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Some Swedish name
Hi !!!WDYTO these names?Masculine
Oscar Feminine
Gunhild Someone Swedish can tell me how popular are these names?I personally like: Cai, Ebba, Gry, Axel, Sigge, Thyra, Cajsa, Gerhard, Oscar, Ingeborg and OttiliaPersonal Name Lists

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I like Kevin, Oscar, and Rebecca, although they don't seem particularly Swedish to me. Gry and Ebba are interesting.
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Cai: Like Kai? Very unusual spelling
Janne: Unusual, but cool ig
Axel: I love this name so much and I adore nickname Ax or Axe
Sigge: Not a fan at all
Pontus: Not a fan of this name either, I'm not a big -us ending name fan
Kevin: way too common, not a fan of this name at all
Gerhard: I've never heard of this name before, very unusual
Oscar: this name is very classic and dated, too common, and makes me think of Oscar the grouch
Malena: Very sweet and soft, Lena as a nickname is cute too
Rebecca: This name is too common, but I love the nickname Becca or Beck
Ebba: This could be a nickname for a lot of names, like Deborah
Kerstin: This is like a weird version of Kierstyn
Gry: Very unusual, I don't think I like this
Thyra: I like the sound of it, but not a fan
Emmy: Love this as a nickname for Emersyn
Cajsa: I don't like this at all, it's strange
Ingeborg: this is also very strange
Agneta: This could be a twin sister for Agnes:) not a fan though
Ottilia: like Ottilie, so precious:)
Gunhild: Hmm... I love the nickname Hilda, but this is strange and I could see it on a boy more than a girl
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From a Swede..Cai - Unusual spelling. It's normally spelled Kaj or sometimes Kai. I like Kai but not enough to use.
Janne - Only used as a nickname for Jan. Common among males around the age of 50-65.
Axel - I like it! It's a real classic.
Sigge - Not something I'd use, but it's not terrible. Used both as a nickname (Sixten, Sigvard etc) but also common among kids as a given name
Pontus - Not a big fan of names ending in -us, but it's just a personal preference.
Kevin - Nope. Not a fan. Many people here would also describe it as either "ehite trash" or "low class". To me it's the same kind of name like Tindra, Nova and Liam (I do like Liam though)
Gerhard - Unusual and very dated. I don't think I've ever met or heard of anyone with this name.
Oscar - also a real classic. It's been extremely popular since the early 90's.
Malena - unusual name. I know it's listed as Swedish here, but to me it sounds more Danish/Norwegian. Maybe because of Malene? I went to school with someone with Norwegian heritage named Malene.
Rebecca - Boring, ugly and dated. Popular in my own generation.
Ebba - Classic, but not something I'd use.
Kerstin - Dated, popular among women aged somewhere about 50-70. I do have a friend with this name though, born 1992. Not something I'd use, but it's kinda sweet. Kerstin is like your fairytale grandmother - someone named Kerstin just can't be mean.
Gry - Unusual and ugly.
Thyra - Tyra is the most common spelling. It's an okay name.
Emmy - Nicknamey, I do quite like it though
Cajsa - Not a favorite. I had a teacher named this. Kajsa is more popular.
Ingeborg - Really dated. Maybe Gerhard's sister?
Agneta - Also dated, common among women around the age of 50.
Ottilia - Unusual, someone I went to college with has a daughter named this though
Gunhild - Also very dated. A bit more popular than Gerhard and Ingeborg, but not a name anyone would use today.
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Love: Cai, Rebecca, EmmyLike: Kerstin, Malena, Ottilia & Thyra
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I like Cai, prefer Kai, Oscar, Rebecca, Kerstin
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My favourites for the boys are Axel and Sigge. From the girls list I like Ebba, Gry, Thyra and Ottilia best :)
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