Subject: Can't believe I haven't done this before!
Author: Fran   (Authenticated as Mondays Child)
Date: February 2, 2009 at 12:58 AM
Reply to: Top 10 Time by Rachel Shaina

I'm such a namesnerd, it's practically insulting that this is my first top 10!


1. Rupert
2. Leopold / Leonardo (can't decide which one is less pretentious!)
3. William
4. Jude
5. Isidore
6. Percival
7. Felix
8. Theodore
9. Robin
10. Patrick

My boys' names are really stale to me at the moment. :(
and my brother says they'd get beaten up at school by all the Aidans, Jaydens and Cadens.

1. Henrietta
2. Saskia
3. Eve
4. Fenella / Nell
5. Florence
6. Saoirse
7. Una
8. Josephine
9. Winifred
10. Magdalene

Saskia June is my favourite combo right now, closely followed by Winifred Lucy and Henrietta Lucy.

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