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Dutch names are used in the Netherlands and Flanders. See also about Dutch names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AADm & fDutch, West Frisian, Limburgish
Diminutive of Adriaan and Adriana, as well as a variant of Ade.
AAGJEfDutch, Belgian
Short form of Agatha. In some cases there might also be a connection to Age.
AAIKEf & mDutch
Diminutive of names beginning with Agi or Adal.
Dutch form of Adelhard.
AALFmDutch (Rare), West Frisian (Rare)
Dutch short form of Adolf and West Frisian short form of Alef and Alof, which are both Frisian variants of Adolf.
AALTJEfDutch, Frisian
Diminutive of Adelheid.
Dutch form of Aaron.
Nickname for Adriaan or Agathon.
Dutch form of Abdiel.
Feminine form of Abe.
Diminutive of Abel.
Dutch form of Abiel.
ABIGAËLfDutch, French
Dutch form of Abigail.
ABIGAÏLfFrench, Dutch
Dutch and French form of Abigail.
Dutch form of Abimael.
ACHIELmDutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch form of Achilles via its French form Achille. Known bearers of this name include Belgian politician and prime minister Achiel Van Acker (1898-1975), Belgian painter Achiel Van Sassenbrouck (1886-1979) and Belgian cyclist Achiel Buysse (1918-1984).
ADELFRIEDmDutch, German
Dutch and German variant of Adelfrid.
Dutch form of Adelgund.
ADELGONDEfDutch, French
Dutch and French form of Adelgund.
Dutch form of Adalmut.
Dutch form of Adalric.
Dutch form of Adalwin.
ADGERmEnglish, Dutch
From a surname which was a variant of Edgar.
ADIËLm & fDutch
Dutch form of Adiel.
ADINDAfDutch, Literature
Literary origin. From the story 'Saïdja and Adinda' in the book 'Max Havelaar: Or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company (Dutch: Max Havelaar, of de koffij-veilingen der Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij' by Multatuli (the pen name of Eduard Douwes Dekker).
ADOLFAfDutch, German
Feminine form of Adolf.
Dutch form of Adolfine.
ADOLFINAfDutch, German
Extended form of Adolfa.
ADOLPHINAfDutch, German
Variant of Adolfina, influenced by the French Adolphine.
ADOLPHINEfDutch, French, German
French feminine form of Adolphe.
ADONIAmDutch, German, Italian, Swedish
Dutch, German, Italian and Swedish form of 'Adoniyah (see Adonijah) via its hellenized form Adonias.
ADRIEm & fDutch
Diminutive of Adrianus and Adriana.
Dutch form of Adriel.
ADRIETTEfDutch (Rare)
Feminization of Adrian (via the French form Adrien) by way of adding the French diminutive suffix -ette.
AELTJEfDutch (Rare, Archaic)
Obsolescent variant of Aaltje which had its heyday in the 1600s, resurfaced briefly between the 1930s and the 1960s and is now all but gone.
AFRODITEfItalian, Greek, Dutch
Italian and Dutch form of Aphrodite and Modern Greek variant transcription of Afroditi.
Cognate of Adalbert.
AIKOmWest Frisian, German, East Frisian, Dutch (Rare)
Short form of names containing the Germanic name element ag or agil "edge (of a sword)", such as Ekkehard or Aai.
AKELEIfDutch (Modern, Rare), German (Modern, Rare)
Direct adoption of the Dutch and German name for the flower Aquilegia vulgaris "columbine".
ALANDm & fDutch (Rare), West Frisian (Archaic)
Dutch and West Frisian contracted form of Adelland. Also compare Eland.... [more]
ALARIKmCroatian, Danish, Dutch, Frisian, Norwegian, Swedish
Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Frisian, Norwegian and Swedish form of Alaric.
Dutch form of Alberic.
Dutch form of Albertine.
Generally the Dutch form of Albinus, but in some instances it can be derived from Albuin as well. A bearer of this name was the Flemish painter Albijn Van den Abeele (1835-1918).
ALDEm & fDutch (Rare)
Dutch short form of Germanic given names that begin with the element ald meaning "old" as well as (via metathesis) the element adal meaning "noble". Also compare Aldo and Alda.
ALDEGONDEfDutch, French
Dutch and French form of Aldegund.
ALDEMARmAncient Germanic, Dutch, German
Derived from Gothic alds (alt in Old High German) "old" combined with Old High German mâri "famous". The name might also be a metathesis of Adalmar.
Dutch form of Alderic.
ALEFmMedieval Dutch, Medieval German, Dutch (Rare), Low German, North Frisian (Rare), West Frisian (Rare), Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Medieval Dutch and German (also Low German) variant of Adolf as well as the North & West Frisian form of the name. Also compare Aalf (its medieval form is Aelf) and Alof.... [more]
ALERTmLow German, Dutch (Rare)
Low German and Dutch form of Athalhart.
ALETTAfDutch, Swedish (Archaic), Afrikaans, Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Dutch variant of Aleida and archaic Swedish diminutive of Alhet. ... [more]
ALEYNAfTurkish, French (Modern), Dutch (Modern), Flemish (Modern)
Turkish name derived from Arabic 'aleina "above us", a phrase that was adopted from the Qur'an.... [more]
ALFARDmDutch, Frisian
Dutch and Frisian form of Alfhard.
Dutch variant of Alfard.
ALFRIEDmDutch, German
Short form of Adalfried and variant of Alfred.
ALIANNEfDutch (Rare), English (Rare)
In the Netherlands, this given name is usually a combination of the names Alie (which is usually a short form of Alida) and Anne.... [more]
ALIDOORmDutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch and Flemish form of Alidor. A known bearer of this name was the Belgian politician Alidoor De Keyser (1920-2012).
ALIEf & mDutch, English (Rare)
Diminutive of names beginning with Al, most typically Alida.... [more]
Diminutive form of Alie, seeing as the name contains the Dutch diminutive suffix -ke.
ALIËTTEfDutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Aliette. However, it should be noted that in the Netherlands, there may also be cases where this name is a combination of the Dutch feminine given name Alie with the French diminutive suffix -ette... [more]
Variant of Aleida.
Dutch variant of Aldegonda (see Aldegund), now more popular than its parent name. Compare Hillegonda/Hildegonda.
Dutch short form of Adelman.
ALMARmNorwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch
Younger form of Almarr and masculine form of Alma.
ALMUNDmDutch, German
Short form of Adalmund.
ALOFmMedieval Dutch, Medieval German, Dutch (Rare), West Frisian (Rare)
Medieval Dutch and German variant of Adolf as well as the West Frisian form of the name. Also compare Aalf (its medieval form is Aelf) and Alef.... [more]
Dutch variant of Aloysius.
Dutch form of Alois.
Dutch variant of Aloysius.
Dutch variant of Aloïs.
Dutch variant of Aloïsius.
ALOYSmDutch, German, German (Silesian)
German variant and Silesian German form of Alois, and Dutch short form of Aloysius.
ALTOmSpanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Dutch
Means "loud, tall, high" in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Means "old, older" in German. From Latin altus 'high, deep, profound'. Possibly influenced by the Portuguese surname that originated as a nickname for a 'big man', or from the English word referring to 'the musical part or section', or the German saint Alto of Altomünster, or as a diminutive or variant of Alton.
Dutch form of Alaward.
ALWINAfDutch, German
Feminine form of Alwin.
AMABILEm & fItalian (Rare), French (Rare), Walloon (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
Italian form of Amabilis and also rare French form of Amabilis. The name is unisex in Italy and strictly feminine in the francophone world. Also compare Amable.
AMALABERGAfDutch, German
Form of Amalberga. Amalaberga was a daughter of Theodemir, king of the Ostrogoths in the 5th century AD.
AMALASWINTHAfAncient Germanic, Dutch, History
Derived from the Germanic elements amal "work" and Gothic svinths (swind in Old High German) "strength." This name was borne by a daughter of Theodoric the Great, who became queen of the Ostrogoths after his death in 526 AD.
AMALFRIEDAfDutch, German
Dutch and German form of Amalfrida.
Dutch form of Amalric.
AMASJAm & fDutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Amaziah. This name has always been extremely rare in the Netherlands and was also an exclusively masculine name until around the '60s of the 20th century. Around that time, the name also began to be used on females, due to the fact that the name's appearance and pronunciation is quite similar to that of Slavic feminine names like Anja, Katja, Natasja and Sonja, all of which were commonly used in the Netherlands at the time.... [more]
Dutch form of Ambriel.
Dutch form of Amalberga.
Dutch form of Amalberge.
Variant of Amalrik.
Dutch form of Amiel.
Dutch form of Ammiel.
AMPLONIAfMedieval Dutch, Dutch (Rare)
Medieval Dutch variant form of Apollonia. This name has survived to modern times, but barely so, as it is quite rare in the Netherlands these days: in 2014, there were less than 10 living bearers (of all ages) in the entire country... [more]
ANfDutch, Limburgish
Dutch and Limburgish short form of Anna.
ANASTAASmDutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Anastasios (see Anastasius).
ANCELINEfMedieval French, French (Rare), English (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
French diminutive of Ancelle. There are also instances where this name is the feminine form of Ancelin, which is a French diminutive of Anselme.... [more]
ANCELLEfFrench (Archaic), French (African, Rare), French (Quebec, Archaic), English (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
French variant of Ancille, which has also been used in non-francophone countries over time. Note that in the English-speaking world, there are very likely cases where this name is a feminization of Ansel.... [more]
ANCILLAfGerman, German (Swiss), Dutch (Rare)
Meaning uncertain. Its use is probably influenced by the Latin title ancilla Dei meaning "handmaid of God".... [more]
ANCILLEfFrench (Archaic), French (African, Rare), French (Quebec, Archaic), English (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
French form of Ancilla, which has also been used in non-francophone countries over time. Also compare Ancelle.... [more]
Diminutive of Amanda.
ANDRIKmSwedish (Rare), Dutch
Swedish combination of -ander borrowed from Greek, meaning "man" (compare Alexander) and ríkr "mighty, distinguished, rich".
ANEMOONfDutch (Rare)
Dutch variant of Anemone.
Dutch form of Angelique.
ANGELIKEfGreek, Dutch
Greek variant transcription of Angeliki and Dutch variant of Angelique.
ANGELINUSmLate Roman, Dutch
Masculine form of Angelina.
ANGENIESfDutch (Rare)
Modern Dutch form of Angenijs.
Diminutive of Angenies. Also compare Angenietje and Angenietsje.
ANGENIETfDutch (Rare), West Frisian (Rare)
Dutch variant form of Angenies and West Frisian form of Agnes.
Dutch diminutive of Angeniet. Also compare Angeniesje and Angenietsje.
Derived from Agnes.
Dutch form of Anique - otherwise a short form of Annika or Annemiek.
Dutch form of Aniel.
Dutch form of Anita.
French form of Annika, or perhaps a short form of Angelique.
ANJOm & fFrisian (Rare), Dutch (Rare), German (Rare)
This given name is rare for both genders, even though it is more often seen on men than on women.... [more]
Name mostly used in the northern region of the Netherlands.
Variant of Anke.
Combination of Anne and Bet.
ANNEFIENfDutch (Rare)
Combination of Anne with a given name ending in -fien, such as Josefien (also found spelled as Jozefien), Adolfien and Rudolfien. In some cases, it can also be a combination of the same name with Fien, which is a short form of names like the aforementioned examples.... [more]
ANNEKENfLow German, Danish, Flemish, Old Swedish
Low German diminutive of Anne.
Diminuative of Annika or Anneliese.
ANNELINEfAfrikaans, Dutch, French (Archaic), Danish, Norwegian
Dutch and Afrikkans variant of Annelien as well as a Danish and Norwegian combination of Anne and Line (and thus a cognate of Annelien) as well as a Danish, Norwegian and archaic French diminutive of Anne found up to the 1700s in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
Combination of the names Anne and Loes. Known Dutch bearers of this name include the former field hockey player Anneloes Nieuwenhuizen (b. 1963) and the competitive sailor Anneloes van Veen (b. 1990).
ANNELOTfEnglish, Dutch
Combination of Anna and Lotte (compare Liselot).
Combination of Anna and Marieke. (Cf. Annemarie, Annemieke.)
ANNEMIEfUpper German, Flemish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish
Diminutive of Annemarie, used mainly in the middle and south of Germany.
Dutch form of Annemarie, or a combination of Anne and Mieke.
This name is a combination of Anne with a name ending in -mijn, such as Jasmijn and Willemijn (which is a variant form of Wilhelmina).... [more]
ANNEPHINEfDutch (Rare)
Combination of Anne with a given name ending in -phine, such as Josephine. Also compare Annefien, which is a different spelling of this name but the more prevalent of the two (even though they are both rare in the Netherlands).
Combination of Anne and Roos.
ANNIGJEfDutch (Rare)
Dutch diminutive of Anna.
ANNIQUEfDutch (Rare), English (Modern, Rare)
Probably intended to be a French form of Annika. (Cf. Aniek, Anique.)
Dutch variant of Anouk.
ANOESCHKAfDutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant of Anuschka. This is borne by Namibian author Anoeschka von Meck (1967-).
ANOUCKfDutch, French
Variant of Anouk.
ANSFRIEDmDutch, German
Dutch and German form of Ansfrid.
Latinized form of Anthony.
ANTIENfMedieval Dutch, Dutch (Rare)
This given name originated in medieval times as a variant spelling (or even a misspelling) of Antjen, as the letter 'j' was regularly written as an 'i' in medieval records. The name Antien has since gone on to become a name of its own, in that this particular spelling took hold and also became pronounced just as it was written (i.e. the 'j' was no longer an 'i' in just writing, but also in pronunciation), thus truly making it independent from Antjen.... [more]
ANTJENfMedieval Dutch, Dutch (Rare)
This name is a variant of Anna, where the diminutive suffix -tjen has been added to the name. Since -tjen is a diminutive suffix that was primarily used in the Middle Ages and has since been replaced by the more modern -tje, we can actually say that Antjen is the medieval Dutch form of Antje.... [more]
Dutch form of Antonin.
ANUSCHKAfDutch, German
Dutch and German form of Anushka.... [more]
This name is often a short form of Arnoud (and other names containing the Germanic element aran or arn meaning "eagle", such as Arend) and Eduard. However, it can also be a short form of Adriaan and Adrianus, as it is in the case of the Dutch politician and minister Ard van der Steur (b... [more]
ARDAfDutch (Rare)
Short form of given names containing the Germanic element aran or arn meaning "eagle", such as Arnolda and Arenda. In that respect, one could basically consider it to be the feminine equivalent of Ard... [more]
ARDARIKmDutch, Frisian
Dutch and Frisian form of Ardaric.
ARDINmDutch (Rare)
Short form of Ardinus. In some cases, the name can also be an elaboration of Ard, which itself is a short form of Arnoud (and other names containing the Germanic element aran or arn meaning "eagle") as well as of Eduard and Adriaan.... [more]
This name can be a contracted form of Arendina and Arnoldina as well as be a more elaborate form of Arda. Less commonly, the name is also found as a short form of names ending in -ardina, such as Bernardina and Gerardina.... [more]
ARDINEfDutch (Rare)
Variant form of Ardina, of which the spelling and pronunciation was inspired or influenced by French feminine names. However, there are also (rare) cases where it is a Dutch short form of actual French given names, such as Bernardine and Gérardine.
ARDINUSmDutch (Rare)
Contracted form of Arendinus. But in other words, you could also say that this given name is a masculinization of Ardina.... [more]
ARDJENmDutch (Rare)
Rare variant of Arjen.
ARDUINUSmAncient Germanic (Latinized), Dutch (Rare)
Latinized form of Hardwin, which would ultimately come to serve as the basis for Arduin and Arduino. This given name was borne by at least two saints.
ARDYm & fDutch (Rare)
Diminutive of Ard (for males) and Arda (for females).
ARENDAfDutch (Rare)
Feminine form of Arend. Also compare Arendje, which is another feminine form of the same name, but is much more common in the Netherlands.... [more]
This given name is a more elaborate form of Arenda, which is the feminine form of Arend. Also compare the late medieval given name Arentijn.... [more]
ARENDINEfDutch (Rare)
Variant form of Arendina, of which the spelling and pronunciation was inspired or influenced by French feminine names.
ARENDINUSmDutch (Rare)
Masculinization of Arendina.
ARENDJEm & fDutch
When borne by a female person, this name is a good example of how one can turn a very masculine name (Arend) into a feminine name by simply adding the diminutive suffix -je to the original name... [more]
ARENTmMedieval Dutch, East Frisian (Archaic), Dutch (Rare), Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Medieval Dutch and East Frisian form of Arnold as well as a Scandinavian variant of Arend. As for the Netherlands: this given name is still in use there today, but it is not as common there as its modern form Arend is.... [more]
ARIAANmDutch (Rare)
Short form of Adriaan. In other words, this name is a more modern form of the medieval Dutch name Ariaen.
Variant form of Ariaan. This form ultimately led to the form Arjan, which since steadily outgrew Arian in popularity and is nowadays by far the most common of the two.
ARIËLm & fDutch
Dutch form of Ariel.
Variant form of Arian, which may possibly have been inspired by the French name Adrien in its spelling. This form ultimately led to the form Arjen, which since steadily outgrew Ariën in popularity and is nowadays by far the most common of the two... [more]
Feminine form of Arie.
Variant form of Ariën. The latter was the most popular of the two for many decades, until Arjen began to rise in popularity in the late 1950s. Arjen eventually eclipsed Ariën and has been the most popular of the two ever since... [more]
ARJOmDutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
At least one source lists this name as being a combination of the names Adrianus and Johannes, but it could also easily be a combination of a name starting with Ar- (such as Arend) with a name starting with Jo- (such as Jozef)... [more]
ARMGARDfDutch, German
Dutch and German variant form of Irmgard. This is one of the middle names of Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands (b. 1938), who was given this name in honour of her paternal grandmother.
ARMIJNm & fDutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Armin (masculine) and Armina (feminine).
ARNAfMedieval German, Ancient Scandinavian, Old Swedish, German (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Icelandic, Faroese (Rare)
Medieval feminine form of masculine names that begin with either the Old High German element arn- or the Old Norse elements ari and ǫrn, all of which are ultimately derived from Proto-Germanic *arnu- "eagle".... [more]
Dutch extended form of Arnolda.
Variant of Aris.
ARSEENmDutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch form of Arsenius (see Arsenios).
ASCHWINmDutch, German
Dutch and German form of Answin. A known bearer of this name is Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands (b. 1969), who carries the name Aschwin as a middle name, in honour of his maternal grandfather's only brother, Aschwin zur Lippe-Biesterfeld (1914-1988).
ASSUEERmDutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Ahasuerus. One bearer was Willem Anne Assueer Jacob Schimmelpenninck van der Oye (1834-1889), a Dutch baron and politician who was president of the senate of the Netherlands from 1888 to his death.
ASTRUDfPortuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Filipino, Dutch (Rare), English (Rare)
A famous bearer is Brazilian vocalist Astrud Gilberto (1940-).
ASWINmDutch, German
Dutch and German form of Answin.
ATANASIUSmDutch (Rare), Finnish (Rare), German (Rare)
Dutch, Finnish and German variant of Athanasius.
Dutch form of Athalaric.
ATHANARIKmDutch, Norwegian
Dutch and Norwegian form of Athanaric.
AURELIAANmDutch (Archaic)
Archaic Dutch form of Aurelian.
AURELIANmEnglish, Dutch, History, Romanian, Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), German (Rare)
Form of Aurelianus (see Aureliano). This name was borne by a Roman emperor from the 3rd century AD.
Derived from Latin auxiliatrix, which refers to a helper, aide or assistant of the female sex (the masculine equivalent is auxiliator). The word is ultimately derived from the Latin noun auxilium meaning "help, aid, assistance"... [more]
AVEmDutch, West Frisian
The origin of this Frisian name is uncertain; it is such a shortened and transformed form of certain names that it is very difficult to tell what the original name(s) must have been. Ave is usually said to be a short form of names that contained the Old Norse element âlfr (alb in Old High German) "elf" - but this cannot be said with certainty... [more]
AXINJAfGerman (Modern, Rare), Dutch (Modern, Rare)
German and Dutch transcription of Aksinya.
AYCOm & fDutch (Rare)
Variant of Aiko.
AZRAËLmDutch, French
Dutch and French form of Azrael.
Dutch form of Azriel.
Dutch form of Babette.
Dutch form of Baderic.
BALBIJNm & fDutch (Archaic)
Dutch form of both Balbinus and Balbina.
Feminine form of Barend.