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Russian Names
I met a bunch of lovely russian girls last year. All of them went by nicknames (which they said is very common in russia, apparently they're fond of nicknames there) and 3 of them were called Anastasia but all went by different nicknames. Nastja (Anastasia)
Asya (Anastasia)
Lera (Valeriya)
Lena (cant remeber her full name possibly Elena or Helena)
Sasha (Alexandra)
Tanya (Tatyana)*I think russian names and their nicknames are hella cool! Thoughts? Do you know anyone with interesting russian names?*Edited thanks!

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Tanya is a nickname for Tatyana. It is not used as a full name in Russia.

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Oh cool so even that one was a nickname thanks!
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I know an Alexander, called Sasha.My favorite Russian names are Arkady and Margarita. I like "Arkasha" for Arkady. I don't like any of the Russian nicknames for Margarita. Gosia is lovely but it is Polish and for Małgorzata.I don't like Vasili or Yuri but I LOVE Vasya and Yura. I would name my kid Vasya in a heartbeat if it were more acceptable as a full name.
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I like Margosha (much like Polish Małgosia), Ritusha and Ritusya for Margarita. I don't like Rita.

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I love Russian names, too. I know some male and female Sashas (Alexandra/Alexander), an Olga (assume she went by Olya as a kid), a Dasha (Darya), a Margarita, a Misha (Mikhail), an Ilya, a Fyo (Fyodor), and an Andrei. Some of my favorite Russian names are:Vadim
Vladimir (Volodya, Vova)
Nikolai (Kolya)
Yevgeny (Zhenya)
Arkady (Arkasha)
Pavel (Pasha)
Roman (Roma)
Dmitri (Dima)Olesya
Ksenia (Ksusha)
Maria (Marusya)
Anna (Anoushka)

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I dislike Russian names, though the nicknames are pretty creative. Especially Lera!
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I loooove the elaborate relentlessness of Russian nicknames.
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I love Nastja!
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I love Lera!
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There are also:Aglaya - Glasha
Anna - Anya, Asya
Antonina - Tonya
Avdotya - Dunya
Elizaveta - Liza
Evgeniya - Zhenya
Irina - Ira, Irisha
Katerina / Ekaterina - Katya, Rina
Kseniya - Ksyusha
Mariya / Marya - Manya, Masha
Nadezhda - Nadya
Sofiya / Sofya - Sonya
Varvara - VaryaSome masculine names have cool nicknames too:Arkadiy - Adya, Arkasha
Arseniy, Semyon - Senya
Artemiy - Artyom, Tyoma
Dmitriy - Dima, Mitya
Ivan - Vanya
Pavel - Pasha
Rodion - Rodya
Tikhon - Tisha
Timofey - Tima
Vasiliy - Vasya
Yuriy - Yura

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I know sisters Anna, Vera, Luba (means grace, faith and love) and Anya and Galina

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In Russian, the word for "love" is Lyubov, not Luna.
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oops I thought I typed Luba
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