German (Austrian) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of German names used more often in Austria. See also about German names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AMREI f Upper German, German (Austrian), German (Swiss)
Upper German contracted form of Annemarie.
BÄRBL f German (Austrian)
Austrian German diminutive of Barbara.
BURGEL f Upper German, German (Austrian)
Short form of names that begin with or end in the element "Burg-", most commonly Walburga. ... [more]
CHRISTL m & f German (Austrian)
Austrian German diminutive of given names that start with Christ-, such as Christian, Christoph and Christina.
EDEL f German, German (Austrian), Danish, English, Finnish, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Norwegian, Sami, Swedish
Short form of names that begin with or end in the element "Edel-" meaning "noble", for example Edeltraud, Edelgard.... [more]
FALCO m German, German (Austrian)
Derived from Old High German falko "hawk; falcon".... [more]
FRIEDL m & f German (Austrian)
Austrian German and Bavarian German diminutive of names that contain the Germanic element frid meaning "peace", such as Friedrich (for men) and Friederike (for women). Also compare the masculine name Fridolin and its feminine forms Fridolina and Fridoline.... [more]
GRETL f German (Austrian)
Variant of Gretel. It is not typically used as a given name.... [more]
MAREI f Upper German, German (Austrian), German (Swiss)
Southern German variant of Marie. Sometimes, rarely though, also used as a diminutive form of Maria.
MUCKL m German (Austrian, Rare)
Austrian German diminutive of Nepomuk, probably via the variant spelling Nepomuck.
NANNERL f German (Austrian)
Diminutive of Anna, usually not used as a given name in its own right.... [more]
NOTBURGA f German (Austrian), Ancient Germanic
Germanic name, in which the second element is Old High German burg meaning "fortress" (or the related Gothic bairgan "to keep, to save, to preserve" (Old High German bergan "to help, to rescue"))... [more]
RESI f German (Austrian)
Diminutive of Therese
ROMED m German (Austrian)
Austrian German form of Romedius.
SISI f Upper German, German (Austrian)
German diminutive of Elisabeth. This was the nickname of Elisabeth of Bavaria, empress of Austria.
THERES f German, German (Austrian)
Traditional southern German and Austrian variant of Therese.
TIMNA f & m Biblical Hebrew (Rare), German (Austrian)
From a Biblical place name and several persons mentioned briefly in the Bible.... [more]
TITI f Russian, Polish, German (Austrian), English
Diminutive of Theresa, Teresa, Therese, Thérèse, Terese, Theresia, Teresia. When Queen Marie Antoinette of France was Archduchess Maria Antonia, she often called her niece Titi.
UTA f German, German (Austrian), Scandinavian
High German form of Oda and variant of Ute.
VIRGIL m Upper German, German (Austrian), German (Rare, Archaic)
German cognate of Fergal and Feirgil. This name used to Germanize Fergal and Feirgil in Austria and the southern part of Germany thanks to the Irish-born bishop and astronomer Virgilius von Salzburg (known in English as Vergilius of Salzburg).
WERNFRIED m German (Austrian, Rare)
From the Germanic name element WARIN "guard" and FRID "peace".