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2nd baby girl, Spanish or Slavic names?
Hello all! I’m 4 months along, first born is 4 years old: Alejandra Violet. “Aly” for short. Last name is Ecuadorian, starts with an A, 3 syllables long, rhymes with John.
For a boy Douglas John (after my father) or another middle name. Thinking about another color name to mirror Violet.
Everyone thinks another girl is on the way though... so help!?
Husband & I really liked Tatiana. Tati or Tiana for short. I think it sounds like the perfect balance of Russian (my side,) could be Spanish (his side), and black (my side) sounding name. But of course made the mistake of sharing it with his fam yesterday, and in came the “buss down Thotiana!” which would eventually pass of course. But mother in law also said it has some sort of stripper or prostitute connotation in the Bible? Never heard of that or saw it here, but I wasn’t fully set on it anyway.
So now Gabriella is my second choice. My father suggested that for our first daughter. But I do not like the inevitable nickname Gabby or Gabi. Bri, Brielle, Ella are ok. Not set on this though.
Any other strong yet feminine name ideas?! 3-4 syllables. Slavic or Russian, Black &/or Spanish sounding origins are preferable. Thank you!!
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Lol, I'm pretty sure there is no stripper/sex worker named Tatiana in the Bible. In any case it's a really nice name, and the Thotiana connotations will definitely pass. Tanya is actually a Russian nickname of Tatiana, if that interests you at all.Other suggestions are:
Elena; Valentina; Lilita (a variant of Lilith, who is a sorta shady person in the Jewish tradition, in case you really wanna mess with your MIL); Anastasia; Olga; Xenia; Saveta (endearment of Elisaveta / Elizaveta); Ariadna; Ekaterina / Ecaterina; Elvira; Stefaniya / Stefania; Tamara; Veronica; Valeria
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There is no stripper named Tatiana in the bible, there is no one named Tatiana in the bible at all to my knowledge. If you like Tatiana I think you should use it. Alejandra and Tatiana are lovely together. Your family will get over it. Gabriella is nice, and I think Gabby is avoidable if you offer an alternative nickname. I don't think you could avoid a nickname all together. My first thought was Elena.Some other suggestions:

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I have a cousin named Gabriella who goes by Ella. I don't like Gabrielle or Gabby, but I quite like her name.Your mother is incorrect about Tatiana--the name is not in the bible. I understand the Thotiana concern, but the name was not unheard of before the song and I think most people will forget about it after a few years. Tatiana's not bad imo. It's a perfectly good name.Some suggestions off the top of my head that you might like...
Liliana / Lilyana
Kristyana / Kristiana
Katarzhina / Katerzhina
Elinora / Ellinora
Delilah (If you want to spite your MIL--she was not a very nice person in the bible, but has a pretty name.)

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Wow long list thanks! I also quite like Rosalina, Seraphina & Valentina. Delilah heheh. I hate that song “hey there Delilah”, even though it’s a lovely name otherwise. My 4 year old wants to name the baby Marianna, after her beloved 12 year old cousin! Gabriella is her middle name so that’s another reason it’s high on my list. :)
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I'd probably use a different name to Gabriella to be honest, have a special name for baby
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Tatiana is lovely and no prostitute association in the bibleNadia Samara Katerina Natalia Magdalena Eliana Danika Milena Felicia Graciela Veronika Catalina Calista Evangelina Bethania Delfina Sarita Yolanda

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MIL’s name is Yolanda heheh. We used Violet as a middle name as it means that in Greek. Was playing with Magdalena, it’s certainly underused in the states. A strong but sweet name, nickname Maggie. Husband & I both suggested Catalina today, so that’s high on my list now. Haven’t hear me Calista in awhile, it’s nice. Thanks!
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yes Magdalena, Catalina and Calista are pretty
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My cousin is Gabriella nn Abby. You can avoid Gabby.I love Tatiana!
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This is so nice that you want give Slavic or Latin names for your a baby. You like your ancestry. This is my suggestions:Carmen Bozhena .... meaning blessed song
Cara Mokosh .... beloved goddess Mokosh
Nastya Maite .... meaning beloved Nastya
Nastya Apolonia
Nastya Aurora
Aroa Mokosh .... meaning time of Goddess MokoshBlanka Mokosh .... meaning white Goddess MokoshCarmenta Mokosh .... meaning song of Goddess Mokosh
Carmenta Nastya
Carmen Aurora
Carmenta Bozhena .... meaning blessed goddess CarmentaCarmen Dionisia .... meaning song of Dionysos
Encarnación Mokosh / Zorya / Morana / Lidice
Aroa FelicitasGenoveva Mokosh / Zorya / Morana / Nadya
Imelda Mokosh / Zorya / Morana / NadyaElisabel Mokosh / Zorya / Morana / NastyaLidice Elisabel
Lidice Clara
Lidice Blanka

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There definitely is not a stripper named Tatiana in the Bible. That's hilarious and would make me want to use the name even MORE. But perhaps I could interest you in Titania, which is very similar. Other ideas:Anja
Zenobia, Zenovia
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Tatiana is not in the Bible, so far as I know. Tamar is the only t name in the Bible that I can think of that might possibly have an unsavory connotation, though Tamar herself was portrayed admirably. Only Bible stripper I know of is Salome.Anastasia?Daniela?Carolina?Adriana?Sofia?Valentina?
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Thanks! M.I.L suggested Sophia, it’s just so popular as of late. I do like Valentina as well.
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I prefer Tatiana over Gabriella. The latter feels pretty dated to me and I do not like the nickname Gabby at all. I am unfamiliar with the Biblical stripper. I'm no scholar, though. If your last name rhymes with John, would John as a middle name not sound odd?
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