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Indian names are used in India and in Indian communities throughout the world. See also about Indian names.
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TANKAN m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism
Name : Tankan टङ्कण / टंकण... [more]
TANKIKA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian
MEANING - chisel ... [more]
TANMAY m & f Indian
Variant transcription of Tanmaya.
TANMAYA m & f Indian, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati
Derived from Sanskrit tanmaya (तन्मय) meaning "absorbed in, made up of, identified with."
TANMOY m & f Indian, Bengali
Variant transcription of Tanmaya.
TANSEN m Indian
Name of Mian Tansen, father of Indian classical music.
TANSU m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING- decorated, Name of a prince of Lunar-race. It is derived from Sanskrit word तंस्
TANUSHREE f Indian, Bengali
Means "beautiful", derived from Sanskrit तनु (tanú) meaning "thin, slender" and श्री (śrī) "diffusing light, splendid, radiant" (see Shri).
TANVIR m & f Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Pakistani
Variant of Tanwir. See also the diminutive Tan.
TAPAN m Indian
Tapan is found as an adverb, adjective as well as a noun in the Sanskrit language.... [more]
TAPU f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism
MEANING : hot, burning
TAQI m Arabic, Islamic, Urdu, African (Muslim)
Means "devout; pious; God-fearing" in Arabic.
TARAL f & m Indian
Meaning Honey bee or liquid; famous bearer of this name is Taral Hicks.
TARAN m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali
MEANING - a raft, a boat, final landing place ( heaven), overcoming ( as of misfortune ), crossing over ... [more]
TAREEQ m Indian, Arabic
Variant transcription of Tariq.
TAROOT m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism
Meaning - "root of lotus plant "... [more]
TARUN m Indian
Meaning "young male".
TARUSH m Indian
Means "conqueror" in Sanskrit.
TASAWWUR m Pakistani, Urdu
Means "imagination", from the Arabic تصور (taṣawwara) meaning "to imagine".
Flow of water
One of the many names of LORD GAUTAM BUDDHA.
TEHMINA f Urdu, Punjabi
Urdu and Punjabi form of Tahmina.
TEJAS m Indian, Gujarati, Marathi
Derived from Sanskrit तेजस (téjas) meaning "light, radiance, brilliance, splendour" as well as "fire".
TEJASWI f Indian, Telugu, Kannada
Derived from Sanskrit तेजस् (téjas) meaning "light, brilliance, splendour".
TEJPAL m Indian (Sikh)
From the base word, Tej, which is fast or quick one
TEJRAM m Indian (Rare), Hindi (Rare)
This name means "radiance of Rama," "soul of Rama" or "majesty of Rama", which is derived from a combination of Sanskrit तेज (tēja) meaning "radiance, soul, majesty, lustre, energy, splendour, magnificence" and the name of the god Rama.
TENALI m Indian
A famous bearer was the Telugu jester-poet Tenali Ramakrishna, whose cleverness was the subject of many Indian folk-tales.
TEZAL f Indian (Rare)
"First ray of the sun"
THAKKUR m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism
MEANING : object of reverence, man of rank, chief... [more]
Means "gold" in Tamil.
Meaning unknown at this moment in time.
Meaning uncertain at this moment in time. It might possibly be a variant of Tharuksha or Tharushan or of similar-looking names.
THEJUS m Indian
means light
shining star in the middle of the ocean
THIRSNY f Indian
Life History ... [more]
Its is one of the 7 most respected high class and Well known clans in Manipur (India).... [more]
THRESIA f Malayalam
Malayalam form of Theresa
TIPPAN m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi
MEANING : a gloss, comment... [more]
Means forgivness in sanskrith
TITTIBHI f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : A female bird of Tittibh (Parra jacan )... [more]
TOFFAN m Indian
The meaning of the name is Cyclone.
TONGA f Indian
indian name
TOOBA f Arabic, Urdu, Persian
Derived from Arabic طُوبَى (ṭūbā) meaning "better, best, more pleasant".
TORAN m Indian, Hindi
This name is derived from Hindi/Sanskrit तोरण (tōraṇa) meaning "festoon, archway."... [more]
TRAYEE f Indian
one the names of godess gayatri
Indian origin and also deailing with ganga waters or rivers .
TRIAYASHA f Bengali (Hindu, Rare)
It is a Bengali Name Means When Three Wishes Are Come Together.
one of the many names of goddess durga or kali.
TRIPAT m Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Nepali, Assamese, Indian ( Sikh )
MEANING : with pleasure, to one's satisfaction, Moon, a parasol... [more]
TRIPT m Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Sanskrit, Marathi, Bengali
MEANING : satiated, satisfied, satisfy... [more]
TRIPTA f Punjabi, Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi
MEANING : Satisfied, Contented... [more]
MEANING : having well nourished shoots... [more]
MEANING : satiety, satisfaction ... [more]
MEANING : giving satisfaction . Here तृप्ति means satisfaction + द means giving... [more]
TRISH m Sanskrit, Nepali, Hinduism, Indian, Hindi
MEANING : thirst, strong desire... [more]
TRISHIT m Indian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi
MEANING : thirsty, thirsty, desirous, thirst... [more]
TRISHNAK m Indian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Gujarati
MEANING : desirous, eager for... [more]
"Ruler of The Universe"... [more]
TRUPTI f Indian, Marathi
Derived from Sanskrit तृप्ति (tṛ́pti) meaning "contentment, satisfaction".
TUK m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
Name - tuk तुक्... [more]
TULSI f Indian
From the name of a medicinal herb (also known as "Holy Basil") which means "the incomparable one" in Sanskrit. It is worshipped by Hindus as a sacred plant and "most often regarded as a consort of Krishna in the form of Lakshmi"; and according to the Hindu text 'Brahma Vaivarta Purana', "tulsi is an expression of Sita".
UDAY m Arabic, Indian
Means "to rise, ascend". The city of Udaipur in western India was founded by the Maharana Udai Singh II in 1559. More recently this name was borne by Indian dancer and choreographer Uday Shankar (1900-1977), who popularized Indian dance in the western world in the 1930s, and Uday Hussein (1964-2003), a son of Saddam Hussein.
UDDHAV m Sanskrit, Indian, Nepali
Means "friend of Lord Krishna" in Sanskrit.
UDHAV m Indian, Nepali
Variant of Uddhav.
UDICHI f Indian, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi
"North" ; "northern quarter "... [more]
UDU f Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
"Star" ; "lunar mansion " ;"water"... [more]
UJALI f Hindi
Derived from उजाला (ujala) meaning "light".
UJJAL m Indian, Bengali, Punjabi (Rare)
From Sanskrit उज्ज्वल (ujjval) meaning "bright, radiant".
ULFAT f Urdu (Rare), Indian (Muslim, Rare), Bengali (Rare)
Means "harmony, intimacy" from Arabic أَلَّفَ (ʾallafa) meaning "to unite, join, combine".
ULLAS m Indian
Means joy,delight in Indian
UMAIRA f Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Feminine form of Umair.
UMANG m Indian
UMED m Indian
Means "hope, desire, goal" in Hindi.
UMLESH f Indian
UMMATI f Indian (Sikh)
intelligent, good nature ,very helpful,long ages live ,open thoughts creation
UNNIKRISHNAN m Indian, Malayalam
Means "young Krishna" or "infant Krishna", derived from Malayalam ഉണ്ണി (uṇṇi) meaning "infant, young boy" combined with the name Krishna. It refers to Bala Krishna (see Balakrishna), a form of the Hindu deity Krishna represented as an infant or child.
UPALA f Indian
Meaning, "gemstone; stone." See also Opula.
UPDESH m & f Indian (Sikh)
Indian ... means preacher
UPMA f Indian
Hindi name meaning “the best”. Upma is also a cereal dish similar to semolina.
URMI f Hindi, Bengali
Means "wave" in Hindi.
URMILA f Indian
Variant of Urmi. This was the name of Sita's sister in The Ramayana.
URVASH m Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi
MEANING - widely extending,, pervading, , desire
URVASHA f Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, Hinduism, Tamil, Bengali, Nepali, Sinhalese
Name - Urvasha उर्वशा... [more]
URVASHI f Hinduism, Indian, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati
Means "she who can control the heart of others" derived from Sanskrit उर (ur) meaning "chest" or "heart" combined with वश् (vaś) "to will, to command". Alternatively, it may mean "widely extending, widely pervasive" from Sanskrit उरु (urú) "broad, wide"... [more]
URVISH m Indian
Name of indian god shiv
USH m Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Mal, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati
MEANING : early morning, dawn, daybreak, lover, bdellium, saline earth, fossile salt ... [more]
USHINAR m Indian (Anglicized, Archaic)
USHMA f Indian
means heat
UTHARA f Indian
Sanskrit Epics of ancient India. In Hindi, means "northern."
UTKARSH m Indian
UTSAV m Hindi, Indian, Nepali
Means "celebration, festival, banquet" in Hindi.
UTTAM m Indian
Means "excellent" in Sanskrit.
UZAIR m Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Arabic form of Ezra.
VAAJ m Hinduism, Sanskrit, Indian, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, Sinhalese, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese
Meaning: strength, vigour, energy, spirit, speed (esp. of a horse ), a contest, race, conflict, battle, war, the prize of a race or ... [more]
VADIN m Indian
"Known lecturer"... [more]
VAIBHAV m Hinduism, Indian, Marathi
Derived from Sanskrit वैभव (vaibhava) meaning "glory, might, power". In Hindu belief, this is one of the names of Vishnu and a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi.
VAIDEHI f Indian
Sanskrit... [more]
Transferred use of the surname Vaishali.
Masculine form of Vaishnavi. Also compare Vaishnav.
VAJAD m Indian (Rare)
From Sanskrit वाज (vāja) meaning "strength, vigour, spirit".
VAJADA f Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Nepali, Sinhalese, Bengali
Name : Vajada ( वाजदा )... [more]
VALGA f Sanskrit, Marathi, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Sinhalese, Gujarati, Tamil
MEANING - a bridle, rein, Goddess Durga
VANAJA f Telugu
Means "forest born" or "born of/in the forest" in Telugu.
VANDANA f Indian
From the Hindi meaning "worship".
VANDANI f Indian
VANI f Telugu
Means "voice, speech" in Telugu.
VANI f Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, Marathi
MEANING - wish, desire, fire, bestowing, procuring
VANISHA f Hindi, Nepali
Means "queen of the universe" or "pure" in Hindi and Nepali.
VANITHA f Indian
means "The Lady"; Indian
VARADA f Indian
Name of an Indian river situated in Karnataka, a state in the south western region of India. It is with believed that this river has religious ties with gods Durga and Lakshmi.
VARAHI f Indian, Hinduism
Means "boar" in Sanskrit. This is the name of a Hindu goddess, one of the Matrikas.
VAREN m Indian
Means "gifts" in Sanskrit.
VARINDER m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit वर (vára) "environing, enclosing, space" or "boon, gift, reward, benefit" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra.
MEANING : ( excellent, widest, largest, chief, most preferable )... [more]
VARSHITA f Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism
Name : Varshita वर्षिता... [more]
VASANTH m Indian
An Indian boy's meaning "The spring season"
VASHA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Assamese
MEANING - willing, obedient, submissive, free, daughter , woman, female elephant ... [more]
VASHISH m Mauritian Creole, Indian, Hinduism
Variant of Vashisht, which is a varaint of Vashistha. In Hinduism, Vashistha is one of the Saptarishis (seven great Rishis) in the seventh, i.e. the present Manvantara, or age of Manu. Vashista is a manasputra (mind-son) of Brahma.
VASUKI m & f Hinduism, Indian
Meaning unknown. This was the name of a nagaraja in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and a king of serpents. He is a snake beloning to Shiva and is famous for coiling around Shiva's neck.
VASVI f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi
MEANING - night; excellent, beneficent , sweet
"Vathsalya" means "Eternal Love". It is a form of expressing feelings. It is one of the five forms expressing feelings of devotion - Shantha (Serenity), Sakhya (friendliness), Vathsalya (eternal love), Anuraga (affection) and Madhura (sweetness).
Affection or Immense Love
VAVARSH m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi (Rare)
Name : Vavarsh ववर्ष... [more]
VEDANT m Indian, Sanskrit
It is a Sanskrit name and has a variety of meanings depending on the grammatical device (Samasa) used to unravel it. All the meanings bear some reference to the Vedas which are ancient Hindu holy texts.... [more]
VEDASYA f Indian
Meaning “The knowledgeable one”.
VEEJAY m Indian
Variant transcription of Vijay.
VEEKSHA f Indian
An Indian name that is said to mean “vision” or “knowledge”.
VEENA f Indian, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil
Variant transcription of Vina.
VEENAPANI f Indian, Hinduism
Means "one who plays veena, veena-playing", from a combination of Veena (an Indian lute) and Sanskrit pani ("water" or "flowing"). This is an epithet of the Hindu goddess Saraswati, who is often depicted playing a veena on the back of a swan.
VEGA f Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali
MEANING - speed, quickness, velocity, current ( of water ), momentum
VEMBU f Indian
Meaning of name tdmat
VENDI f & m Telugu
Means "silver" in Telugu.
VENKATESH m Indian, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada
Means "lord of Venkata", derived from Venkata, the name of a hill in Andhra Pradesh, India, combined with Sanskrit ईश (īśá) meaning "lord, master, ruler". This is also the name of a form of the Hindu god Vishnu especially revered in southern India.
VENKATRAMAN m Indian, Malayalam, Tamil
From वेंकटेशा (venkateša) meaning "lord of Venkata hill", a combination of Venkata, the name of a hill in Andhra Pradesh, India (see Venkata), and Sanskrit ईश् (īś) meaning "lord, master" (see Isha)... [more]
VENNILA f Tamil (Rare)
Said to mean "white moon" in Tamil.... [more]
VENU m Indian, Sanskrit
Means "flute" in Sanskrit and usually refers to the Lord Krishna.
VIDISHA f Indian
Vidisa or Vidisha in sanskrit refers to "Mesopotmia" "the fertile land between two rivers."... [more]
VIDURAA f Indian
Means "clever lady" in Sanskrit.
VIGNESH m Indian, Tamil
Tamil variant of Ganesha.
VIGNESHWARAN m Indian, Tamil, Malayalam
Possibly a combination of Vignesh and Tamil வர்ணம் (varṇam) or Malayalam വര്‍ണ്ണം (varṇṇaṁ) both meaning "colour", likely derived from Sanskrit वर्ण (varna) which has the same meaning... [more]
VIGYA f & m Sanskrit, Indian
The name Vigya is derived from Sanskrit word Vigy...Vigya means a versatile genius
VIHAAN m Indian
From Sanskrit विहान meaning "dawn, morning".
VIJAYALAKSHMI f Indian, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam
Means "victory of Lakshmi" or "mark of victory", derived from Sanskrit विजय (vijaya) meaning "victory, conquest, triumph" (see Vijaya) combined with the name Lakshmi.
VIJI m & f Indian
kerala, india
VIKAS m Indian
means development in india
Means: Radiant, cheerful. hearty or ungrudging, promoting or inducing cheer , pleasant, bright, bright with joy, hope, etc emitting rays of light, shining, bright, Physics emitted or propagated by radiation, a point or object from which rays proceed, full of cheer , in good spirits, characterized by or expressive of good spirits or cheerfulness
VIKESH m Hinduism, Indian
Sanskrit name meaning "the moon".
VIKHED m Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Hinduism, Sinhalese
MEANING : free from weariness, alert, fresh, free from depression . Here वि means free from + खेद means weariness, sorrow or pain... [more]
VIKHEDINI f Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism
MEANING : unwearied, alert, fresh, free from depression . Here वि means free from + खेदिन् / खेदिनी means suffering from weariness... [more]
VIKHYAT m Indian
It means known or popular in Sanskrit.
VILOKIT m Indian
VINAYA f Indian
Of Sanskrit and Pāli origin, meaning "leading out; education; discipline".... [more]
VINAYAK m Indian
A name of God ganesh( Hindu god)
VINAYIKA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Tamil, Indian, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Nepali
MEANING - remover of obstacles, female leader, female preceptor, a term for wife of lord Ganesha
VINI f Indian, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Marathi
MEANING - instruct, guide, educate, chastise, elicit, restore, avert, exel, accomplish, train, remove, induce, pay off, drive away
VINITA f Sanskrit, Indian
Derived from Sanskrit vinIta (विनीत) "lovely; handsome; trained".
VINOD m Indian
Laughing or a light joke in hindi.
VINOTH m Indian
It means happiness or joy..... [more]
A Tamil name, possibly more common in Sri Lanka than India. Means "Bringer of Light".
VINU f & m Tamil
Variant of Venusha or feminine form of Vinushi.
VIPASHYANA f Indian, Marathi (Rare)
Derived from Sanskrit विपश्यना (vipaśyanā) meaning "right knowledge".
VIPLUV m Hindi
poision like cynite
VIRA f Indian
Meaning "brave".
VIRAAJ m Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali
MEANING : Shining, Brilliant. Splendid, ruling far & wide, Sovereign, King
MEANING : Shining, Brilliant. Beautiful lady... [more]
VIRAJI f & m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Sinhalese
MEANING : free from dust, Clean, Pure
VIRAJINI f Punjabi, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Nepali, Kannada, Telugu
Means "shining, brilliant, splendid" in Sanskrit.
VIRAT m Sanskrit, Indian
Variant of Virata.
VIRATA m Indian, Literature
Virata, meaning ''huge'', was a king in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
VIRENDRA m Indian, Hindi, Marathi
From Sanskrit वीर (vīrá) meaning "hero, heroic, powerful" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra.
VISHA f Indian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Sinhalese, Kannada, Malayalam
MEANING - Atis tree, Aconite tree(its bark is used as dye), feces, wisdom, intellect
VISHAD m Indian, Gujarati (Rare)
Derived from Sanskrit विशद (viśāda) meaning "brilliant, shining, bright".
VISHADA f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Indian (Sikh ), Assamese
MEANING - spotless, brilliant, bright, calm, evident, intelligible, clear, cheerful
VISHWAJEET m Sanskrit, Bengali
Indian name of Indo-Aryan origin meaning "conqueror of the universe" and "knowledgeable", combined with Sanskrit words vishwa "universe" and jeet "victory". It is also the name of an ancient yajna (sacrifice) mentioned in the Vedas, performed by brahmins upon the victory of a monarch in war.
The name Vishwanath stands for Leader of The World, Vishwa means World and Nath means leader so Vishwanath means leader of the world, Netha in Kannada, South Indian Dravidian Language
VISHWAS m Indian
Means "trust".
VISMAYA f Indian, Kannada, Malayalam
Derived from Sanskrit विस्मय (vismaya) meaning "amazement, wonder, admiration".
VIŚPÁLĀ f Indian
From viś "settlement, village" and bala "strong", "protecting the settlement" or "strong settlement". It's the name of a famous warrior queen in the Rigveda according to Griffith, a famous indologist... [more]
VISTRIT m Indian (Rare)
Derived from Sanskrit विस्तृत (vistrta) meaning "elaborate, wide".
Meaning unknown at this moment in time. Also compare Vidhyusha.
VIVA f & m Indian, Sanskrit
MEANING : blow, blow in all sides or directions ,blow through ... [more]
VIVAAN m Indian, Hindi
Means "full of life" in Hindi. Alternatively, it may be derived from Sanskrit विवान (vivāna) meaning "plaiting, twisting". This is a title of the Hindu god Krishna.