Thursday" in Fante, a language in Ghana.
ABADI   m   Ijaw
Meaning "a big sea" in Ijaw.
ABADIBO   f & m   Ijaw
Means "a person from the sea" in Ijaw.
ABADIR   m   Near Eastern Mythology, Coptic (Bohairic), Coptic (Sahidic), Arabic (Archaic), Harari, Somali (Archaic)
Means "mighty father". This was a Phoenician name for the highest deity. It was borne by a legendary Coptic saint who was martyred with his sister Irais (or Iraja, Herais, Rhais).
ABAKA   f   Akan
Means "first born" in Akan.
ABANA   f   African
Variant of Abena.
ABAYNESH   f   Amharic
Means "Like The Nile" or "You Are The Nile".
ABAYOMI   m & f   Yoruba
Means "he came to bring me joy and happiness" in Yoruba.
ABDIRAHIM   m   Somali
Somali form of Abdurrahim.
ABDIRAHMAN   m   Somali
Somali form of Abdul-Rahman.
ABDOU   m   Western African
Western African form of Abdul.
ABDOUL   m   Western African
Western African form of Abdul.
ABDOULAYE   m   Western African, Wolof, Fula, Serer, Manding, Akan
Form of Abdullah used in West Africa.
ABDOUL AZIZ   m   Western African
Western African form of Abd al-Aziz.
ABDOUL KARIM   m   Western African
Western African form of Abd al-Karim.
ABDOUL SALAM   m   Western African
Western African form of Abdus Salam.
ABDULLAHI   m   Somali, Nigerian
Form of Abdullah used in Somalia and Nigeria.
ABEBE   m   Amharic, Ethiopian
Variant of Abeba.
ABEBECH   f   Amharic, Ethiopian
Feminine form of Abebe.
ABEBI   f   African
Variant of Abeni.
ABERA   m   Ethiopian
Means "light" or "he shines". Used as both a given name and a surname.
ABESON   f   Nigerian, Eggon
Meaning, "my heart."
ABIBA   f   Northern African
Has its origins in the Moroccan language and means "first child born after the grandmother has died."
Meaning "listen" in Yao.
ABINA   f   African
Variant of Abena.
ABIOLA   f & m   African, African American (Modern), Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "born in honor" in Yoruba.
ABIONA   f & m   Yoruba
Means "born during a journey" in Yoruba.
ABISADE   m & f   Yoruba
Means "born into royalty" in Yoruba.
ABISO   m   Yoruba
Means "given" or "acquired" in Yoruba.
ABIY   m   African, Amharic
Possibly mean Grateful, Main
ABONGILE   m   Xhosa
"they thanked"
ABOYO   f   Luo
Means "one who saunters" in Luo.
ABRA   f   Western African, Ewe
Means "Tuesday-born girl" in Ewe.
ABREHAM   m   Ethiopian
Ethiopian form of Abraham.
ABRIHET   f   Tigrinya
Means "light" in Tigrinya.
ABSHIR   m   Somali
Means "congratulation" in Somali.
ABUCHI   m & f   Igbo, Western African, Nigerian
"song of God" The name is from Abu which means "song" and chi means"god"
ABUNGU   f   Luo
Means "of the forest" in Luo.
ABUTO   f   Luo
Means "I have hidden" in Luo.
ACHIA   f   African
strong youg women from homes liveing in the fileds... [more]
ACHIKE   m   Igbo
It is an Igbo (West African) name, meaning "take the things of the world easy." It is used as both surname and first names.
ACHITRON   m   African (Latinized, Rare)
It is an English derivative of the African name 'Achionye' it means 'my joy arrives'
ADAKU   f   Nigerian
Means "First child of a rich man." It also means "God's money."
ADAMA   m & f   French (African, Rare), Western African
Bambara form of Adam.
ADAMMA   f   Igbo
Means "daughter of beauty" in Igbo.
ADAMU   m   African
African name borrowing from Adam.
ADANECH   f   Amharic
Means "She Saved" or "She Rescued" or "She Has Rescued Them".
ADANYA   f   African (Modern, Rare)
Said to mean, "her father's daughter" in an unknown African language.
ADAWE   m   Somali
ADDI   m   Northern African
Frequently used by Amazigh people (Berbers) in North Africa and by Amazigh immigrants in Europe and elsewhre.
ADDINGTON   m   English, South African
From a surname which comes from either of the Old English place names Eaddingtūn, meaning "Eadda's town", or Æddingtūn, "Æddi's town".
ADDIS   f & m   Amharic, Ethiopian
Derived from Amharic አዲስ (addis) "new".
ADDISU   m   African
ADEBIMPE   f   Yoruba
Means "the crown is complete" in Yoruba.
ADEBISI   f   Yoruba
Of Yoruba origin, the meaning is yet unknown to me. This is the name of the (Nigerian) mother of British musician Seal Samuel.
ADEDAMOLA   m   Yoruba
Means "my crown mixed with blessing" in Yoruba.
ADEDE   f   Luo
Means "grasshopper" in Luo.
ADEDOYIN   f & m   Yoruba
Means "the crown is now honey" in Yoruba.
ADEFUNKE   f   Yoruba
Means "the crown has given me to cherish" in Yoruba.
ADEJOKE   f   African
Variant of Ajoke.
ADELAKUN   m   Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "the crown opens the womb" in Yoruba.
ADELAN   m   African
African origin, also appears in French.
ADELEKE   f   Yoruba
Means "crown achieves happiness" in Yoruba.
ADELOWO   m   Yoruba
Means "crown has respect" in Yoruba.
ADEMOLA   m   Yoruba
Means "the crown along with wealth" or "the crown has been added to the wealth" in Yoruba.
ADEMUREWA   f & m   Yoruba
Means "the crown brought goodness" in Yoruba.
ADENIJI   m   Nigerian
The name means, "my royal crown has sufficient canopy to provide shelter for several people".It is a Yoruba name that is popular in Yoruba-speaking states (Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun, Kwara and Lagos) of the western part of Nigeria.It is a kingly name that is given to someone born in a royal lineage, and at his turn, may ascend the throne of his ancestors.
ADENIYI   m   Yoruba, Nigerian
Means "the crown is precious" in Yoruba.
ADEOLA   m   Yoruba
Of Yoruba origin, the meaning is yet unknown to me. This is one of the middle names of British musician Seal Samuel.
ADEPERO   f   Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "the crown pacifies" in Yoruba. A notable bearer is Adepero Oduye (1977-), an American actress of Nigerian descent.
ADERFI   m   Berber (Rare)
Aderfi means ‘the released’, and gives a sense of freedom and independence.
ADERONKE   f   Yoruba
Means "crown has found something to pet" in Yoruba.
ADESIMBO   f   Yoruba
Means "noble birth" in Yoruba.
ADESINA   f   Yoruba
Means "the crown has opened the way" in Yoruba.
ADESOLA   f   Yoruba
Means "the crown honored us" in Yoruba.
ADESUWA   f   Edo
Means "in the midst of prosperity" in Edo.
ADETULA   m   African
Name originated from OWO in ONDO tate of NIgeria
ADETULE   m   African
Adetule is means someone born into royal families. His father is a King, His grand father is a King and great great great grand fathers are Kings. His Mother is a Queen or Princess and great great grand mothers are from royal dynaties... [more]
ADETUTU   f & m   Yoruba
Means "the crown is gentle" in Yoruba.
ADEWALE   m   African, Yoruba
Variant of Adebowale.
ADEWUMI   m & f   Yoruba
Means "royalty attracts me" in Yoruba.
ADEWUYI   m & f   Yoruba (Modern)
Means "royalty is prestigious" in Yoruba.
ADEYINKA   f & m   African
ADHRA   f   Swahili
Means "apology" in Swahili.
ADIA   f   Swahili, Igede, Popular Culture (Modern, Rare)
Swahili: Derived from adia "(valuable) gift" and from Hausa adia "gift".... [more]
ADID   m   Berber
Meaning unknown.
ADIZUE   m & f   African
Let there be peace and harmony
ADJEI   m   African
Used in Ghana, West Africa among Akan peoples.
ADJI   m   African
ADMASSU   m   Amharic
Means "His Horizon".
ADONGO   m   Luo, African
Means "second of the twins" in Luo.
ADUKE   f   African
A West African name from the Yoruba language. It means "much loved."
ADUOR   f   African
Means "born at dawn" in Luo.
ADWIN   m   Akan
Means "creative" in Akan.
AFAE   m   African
Diminutive of Āfeworq.
AFAFA   f   Ewe
Means "the first child of the second husband" in Ewe.
AFE   m   African
Diminutive of Āfeworq.
AFIYA   f   African, Arabic
Meaning, "healthy."
AFRAKOMA   f   African
Akan... [more]
AFRYEA   f   Ewe
Meaning "born during happy times".
AFUNU   f   Nigerian
AFWERKI   m   Tigrinya, Ethiopian
Means "mouth of gold" in Tigrinya.
AGANJU   m   African Mythology, Yoruba
The son of Obatala and Odudua. He marries his sister Yemaja and they produce a son named Orungan ("air").
AGBANI   f   Nigerian
Meaning unknown.
AGHILAS   m   Berber, Northern African
Means "tiger" in Central Atlas Tamazight, though it may also mean "leopard, panther" from Kabyle aɣilas. It is mainly used in Algeria.
AGUTA   m   African
Allegedly a Lugbara name from Uganda.
AGWANG   f   Luo
Means "wolf" in Luo.
AÏCHA   f   Arabic (Maghrebi), Western African
Maghrebi and Western African variant of Aisha.
AICHA   f   Arabic (Maghrebi), Western African
Variant transcription of Aïcha.
AÏCHATA   f   Western African
Western African elaboration of Aïcha (see Aisha).
AÏCHATOU   f   Western African
Western African elaboration of Aïcha (see Aisha).
AIDEVO   f   Yoruba
Means "no one can change my destiny but God" in Yoruba.
AINA   f   Yoruba
Means "difficult birth" in Yoruba.
AINOSE   f & m   Esan
Meaning, "No one is greater than God."
AÏSSA   m & f   Arabic (Maghrebi), Western African
Maghrebi variant of Isa (chiefly Algerian) and Western African feminine variant of Aïcha. In the Maghreb, it is generally a masculine name while in West Africa, it is feminine.
AISSA   f   African
Meaning, "grateful."
AÏSSATOU   f   Western African
Western African elaboration of Aisha.
AISSATOU   f   African
Variant of Aïssatou.
AJOKE   f   Western African, African
One who is/will be priviledged to be taken care of by all.
AJOUAH   m & f   African
African means fortunate and saturday may differ in spelling
AJUOGA   f   Luo
Means "doctor" in Luo.
AKACHUKWU   m   Igbo
Hand of God.
AKALA   m   Nigerian
AKANDE   m   Yoruba, Nigerian
means "first born"
AKEELAH   f   South African (Rare), English (Modern, Rare), Arabic
Variant of Akilah, notably used in the 2006 movie 'Akeelah and the Bee'
AKEIBOMO   f & m   Ijaw
Means "Forgive or Pardon Me"
AKELLO   f   Luo
Means "born after twins" in Luo.
AKETCH   f   Luo
Means "born during a famine" in Luo.
AKHONA   f & m   South African
AKIKI   m   African
means friend
AKIN   m   Yoruba
Means "the brave one" in Yoruba.
AKINBOLADE   m   Yoruba
A prince with weath root of akin means warrior
AKINTUNDE   m   Yoruba
Means "bravery returns" in Yoruba.
AKISSI   f   Akan
Akan feminine name meaning "born on Sunday".
AKITEI   f & m   Ijaw
AKLI   m   Berber, Northern African
Means "slave, prisoner, captive" in Kabyle. The term refers to the former black slaves and servants of Tuareg society.
AKLILU   m   Tigrinya
Means "laurel wreath" in Tigrinya.
AKOFA   f   Ewe
AKOL   m & f   African
From Iteso in eastern uganda. Meaning nicelooking.
AKONAWE   m   African, Nigerian, Isoko
The name "Akonawe" meaning "Let the teeth laugh" originates from the Isoko ethnolinguistic group of the Niger Delta region of Southern Nigeria, a country located on the west coast of Africa and bothering Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Chad (via Lake Chad).
AKPOEBI   f & m   Ijaw
Means "life is good" in Ijaw.
AKPOMOFA   f & m   Ijaw
AKSIL   m   Berber, Northern African, History
Means "cheetah" or "leopard" in Shawiya Tamazight. This was the real name of Kusaila (كسيلة), a 7th-century Berber king.
AKÚ   f   Akan
Means "Wednesday" in Akan.
AKÚÁ   f   Akan
Means "Wednesday".
AKUNNA   f   Igbo
Means "father's wealth" in Igbo from aku meaning "property, wealth" and nna meaning "father".
AKUWUEZIUKA   f & m   Igbo
Igbo name meaning "Prosperity is a good talk".
AKWA   m   Efik, Ibibio
Efik and Ibibio origin, meaning Elder or Senior, (akwa Owo)
AKWETE   f   African
Ga name given to the eldest twin
AKWOKWO   f   African
Ga name given to the younger of twins
ALABRAH   m   Ijaw
"how long"Isreali mythology,used by the ijo speaking tribe.southern Nigeria,west africa.
ALADEINYEFA   f & m   Ijaw
Means "Nothing Is Suprior To Royalty"
ALAERE   f   Ijaw
ALAKI   m   African
ALATARI   m & f   Ijaw
The name can has slight differ meanings with regards to the bearer and the reason for the name.... [more]
ALAZAR   m   Ethiopian
Meaning, "God is my help."
ALAZIMO   f & m   Ijaw
ALBARKA   f   Hausa
Feminine form of Barak (2).
ALEK   f   African
Possibly means "black spotted cow" in Dinka, a language spoken in South Sudan. This name is borne by Sudanese-British model Alek Wek.
ALELE   f   African
North African name.... [more]
ALEMU   m   Amharic
Amharic masculine name meaning "his world".
ALERA   f & m   Ogoni
Means "enough/ it is enough" in Khana,... [more]
ALETTA   f   Dutch, Swedish (Archaic), Afrikaans, Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Dutch variant form of Aleida and archaic Swedish diminutive form of Alhet. ... [more]
ALHERI   f & m   Dagbani
It means gift or kindness
ALIAGA   m   African
ALILE   f   Yao
Means "she weeps" in Yao.
ALIMAZI   f   Amharic
Means "diamond" in Amharic.
ALIMI   m & f   Nigerian
ALINUSWE   m   African
ALIOUNE   m   Western African, Wolof, Fula, Serer
Form of Ali (1) used in parts of western Africa (chiefly Senegalese and Mauritanian).
ALLETTA   f   Dutch, Afrikaans, English
Variant of Aleta.
ALLIEU   m   African
ALMAZ   f & m   Ethiopian, Kazakh, African, Amharic, Arabic, Russian
Meaning, "diamond" in Amharic, Arabic, Russian and a number of other languages.
ALNE   f   African
ALPHE   m   Zulu
Fresh crusty Serrie Leone Goon
ALZENA   f   Indonesian (Rare), South African (Rare)
Possibly derived from Arabic النِسَاء‎ (an-nisāʾ) meaning "the woman".
AMADIKA   f   African
Is of African-Rhodesia origin and means "to be beloved".
AMADIOHA   m   Igbo
Amadioha is the Igbo alusi of thunder and lightening.
AMAITARI   m   Ijaw
ijaw meaning "The Town Loves Me"
AMAKAI   f & m   Western African
Unknown meaning. A Ghanaian name, possibly from the Ga tribe.
AMAKAMA   m   Ijaw
AMAKEDI   m   Ijaw
ijaw meaning "Look Upon The Town"
AMAN   m   Tigrinya
Means "handsome" in Tigrinya.
AMANDLA   m & f   Popular Culture (?), African
Xhosa and Zulu word meaning "power". Mandla, which is derived from "amandla", is also a common first name in South Africa. Amandla Stenberg is an American teen actress, and her mother chose the name after being inspired by Miles Davis' 1989 album "Amandla".
AMANI   f   Tigrinya
Means "faith" in Tigrinya.
AMANYIRE   f & m   African, Nyoro, Tooro, Nkore, Kiga
this is a name that is given to both boys and girls. it is given to people from bunyoro, toro, ankole and to the bakiiga people. so mainly the western tribes of means GOD KNOWS
AMARACHUKWU   f   Nigerian, Igbo
Means "God's Grace" in Igbo. (See Amara and Chukwu).
AMARI   m & f   Yoruba, African American, African, Western African
A noted bearer was a Damel of Cayor, Amari Ngoné Ndella, who ruled from 1790 AD to 1809 AD. The Kingdom of Cayor was one of the largest of most powerful kingdoms in what was is now Senegal, existing from 1549 AD to 1879 AD.
AMASTAN   m   Berber, Northern African
Tuareg name meaning "protector, defender", derived from the Tamazight root esten meaning "to protect, to defend".
AMAZIGH   m   Berber, Northern African
Derived from the Central Atlas Tamazight word ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ (Amaziɣ), which is the self-designation of the Berber (Amazigh) people of North Africa. The name itself is of unknown meaning, though folk etymologies claim the meaning of "free-man", deriving from Taznatit (Gurara) aze meaning "to be strong" and Tamasheq (a variety of Turareg) jeɣeɣ meaning "to be brave"... [more]
AMBELU   m & f   Amharic
Possibly means "commander".
AMBESA   m   Ethiopian (Modern)
The meaning of this Ethiopian names is "lion".
AMBESA   f   Tigrinya
Means "lioness" in Tigrinya.
AMBURO   f   Somali
Seems to be derived from the surname Amburo.
AMENAGHAWON   f & m   Edo
Literally translated to "the water you shall drink, from the Edo proverb Amen na gha won ighi le se omwan rhae, meaning "the water you shall drink will surely come to be", implying that what is destined to be, will be.
AMENZE   f   African, Edo, Nigerian
Benin... [more]
AMEQQRAN   m   Berber, Northern African
Kabyle variant of Ameqran.
AMEWUSIKA   f   African
Used in Ghana, West Africa. Means "people are more valuable than material things" in Ewe, a Gbe language.
AMEYO   f   Akan
Means "Saturday" in Akan.
AMEZIANE   m   Berber, Northern African
Variant of Meziane (chiefly Algerian and Moroccan).
AMHA   m   Ethiopian
AMIBESA   f   Amharic
Means "lioness" in Amharic.
AMINATA   f   Western African
Western African elaboration of Aminah.
AMINATOU   f   Western African
Western African elaboration of Amina.
AMINATTA   f   Western African (Rare)
Variant of Aminata. This is borne by Aminatta Forna (1964-), a British writer of Scottish and Sierra Leonean descent.
AMLESET   f   Tigrinya
Means "She made it return" in Tigrinya.
AMMA   m   African
The god of fertility and of rain among the Dagon of Mali and Sudan.
AMMANUEL   m   Ethiopian
Variant of Emmanuel.
Igbo name meaning "No one knows Gods timing".
AMOHELANG   m   Sotho
Means "receive".
AMOKE   f & m   Yoruba
Means "loving stroke" in Yoruba.
AMONDI   f   Swahili
Possibly a variant of Amani or a Swahili form of Amani.
AMORÉ   f   Afrikaans (Modern)
Afrikaans form of Amore.
AMRI   m   Swahili, Arabic
AMUKELANI   m & f   African, Xitsonga
Meaning, "acceptance."
AMUSA   f   Southern African
It is a Silozi or Lozi Name. Silozi or Lozi is a Zambian language.
ANAISHE   f & m   Shona
Derived from Shona anashe, meaning "who is with God".
ANAIYA   f   African
Similar to Anaya meaning "look up to god".
ANAMZOOYA   m   Dagbani
it means your power is great
ANANÉ   m   Akan
Means "fourth born" in Akan.
ANANSIA   f   African
Feminine form of Anansi.
ANAROUZ   m   Berber, Northern African
Variant of Anaruz (chiefly Moroccan).
ANARUZ   m   Berber, Northern African
From Tamazight ⴰⵏⴰⵔⵓⵣ (anarûz) meaning "hope" (chiefly Moroccan and Algerian).
ANASA   f   Swahili
Means "joy" in Swahili.
ANAZIA   f   African American (Modern), Nigerian
Originally a Nigerian surname of unknown meaning.
ANBESSA   m   Tigrinya
Means "lion" in Tigrinya.
ANDI   m & f   Dagbani
it means you will win or victor
ANDISIWE   f   Xhosa
ANDRICIA   f   South African
greek, meaning "strong"
ANDWELE   m   African
Tanzanian name meaning "God brings me".
ANDZILE   m & f   Tsonga
multiplied and increased
ANECIA   f   African
first born daughter of goddess
ANEKE   f   Afrikaans
Variant of Anneke.
ANEKWE   m   Igbo
let the gods not agree to bad things
ANELE   m & f   Zulu
This name means "be enough/sufficient/adequate."
ANFANI   m & f   Dagbani
It means benefit
ANIBESA   m   Amharic
Means "lion" in Amharic.
ANIEFIOK   m & f   Nigerian, Ibibio
Means "Who knows tomorrow?"
ANIEKANABASI   m & f   African, Ibibio, Nigerian
Meaning, "Who is like God or who is greater than God".
ANIR   m   Berber, Northern African
Means "angel" in Tamazight.
ANISUNG   f & m   Dagbani
It means 'Good Intention'
ANKIA   f   South African, Various
Possible diminutive of ANNA, ANKE, or ANNIKA meaning, "grace."
ANKOMA   m   Western African, Akan
Means "last born of parents" in Akan.
ANNAN   m   Akan
Variant of Anan (1).
ANNELINE   f   Afrikaans, Dutch, French (Archaic)
Variant of Annelien as well as an archaic French diminutive of Anne found up to the 1700s in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
ANNINE   f   Norwegian, Danish, Afrikaans
Diminutive of Anna (i.e., a variant of Anina).
ANNIYA   f   African
ANOESCHKA   f   Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant of Anuschka. This is borne by Namibian author Anoeschka von Meck (1967-).
ANTHON   m   Dutch, South African, Swedish
Variant of Anton.
ANTOBAM   f   African
Fante name which is given to a posthumous child
ANUARITE   f   Central African
Used very rarely. Best known as the name of Congolese Blessed Maria Clementine, whose birth name was Anuarite Nengapeta.
ANUOLUWAPO   m & f   Yoruba
Nigerian, Yoruban. Meaning: `God`s mercy is plenty`.
ANYANG   f   Luo
Means "crocodile" in Luo.
ANYIM   m   Nigerian
A notable bearer is Anyim Pius Anyim, a Nigerian politician.
ANZANSI   m & f   Dagbani
It means Courage or Persistence
AONDOAKAA   m   African
APAADI   m   Yoruba
Means "hell" in Yoruba.
APAPA   m   Ijaw
ijaw meaning "Groundnut" named after apapa groundnut sea port in Lagos
APHIWE   m & f   African
Means "given" in Zulu.
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