Portuguese (Brazilian) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of Portuguese names used more often in Brazil. See also about Portuguese names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADELELMO m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Italian, Spanish and (Brazilian) Portuguese form of Adelhelm via ADELELMUS.... [more]
ADÍLIO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant of ADÉLIO, which is the Portuguese form of ADELIO. This name is not to be confused with ATÍLIO.... [more]
ADILMA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
This name is probably a short form of ADILMARA. But in other words, you could also say that this name is a (Brazilian) variant form of ADELMA.
ADÔNIS m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian Portuguese form of ADONIS.
ADRYAN m Bulgarian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Bulgarian, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese variant of ADRIAN. A famous bearer of this name is Brazilian footballer Adryan Oliveira Tavares.
AFRANIA f Ancient Roman, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American)
Feminine form of AFRANIUS. A bearer of this name was the ancient Roman woman Gaia Afrania, wife of the senator Licinius Buccio.
AFRÂNIO m Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of AFRANIUS. Bearers of this name include Brazilian medic, writer and politician Afrânio Peixoto (1876-1947) and Brazilian literary critic Afrânio Coutinho (1911-2000).
ÁGATHA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese Brazilian form of AGATHA.
AGUINALDO m Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian (Archaic)
From the Latin expression hoc in anno meaning "during this year". Aguinaldo in Spain and Latin America is the thirteen salary. It is also a folk genre of Christmas music based on an archaic form of Spanish Christmas carols (also called villancicos).
AIRAM f & m Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian)
MARÍA (Spanish) or MARIA (Portuguese) spelled backwards.
AÍRTON m Portuguese (Brazilian)
More commonly used variant of AYRTON.
ALAIZA f Basque, Filipino, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Belarusian
Taken from the name of a Marian church in the greater Álava area.... [more]
ALAMAR m Ancient Germanic, Portuguese (Brazilian), American (Hispanic)
The first element of this name is derived from Gothic alls "all" or from Gothic alhs (alah in Old High German) "temple." The second element is derived from Old High German mâri "famous."
ALCIONE f Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian
Portuguese and Italian form of ALCYONE. This name is borne by Brazilian samba singer Alcione Dias Nazareth.
ALDECIR m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant of ALDEMIR, replaced by the suffix -cir, taken from names ending with that pattern, e.g. Moacir.
ALESSANDER m Portuguese (Brazilian, Modern, Rare)
Form of ALEXANDER primarily used in Brazil.
ALEXANDRO m Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Interlingua, English (American)
Brazilian Portuguese and Interlingua form of ALEXANDER.
ALEXSANDRA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese/ Brazilian form of Alexandra.
ALTAMIRO m Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian), Literature
This name is either a variant form of ALDEMARO or derived from the Spanish locational surname Altamira, which takes its name from a place called Altamiros or Altamira... [more]
ALVAMAR m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Possible corruption of ALVINA, oddly seems to be exclusively a masculine.
ALVES m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Transferred use of the surname ALVES.
ALVIM m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian Portuguese form of ALVIN.
ALZIRA f Portuguese (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian), Theatre
Latinate form of ALZIRE. This name was used in Verdi's opera Alzira (1845). It coincides with the name of a Spanish town.
AMARALINA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Feminine name with the combination of AMARA and the suffix lina.
AMPÉLIO m Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Portuguese form of Ampelios (see AMPELIO).
ANACÃ m Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Derived from anacã, which is the (Brazilian) Portuguese name for an Amazonian bird that is known as the red-fan parrot in English.... [more]
ANASTÁSIA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Brazilian Portuguese variant of ANASTÁCIA.
ANDRESA f Medieval Basque, Portuguese (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Medieval Basque feminine form of ANDRES as well as a Portuguese variant of ANDRESSA.
ANDRESSA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
This feminine name is common in Brazil, where it is a more elaborate form of ANDRÉA. It might even have been influenced by the Spanish ANDRÉS, since a logical feminization of that name would be Andrésa (which does exist in Spanish, but is rare).
ARACI f Portuguese (Brazilian), Tupi
Means "dawn, morning" in Tupi, though in some instances, it may be a contracted form of ARACELI.
ARACY f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Variant of ARACI. A known bearer of this name was Aracy de Almeida (1914-1988), a Brazilian singer.
ARIADNI f Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Modern Greek transcription of ARIADNE.
ARIELA f Hebrew, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Croatian, Italian (Rare), Polish
Variant of ARIELLA, Italian feminine form of ARIELE and Polish feminine form of ARIEL.
ARILDO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
This given name is predominantly in use in Brazil. It is probably the (Brazilian) Portuguese form of ARILD. Also compare ARALDO and AROLDO.... [more]
ARIMATEIA m Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Biblical Portuguese
Portuguese form of the biblical place name ARIMATHEA, given in reference to Joseph of Arimathea (José de Arimateia in Portuguese), a disciple of Jesus.
ASTRUD f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Filipino, Dutch (Rare), English (Rare)
A famous bearer is Brazilian vocalist Astrud Gilberto (1940-).
ÁTICO m Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Spanish and Portuguese form of ATTICUS.
AULO m Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of AULUS.
AYRTON m English, Portuguese (Brazilian), Various
From a surname which was originally taken from the place name AIRTON.... [more]
BELISE f English (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian)
English and Brazilian Portuguese adoption of BÉLISE.
BENÍCIO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese Brazilian form of BENEDICT.
BERENILDE f Portuguese (Brazilian), French (Rare)
Portuguese and French form of BERNHILD.... [more]
BETANIO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese masculine form of BETHANY.
BETTÂNIA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of BETÂNIA, the Portuguese form of BETHANIA.
CAFU m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Famous bearer of this name is Cafu (Born as Marcos Evangelista de Morais).
CALHANDRA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Modern, Rare)
Portuguese cognate of ALONDRA, occasionally used in Brazil.
CALÍOPE f Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish and Portuguese form of Calliope (see KALLIOPE).
CAROLINI f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of CAROLINE, reflecting the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation of the French form of CAROLINA.
CELÉSTIA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Portuguese form of CAELESTIA. Also compare the masculine counterpart CELÉSTIO.
CHARLIANA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), American (Rare, ?)
Elaboration of CHARLIA (a double elaboration of CHARLA) or a blend of CHARLINE and JULIANA.
CHEIANE f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant form of CHEIENE. Also compare CHEYANNE.
CHEIENE f & m Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Derived from Portuguese cheiene meaning "Cheyenne" (singular). So, in other words, you could say that this name is the Portuguese cognate of CHEYENNE.... [more]
CHILDERICO m Italian (Rare), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of CHILDERIC.
CHILE f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Possibly a variant of CHILI/CHILE or from the name of the South American country.
CÍCERO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of CICERO. It became popular because of Padre Cícero, a Brazilian priest who became a spiritual leader to the people of the Northeast Region of Brazil.
CLAUDEMIR m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Either a Brazilian Portuguese variant of CLODOMIRO or a combination of CLÁUDIO (or even CLAUDE) with a Portuguese given name that ends in -mir, such as ADEMIR and ALMIR (1).... [more]
CLAUDENIA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Portuguese elaborated from CLAUDIA.
CLAUDIR m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Contracted form of CLAUDEMIR. Also compare the somewhat similar-looking name CLOTÁRIO.
CORBINIANO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of Corbinianus (see KORBINIAN).
COSTA m & f Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of KOSTA. In Brazil, this name can be used on both genders, used on a total of 370 boys and 220 girls in total from 1930 to 2010 according to popular-babynames.com.
CRISTOVAM m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian Portuguese form of CHRISTOPHER. A famous bearer of the name is Cristovam Buarque (1944-), politician and Brazilian senator.
DAMAR m & f English (American), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Short form of DAMARCUS, DAMARIS and similar names.
DANIELI f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Creative variant of DANIELA/DANIELLE or a variant of DANIELLY (See also EMANUELLY)... [more]
DANIELLY f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant of DANIELLE, reflecting the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation of the French form of DANIELLA.
DEBINHA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
A hypocoristic form of DEBORA.... [more]
DEDÉ m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese (Brazilian) diminutive of ANDERSON. A famous bearer is Brazilian footballer Anderson Vital da Silva who is known as Dedé. He plays as a centre back or sweeper for Cruzeiro and the Brazilian national football team.
DENÍLSON m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Transferred use of the surname DENILSON.... [more]
DERALDO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
The meaning of this name is not wholly certain; it may be a combination of two existing, separate names. What name the first part of Deraldo could have come from, I don't know - but the second part could be either from the name ALDO or it could come from a Germanic name with the element wald "rule"... [more]
DERCY f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Possibly a variant of DARCY or a diminutive of DOLORES. A famous bearer was Brazilian actress Dercy Gonçalves (1907-2008), whose given name was Dolores.
DEUSANA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from Latin deus meaning "god, deity". Latin deus and dīvus "divine" are descended from Proto-Indo-European deiwos, from the same root as Dyēus, the reconstructed chief god of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon... [more]
DILMA f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Possibly a form of DELMA. This name is borne by Brazilian president-elect Dilma Rousseff.
DINORÁ f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of DINORA, mostly found in Brazil.
DINORAH f English, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Theatre
Possibly derived from Aramaic dinur (also denur) meaning "of fire", derived from di "of" and nur "fire, light". Because of the similarity with the Hebrew word din "trial, judgement", this name is sometimes seen as a more elaborate form of the name DINAH... [more]
DIONÉSIO m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of DIONYSIUS primarily used in Brazil.
DITOSA f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Means "happy, blessed".
DOMICIANO m Galician, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Galician, Spanish, and Portuguese form of DOMITIAN.
DORALICE f Literature, Theatre, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Name used by the poets Boiardo and Ariosto in their Orlando poems (1495 and 1532), where it belongs to a Saracen princess. Boiardo perhaps intended it to mean "gift of the dawn" from Greek δῶρον (doron) "gift" and λύκη (lyke) "dawn", or he may have formed it from a contraction of DORA and ALICE... [more]
DORALINE f English (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Elaboration of DORA combining it with the productive name suffix -line or else a combination of DORA and LINE.
DORIVAL m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Probably derived from the French surname D'ORIVAL (see ORIVAL).... [more]
DORVAL m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant or shortened form of DORIVAL.... [more]
DOURIVAL m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant of DORIVAL, seemingly influenced by the Portuguese word for gold, ouro.
DULSE f American (Modern, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of DULCE reflecting the English pronunciation of it.
DURVAL m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant or shortened form of DURIVAL (compare DORVAL). Compared to Durival, this name is more commonly used.... [more]
EALDO m Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Variant of EVALDO, mostly found in Brazil.
EDEL m & f Galician, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Short form of names starting with Edel-, such as EDELMIRO (for males) and EDELMIRA (for females).... [more]
EDELA f East Frisian (Archaic), Old Danish, Old Swedish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Short form of names containing the East Frisian name element ethel-, a cognate of Old High German adal-.
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