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French and Spanish Class Names
You know how in high school, when you took your foreign language class (if you did take one, and if you had to at your school) and you had to choose a name from the language you were learning? If you had to do that now, which names would you choose for a French and Spanish name? I would choose:
Spanish: Adelina
French: CoralieAlso, if you're taking a language now, feel free to share what your name is--my French name is Oceane (Coralie wasn't an option).

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im in french, my name is Madeleine,
if I was in spanish it'd be Marisol
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When I took Spanish, I was Susita.If I were to do it today, after becoming fluent, I would choose Belén.I'm not too familiar with French. But I've always liked Adrienne.
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My Spanish name in high school was Carmen, and in college when I tried going by my mn because my fn is so common, it was translated to Maria. My French name in high school was Jessica (yeah really French). Our teacher didn't use French names, but he accidentally called Jessica and me by the wrong name, so it's like my French name was Jessica and hers was Jennifer. In college, it was Marie (my mn).
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I'm starting French in a few days, so I don't know if I'll be able to do that. We used to do it in German though, until there was an incident where the parents didn't know the kids German name. My name, which I kept for the entire first semester, was Hedwig. It wasn't on the list of names to choose from, but I chose it anyway because it's a family name that I love. I also knew a Felix and an Adalwulf.
If I had to choose a name for French, it'd either be Severine or Frederique. Spanish, I don't know. Maria Antonia, perhaps?
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My Spanish name was Patricia back in high school.Today-
Spanish: Alicia
French: Amandine (for obvious reasons)
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I'd probably go with Rachel (prn ra-shell) for French or Raquel for Spanish, since those are both forms of my real name (Rachel).On an OT note, I couldn't help but notice you're a Nerdfighter :D
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