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I have my BS in Geography and a minor in tourism studies. I love to travel. So far, I have been to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Morocco. I like classic and foreign films, writing poetry, names, languages, learning about other cultures, late night chats with insomniacs, reading classic novels and travel stories, photography, hiking around the woods, and listening/singing to music in my car.My PPs:
*** - Marina Kallirrhoe, Ariadne Sophia, Panagiota Basilissa
!! - Nikolaos Alexandros, Loukas Kyriakos
& - Penelope Theodosia
@@ - Salvatore Massimiliano, Raffaello Giuseppe
??? - Nur Malaika, Zuleika Alia, Khalil Aziz
$$ - Nadezhda Irina, Yuriy Vladimir
# - Larisa Amalija
% - Aras Matas
= - Eero Lassi
!! -Zora Magdalena, Rok Valentin

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