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Subject: New Congrats by Eris - Sign-up round
Author: Eris   (Authenticated as Atheistia)
Date: September 15, 2012 at 1:46 AM

Welcome to my new congrats. Just name your couple and answer the sign-up questions to join. I'll post 1-3 rounds per week depending my schedule and there will always be at least two full days between the rounds.

- Bold the new additions. This really makes it easier for me and saves my time when the families get bigger.
- Follow the naming rules. Naming rules will vary between the rounds.
- You can have ages if you want, but you have to keep up with them by yourself.
- No one will get dropped by missing rounds. If you miss a round, your unnamed family members from the missed round will be moved to the next round and you won’t get more new additions. Always name your unnamed family members in the newest round by using the naming rules of the newest round. There’s no need to go back to make up missed round(s).
- In each round the players who have completed the previous round will get 2-4 new additions. The genders of the new children are chosen randomly unless otherwise stated.
- Late sign-ups are allowed at any point of the game. Just answer the sign-up questions and name your couple by using the naming rules of the newest round. You start getting new additions in the next round.

Sign-up form:

SO2: (optional, you can start with a single parent if you want)
(SO3: if you want your original couple to be polygamous)

Sign-up questions:
Maximum number of children per couple (3-12, also applies to later generations) :
Do you want multiples (twins, triplets, quads)?
Do you want adoptions?
Do you want same-sex couples?
Do you want divorces and new marriages for the divorced people?
Do you want stepchildren?
Do you want unmarried couples with children?
Do you want some adult children to remain childless?
5 favorite names for each gender:
5 least favorite names for each gender:
Anything else you’d like to add:

Naming rules:

All names must come from namebanks. No spelling changes are allowed. Male and female namebanks include the names that were used 10 or more times in my previous congrats. Last names were picked randomly.

Male names:
Augustus Daniel Edward Henry Jacob James Jasper Joel Julian Levi Micah Nicholas Oliver Thomas Samuel Sebastian Silas Theodore William

Female names:
Alexandra Caroline Charlotte Claire Elizabeth Grace Hazel Helena Ivy Jane Juliet Marie Rosemary Sophia Violet Vivian

Last and maiden names (can also be used as middle names if you want):
Bartlett Bryant Chase Cook Ewing Guerra Hahn Hartman Larsen Pickett Robinson Salas Simon Stephens Stevenson Thomas Valenzuela Wallace Witt Wolf

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