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Subject: Re: Spelling
Author: kingoflove21vher   (Authenticated as kingoflove21vher)
Date: April 2, 2013 at 10:57:27 PM
Reply to: Re: Spelling by Serafina Starstrider
Isabel; I think Isabelle looks much too modern and trendy for my tastes and the e makes it tacky in my opinion. Isabel makes me think of European queens and refined beauty and grace. And though I could never personally use it I think it is a beautiful name. Along with the name Sibeal.
Claire; by far it seems refined and genteel. Clare just reminds me of stablehands for some reason.
Kathryn or Catherine, either but I do NOT like Katharine, I do like Kathrin/Cathrin however.
Kay; Simple, it seems more like a nickname for a longer name like Kathryn or Kaitlyn or a middle name to me. I couldn't understand someone naming their daughter just Kay.
Evelyn; this was actually my great grandmother's name and one of my top favorite female names. I do not like Aveline.
Sara; the h doesn't appeal to me, and Sara always reminds me of the Little Princess which I thought was a good book when I was younger.
Mark; one of my top favorite boys name and tied with Joel for my favorite Biblical name, I detest the way Marc looks.
Luke; a good enough name. The Luke I know is a quiet and reserved bad boy, so I can't really see this name on anyone else now.
Jack; simple and common yet still cute. I know an adorable little boy named Jack with brown hair and eyes that makes your heart melt.
Niamh; it looks much more sweet and is the correct way to me. I think the other ways aren't as cute and lose their appeal.
Sean; I don't really enjoy the name either way.
Celine; if I had to choose. I don't really enjoy it.
Christine; I really do not enjoy the a added on but think Christine is pretty yet simplistic.
Allen; I had a friend with this name so I am a bit biased.

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