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Subject: Re: 07.01.20 gen caf
Author: lepetitviolet   (Authenticated as lepetitviolet)
Date: January 8, 2020 at 7:26:54 PM
Reply to: 07.01.20 gen caf by ari.
H [65] Anselm Peregrine Honeycutt
W [61] Enid Rhiannon Honeycutt [Kendrick]

D1 [37] Marigold Enid Honeycutt
S1 [33] Peregrine Ivor Honeycutt
D2 [32] Allegra Rhiannon Honeycutt


D1 [37] Marigold Enid Honeycutt-Vogel
H [39] Maximilian Barnabas Honeycutt-Vogel

S [10] Jeremias Peregrine Honeycutt-Vogel
S [7] Wolfgang Nathaniel Honeycutt-Vogel
S [6] August Frederick Honeycutt-Vogel


S1 [33] Peregrine Ivor Honeycutt
W [32] Rozaliya Leonidovna Popova-Honeycutt

S [2] Gideon Sergei Honeycutt
D [nb] Alice Maria Honeycutt


D2 [32] Allegra Rhiannon Serafini [Honeycutt]
H [35] Bonaventura Vespasiano Serafini

S [9] Antonino Peregrine Serafini
D [7] Beatrice Dorothy Serafini
S [6] Cornelio Ivor Serafini
D & D [5] Filomena Eveline Serafini & Augusta Beatrix Serafini

Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.

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