Given Name ANTON

GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Антон (Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Macedonian)
PRONOUNCED: AN-ton (German), un-TON (Russian), ahn-TON (Ukrainian), an-TON (Slovene), AHN-ton (Finnish)  [details]

Meaning & History

Form of Antonius (see ANTHONY).
VARIANTS: Antoon, Antonie, Antonius (Dutch), Andon (Bulgarian), Andon, Antonij (Macedonian), Antonijo, Antonio, Antun (Croatian), Antoniu (Romanian), Anttoni (Finnish)
DIMINUTIVES: Toni (German), Ton, Toon, Teun, Teunis, Theun, Theunis (Dutch), Doncho, Toni (Bulgarian), Tone (Slovene), Dončo (Macedonian), Ante, Anto, Tonći, Tonči, Toni (Croatian), Tõnis (Estonian), Toni (Finnish)
FEMININE FORMS: Antonia (German), Antonia (Swedish), Antonia (Norwegian), Antonia (Danish), Antonia (Dutch), Antonia, Antoniya (Bulgarian), Antonija (Slovene), Antonija (Croatian), Antonia (Romanian)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Antoine, Antwan (African American), Antonius (Ancient Roman), Andoni, Antton (Basque), Antoni (Catalan), Antony, Anthony, Tony (English), Antono, Anĉjo (Esperanto), Antoine (French), Antón (Galician), Antonios, Antonis (Greek), Akoni, Anakoni (Hawaiian), Antal, Tóni (Hungarian), Antonio, Antonello, Tonino, Tonio (Italian), Antoon (Limburgish), Antanas (Lithuanian), Antoni (Polish), António, Toni, Toninho (Portuguese), Antônio (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Antonije, Anto (Serbian), Antonio, Toni, Toño (Spanish)


American Horror Story characters, Aria characters, athletes, authors, composers, D H Lawrence characters, Elder Scrolls characters, Legend of the Galactic Heroes characters, Nintendo characters, saints, The Legend of Zelda characters, world leaders
Entry updated December 8, 2017