Alexis is a name that’s really common in my generation. I still love the way it looks and sounds. I find it as a very unisex name, personally. Alexis is a cool name; so, I get the past popularity!
I like it for both genders because it's so cool for boys and so pretty for girls.
It's good for nicknames. I've met people named Alexis with the nicknames Ally, Alex, Lex, Lexi (Lexy), and Izzy.
Ah... The name Alexis. To my husband and I, it is a gorgeous feminine name, but, oh, yes, we can see a strong masculine quality to it, as in 'Alexi'. We named our eldest daughter Alexis and she IS a strong, beautiful and confident woman. She amazes me! I researched its meaning to find it means 'helper'. Boy!... does this name fit her! She rescues every hurt creature she comes across and comes to the aid of every bullied kid within a 1 mile radius. She rescued an abused, (but amazingly sweet despite that) 10 year old Pit Bull Terrier just to allow its life to be lived out in love and comfort. Sweet Allie lived another 2 years in a loving home under Alexis' care. Back in 1996, when we were going through names as a newly married couple expecting our first child, we thought we were being original. (Insert eye-roll here - lol!) It didn't take long to see there was a HUGE surge in the name, but at the time, we were one of the firsts. We know this because all we heard was how it was SO DIFFERENT. At that time, little girls were being named Brittany, Jordan, Emma and Jessica so when we announced to family and friends we were thinking about the fancy name 'Alexis' if we had girl, all we heard from people was " mean, like, as in 'Carrington'?" (For the younger crowd reading this, Alexis Carrington was a character on the TV show "Dallas" in the 80's.) Um, well... no. That's NOT what we were thinking about. We thought of ourselves as young and HIP; but we wanted something that was NOT following the trends. We chose Alexis for it's flowery, upscale sound - but wanted to (and still do) call her 'Alex'. So often we're told that a name doesn't make the person but rather the person makes the name. But it IS odd that she fits the description of 'helper/defender' when you stop to think we named her straight out of the womb - not really knowing her.
This has always struck me as a unisex name. I've heard it more often on girls where I live, but I can see it on a guy without any problem. In fact, I quite like it for a boy. I can't see myself using it in the future, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering it!
Alexis is a pogger's name it is also the name of popular streamer Quackity. I love this name, it also works for both genders.
What's with all the argument about what gender it is? Who cares? All that matters is that Alexis is a great name (and it's my name, thank you very much) and that it works on all genders. My name is Alexis, and so is a friend of mine. Also, why does everyone get the idea about snobby white girls when the name Alexis pops up; what's up with that?
Quackity, a popular YouTuber and streamer, is named Alexis.
My mom told me that my name, Alexis, meant "noble light." Because of this, it actually makes sense, with the helper thing. Also, my name is Alexis, and I love my name! It's a name like no other, and it's unique, which I really like.
As a non-binary person, I've chosen to use this name. I quite enjoy that so many people in the comments disagree on whether it's "definitely for a boy" or "only for a girl". Clearly I've chosen a name that's neutral enough for people to disagree on. For me, it's a completely neutral name. If I hadn't chosen it for myself, I might have remembered it for if/when I have children.
I honestly think that this name should ONLY be a boy’s name, as it is in Hispanic, French, Greek, Russian, and Finnish cultures. Plus, it just sounds very harsh and masculine to me.
I actually like this name for both boys and girls.
I think this name is okay, but as a girl's name. Even though the meaning is very masculine, I just don't see it as a boy's name. I'm actually pretty sure my favourite streamer's name is Alex/Alexis (Quackity). Use Alex for a boy I'd say.
Spanish pronunciation: a-LEK-sees.
Very unattractive.
Alexis Michelle would be cute for a girl, and Alexis Jasper would be cute for a boy. This name is honestly unisex, and yet ages well, and is youthful and sweet!
I really love this name, it's a very pretty name but only on a girl. I've heard people say it sounds good on a boy but I don't think so, never thought it would be used as a boy name but I'm a girl and I wish my name was Alexis!
Just learned Alexis Clairaut’s theorem when studying calculus.
THAT IS CRAZYYYYYYYYY! That is really weird that the Alexa activates!
My Alexa just activated even typing that sitting 30 feet away from the robot!
I discovered something interesting. If you say "Alexis" properly, the Alexa will also activate, which is CRAZY.
Better for a girl, but also cool on a boy.
Great unisex name, but I prefer it on a boy more. Just as wonderful on a girl.
I honestly think this name is fairly unisex.
Alexis Lafreniere NY Rangers hockey player.
Alexis is also Swedish, used as a masculine name. The name day for Alexis in Sweden is December 12.
Strictly a man's name in non English speaking countries. It literally means defender of man. Not understanding the comments of girls outside of ignorance.
Alexis Rose is a character played by Annie Murphy on the Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek.
Alexis Mateo is a Puerto Rican drag queen, famous for appearing in season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race and seasons two and five of Drag Race AllStars.
Always struck me as very male-sounding. I really like it on a guy.
Alexis Valdés is a Cuban actor, comedian, monologist, film producer, singer and screenwriter. He was born in Havana, Cuba, on August 16, 1963.
Also used in Spanish. In Spain, there are 9.087 male bearers and 100 female bearers (source: INE). [noted -ed]
Only like it for a girl. Alexis is such a pretty girl name in my opinion.
Like the name for a man.
Alexis in Greece, Italy, France, Spain is strictly a guy's name.
Plenty of guys with Alexis in non English speaking countries. Same thing for Angel, it’s a guy's name in Latin America but not in the States.
The name isn't that pretty to me. I prefer Alexia. It's also common where I live.
Sounds 100 percent feminine to me.
I recently made a comment about Alexis sounding totally feminine. Now it seems to sound perfectly handsome on a boy. Hehe!
Alexis is a male name in non English speaking countries since they don’t pronounce the s. Too bad it went the other way in English speaking places.
A good name for a white blonde bimbo!
Alexis Faith Gosselin is the daughter of Jon and Kate from the reality show “Kate Plus Eight”.
I prefer Alexandra for a girl, and Alexis (or Alexander) for a boy. Maybe it's because English isn't my first language, but Alexis seems 100% male to me.
I like this name, but who would use it for a boy? It is clearly a girls' name! It has also gotten extremely popular! If you're looking for a less common name I recommend Alexandra, Alexa or Alexia. Alexis still sounds nice though.
Alexis Paulina Smith is a youtuber known for “Seven cool tweens”, “Seven awesome kids”, and “Seven super girls”.
Alexis Cruz (born September 29, 1974) is an American actor, known for his performances as Rafael in Touched by an Angel and as Skaara in Stargate and Stargate SG-1.
Alexis is cute and elegant and I love this name! It suits boys and girls, and lucky for you boys it is still given to males unlike Ashley, a name that became exclusively feminine, so technically Alexis is still unisex. I think Alexis is more of a feminine name because it’s close to Alexia. I like Alexis and Alexia for girls, and Alexis for boys.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alexis who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 171st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 6 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alexis who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 783rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I wouldn't use this for a boy if you live in America, because Alexis is more commonly used for girls.
Cool name. I can see it on both a boy and a girl.
My name is Alexis. I am a boy and here in Quebec, we speak french, and in French Alexis is a boy name. It is really rare to see a girl named Alexis. Plus we don't pronounce the "s" in french. When I saw the meaning of this name, it was almost describing me! I only saw a girl named Alexis once. I think we should stay with Alexia for girls and Alexis for boys. My friends call me Alex, and Alex is a boy name in French too.
Alexis sounds very masculine. Awesome name for a strong, confidant Man.
Alexis in Spanish, French and Russian is about 90% Male. You don't pronounce the S in those languages. In English the S is pronounced which is why it is also given to girls in those places. In the states this is a name for both. I grew up in Puerto Rico and never really had a problem with it until I moved to the States. I don't pronounce the S but go by Alex in the states to avoid any confusion when addressing people via email and so forth. I am 6'5 270 pounds, so very much a man. The people that say this is just a girl's name are ignorant and need to travel outside of their country to get a better perspective on different cultures.
Alexis, which is my name means brave, courage, defend. I like my name because it sounds like me.
Alexis is a name for girls.
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian named their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
Alexis Stone is a drag queen on youtube.
I'm pretty sure this is only used as a female name in the US (I don't know about other anglophone countries). Everywhere else it's a boy's name.
Alexis Merizalde Knapp is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as Stacie Conrad in the musical films Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2 and the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3. She is also known for her role of Alexis in the party film Project X, and her role on the first season of the TBS comedy Ground Floor.
Pretty nice name but has gotten very common as of late.
Alexis "Lexi" Thompson is an American professional golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour. At age 12, she was the youngest golfer ever to qualify to play in the U.S. Women's Open. She turned professional in June 2010 at age 15. On September 18, 2011, Thompson set a new record as the youngest-ever winner of an LPGA tournament, at age 16 years, seven months, and eight days, when she won the Navistar LPGA Classic. Three months later she became the second-youngest winner of a Ladies European Tour event, capturing the Dubai Ladies Masters by four strokes on December 17, 2011. She won her first major championship at the 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship.
Alexis Roland is a professional snowboarder from Minnesota, United States. She began snowboarding when she was 5 years old. Even at this early age, Alexis is already well known in and outside of the snowboarding world having been featured on The Today Show, in The New York Times, in ESPN Magazine and starring in several winter-sports movies. Alexis "Lexi" Roland first gained media attention when a video was posted of her riding on the internet and YouTube. The press dubbed her a "snowboarding phenom," for her high level of skill as a six-year-old in the video. Alexis is now a professional snowboarder and rides for Burton Snowboards.
Alexis Jordan is an American singer and actress from Columbia, South Carolina. Jordan rose to fame as a contestant on the first season of America's Got Talent in 2006 at the age of 14. After being eliminated from the show, she began to upload cover songs to YouTube, which received millions of views. The exposure led Jordan to the attention of Norwegian production team Stargate and American rapper Jay Z, who both went on to sign her to their joint label, StarRoc.
A very cute girls name!
Alexis Flores is a Honduran fugitive wanted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of five-year-old Iriana DeJesus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2000. Flores is the 487th fugitive to be placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
So my name is Alexis. I am a girl and I think it can be both a girl or boy name. Some people have their own opinions on the person that has this name but I think their personality comes from who they grow up around.
Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez, also known as simply Alexis, is a Chilean professional footballer who plays as a forward for English club Arsenal and the Chilean national team.
Why do people keep saying the name Alexis is a masculine name? Also, not every Alexis is girl-ish or even a BOY! My name is Alexis, and whenever someone finds out my middle name (Hope), they think I'm snotty! Truth is, depends on your personalty. To be honest, I'm actually not just a girl, I'm a tomboy diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD and addicted to video games and Youtube. And if anyone knew me personally, I'm actually really rude and mean, always keeping to myself. I did always have anger issues. My two best friends are my younger cousin that got me addicted to my favorite horror game (FNAF), and a little girl that's in 1st grade that enjoys playing with me. I love my name and personally to me, it is feminine.
My name is also Alexis and I find it quite nice. One thing about having unisex names is that people will wonder what your gender is and I like it. Also, my twin sibling's names are Alexia and Alexine. I think it's because I'm the oldest they gave me this name but I like it.
My name is Alexis Mae and I love it because my mom said that it is beautiful and it suits me. There are people saying that I am a boy but they are wrong because I will always be a girl named Alexis Mae.
I don't really like this name on either sex, but I can tolerate it on a boy since a lot of French guys my age have the name. On a girl it sounds atrocious. Why not use Alexandra, Alexa, or Alexia for a girl instead?
This name is sometimes spelt "Aleksis."
I prefer it on a male, actually. I think it sounds strong, yet a sort of soft strong, not too out there. I don't mind it for a girl, but it sounds a bit too young for me, like the name of a child rather than a grown woman.
So I'm 23 years old and I have only met a handful of Alexis's including myself. Growing up I was the weird kid, the "odd one out". When I was 14 I became homeless and stayed that way until I was 21. That life showed me humility and humbleness. Now I have two beautiful children that I hope one day will name their child after me. Or their children will name their children after me. Alexis is a very strong name especially for a female. Yes it is somewhat masculine but it is also beautiful. I love my name and no one can take it from me. No matter who you are or what your name is be proud of who you are.
I think this name sounds very masculine, unlike what seems to be the popular impression in anglophone countries. But overall, I like it a lot, for boys and girls alike. But as a now unisex name, to me it still leans on the masculine side.
I'm surprised no one said this, but Alexis Tsipras is the prime minister of Greece.
This is the middle name of Hollywood Undead's drummer, Da Kurlzz. His name is Matthew Alexis Busek.
After high school I started telling people my name was Julien (my middle name). People were telling me Alexis is a girl's name. I know they're wrong and I became mature enough to reclaim my name. I have lived up to the meanings in my name. My name is Alexis. (pronounced ah leks see) My name has become quite popular for a man in the U.S. since it became popularized by two celebrity females during the 20th century.
My name is Alexis. My father picked this name for me in 1966 (when I was born). When I was young I disliked my name because it was unusual; in 1966 it was ranked #723 in popularity. It also sounded like a boys name. Now that I am older I love my name and am grateful to my father for choosing it. I think it is a strong name that stands out from some of the more common names used for girls. I do not like to be called Al or Alex but like Lex or Lexy.
This is really similar to Lexi and Alexandria.
I love the name Alexis! This is such an awesome name! It's fine for both genders. (:
Since everyone is bashing on and off about my name, I just wanted to let you know that I have never met a guy named Alexis, and for me to be a girl I find it odd that it's such a thing. I mean come on, it's way more sweet and feminine. I don't find it masculine at ALL. I honestly think it's more of a women's name. I have always wanted to change my name because it was quite popular, but if I was a boy in this situation I would have totally changed my name 100%. But now I love my name and I would never change it because it describes my personality perfectly. Alexis's are not mean and snobby, most Alexis's I know are actually very nice and independent. Now if you excuse me let me talk trash about your NAME. :(
Alexisonfire- a band from Canada. The name came from a stripper called Alexis Fire.
Actually, there're some errors. In Russian, 'defender, helper' is Alexandr (Александр), not Lyosha/Alexey or anything like this.
Alexis Ayala (1965-) is a Mexican actor.
Used to be a pretty good name for boys, but it's WAY too common for girls now to sound all that great for boys.
I like this name. It's my second name. It's an unisex name. It's also related to Alexander.
This is definitely a boys' name in France. No one would dare use it for a girl. I don't see why anglophones use it on girls.
I have never been able to neutrally endure the thought of the name Alexis... or the nickname Lexi. I think it is unfortunately prosaic. If used on a male, which I have never encountered, I feel that it may be less wearisome, but still rather colorless.
One of the ugliest names. I think only lame people pick this for their child.
Alexis Pointdextre is the name of the "hero" of Gilbert and Sullivan's opera The Sorcerer (though many -- myself included -- regard him as the actual villain).
I think this is a beautiful name for a girl. I was born in 1997, when the name Alexis was ranked #8 in the U.S. for girls, so I know quite a few Alexises. Most Alexises I know are pretty and funny.
However, even though I know countless Alexises, none of them are boys. I would strongly advise against naming a boy Alexis. It's like naming him Leslie or Marion. He's going to get made fun of, and most likely resort to wanting to be called Alex.
That's funny, because Leslie and Marion are also boy's names.
Alexis Denisof (b. 1966 in Salisbury, Maryland) is an American actor. He is married to actress Alyson Hannigan.
I HATE this name with a flaming passion! It sounds like the name of some rich airheaded blonde girl who cares about nothing but clothes, cute boys, and gossip. Plus it's a boys' name. On a boy it doesn't sound as bad.
Alexis is the name of famous fictional crime novelist Richard Castle's teenage daughter, on the TV show Castle. It may be a variant of her father's given middle name, he was born Richard Alexander Rodgers, before he changed it to Richard Edgar Castle, well before she was born, but we don't know that for sure. It is just guesses for the fans of the show. Alexis full name is Alexis Harper Castle.
I love this name. It's sounds so pretty. My name is Alexis. :)
I think this is a beautiful, strong-sounding name for a boy or a girl.
Probably the most famous bearer of this name was the French political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville.
I kinda like this name on a guy. It sounds different and unique. I don't really like it for a girl.
I know quite a few Alexis in my life, and that includes me. All of them, boys and girls, are magnificent people. They are kind and helpful and live up to the meaning of their names. I can't consider them stuck-up at all. I am proud to have the name I have.
It's way too feminine for a guy, and it sounds oddly masculine for a girl.I prefer Alexandra for a girl and Alexander for a guy, anyways.
On a girl, I don't particularly like this name. But, for a boy (pronounced a-LEX-ee), I happen to be rather fond of it! I wouldn't dare name a boy this, though. He'll be teased for having a girl's name, and people would always pronounce it wrong :/
This is a nice masculine name, but I can't stand it on girls. As a feminine name, Alexis makes me think of snooty popular girls, as well as the evil Alexis Carrington from that awful show Dynasty.
Most people would disagree with me and that's fine, but I don't find anything feminine about this name. It sounds masculine and even has a feminine form (Alexia). As trendy as Alexia is, I would rather hear it on a girl than Alexis any day. Alexis is quite nice on a boy.
My parents wanted me to have a name that would have a nickname "Alex". Alexis has that, but it's different from Alexandra or Alexandria. That's my name today, and it suits me.
I like Alexis (on boys ONLY), but it's too popular and considered feminine now, so I'd probably never use it. :(
Alexis is a character on E!'s Pretty Wild.
Actress Nancy Lee Grahn has played the popular character Alexis Davis, a lawyer, on the American soap opera General Hospital since 1996.
I really like this name. It's the name of the main character in the story I'm writing. I always think of an Alexis as strong and determined.
Sounds like the name of a preppy girl in middle school who plays soccer, and afterward the mom drives the team to Starbucks in the SUV. She probably shops at Limited Too. Every girl I've met with this name as been a total idiot, and I can't see that changing.
A very feminine trendy name. I wish this was my middle name!
To me, this name is masculine. Alexia, Alexandra, Alexandria, etc, are feminine, why not use one of those? But, maybe that's just me.
Well, Alexis in my opinion can suit both boys and girls. It's a strong, quite beautiful name, but it's a shame that it's not so unique and uncommon as it was before.
I really like this. So much better on a girl. It's too pretty to be manly.
Everyone thinks of a snobby girl when they hear this name, but this name is masculine in my opinion. Too bad it's been taken over by the girls. :(
In spite of this name having largely been taken over by the girls, Alexis will always be a masculine name to me since it's the English form of my favorite male Russian name, Aleksey. The name of Tsar Nicholas II's son is often rendered as Alexis in books about the last Romanovs, for example. When I hear the name Alexis on a girl, I think of some snobby cheerleader or spoilt rich girl.
Alexis is a really pretty name. There are really cute nicknames that go along with it (Lex, Lexi, Ali). I think the name is really feminine, it reminds me of ruffles and flowers, that's just the image that comes to mind. Alexis is powerful, classic, and beautiful! I could never picture a guy named Alexis.
Pronounced ah-LEK-zis in German.
I think Alexis is a very cute, pretty, name for a girl. It's modern yet not too trendy or made up or anything.
My name is Alexis. I like it because not many people MY age have it but it's popping up on babies all over the place.
I love this name, because it can be pretty by itself but also has a ton of nicknames (Lexi, Ally, Alex, Lex, Is). This name is nice because there aren't many girls names with an X in them. It would also be a good name for someone who likes the name Alex, but thinks that Alexandra is too long. This is my middle name, and I think it helps balance out my first name well (Summer).
Everybody is saying that people named Alexis are mean and snotty. NOBODY can say that. Everybody is special and different and people named Alexis are no exception. I have met a mean person named Alexis, but I have also met nice people named Alexis. Your name doesn't affect how you act.
Alexis is my middle name, and I think it's pretty because everyone uses it as a first name and you never hear it as a middle name but I like it as a first name too.
Alexis Grace is a contestant on the eighth season of American Idol.
Alexis Denisof played Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (alternate spellings of Wyndam-Price and Wyndham-Pryce), a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off, Angel.
Sadly, when I hear this name, I get an image of a snobby school girl. Not to say everyone with this name is that way, I knew someone by this name and she was quite the opposite.
In France, it's only masculine.
This is my future daughter's name, I am in love with it. It's so strong yet feminine. If I were to change my name to anything it would be Alexis.
Also a Spanish name. Usually only used as a male name and pronounced Ah-leh-xees.
Here's a weird fact: Alexis Texas was almost the name of the main character in the Disney show Hannah Montana.
Also used in Spanish, usually as a male's name. There is Mexican actor Alexis Ayala. The name would be pronounced Ah-leh-xees.
I adore this pronounced uh-LEK-see on a boy. I discovered the masculinity of this name when reading a novel about the Romanovs written by an English man. I really dislike it on a girl, but that's just me.
Alexis McCaughey is one of the McCaughey septuplets. She doesn't have famous parents, but there aren't many spetulets in the world. :)
I think Alexis is a wonderful name! I personally love it! It's more of a female name. It's also my name! Alexis means many things such as: Defender of Mankind, God loves you, You have been chosen.
This is an okay name. It's very cute and sweet sounding. Not my favorite, but it's an fine name. :)
Alexis is one of the cute little Asian girls on Jon and Kate Plus 8.
I think it sounds better for a girl.
Alexis is a fairly pretty name and I do think that it's better for a girl than a boy. But I think anyone considering Alexis would do better to go with Alexandra. It's classier, more elegant, and has a more authentic pedigree.
I absolutely love this name. I want to name one of my children this when I get older. I think it's so beautiful, grown-up, proper, and kinda of edgy with a wild and sporty twist. I just love it. The ways it's pronounced makes it just fun to say.
Too trendy.
Alexis is an okay name. Never really been one that I'd consider for my daughter, but to each his/her own.
Alexis is the middle name of actress Lucy Liu.
Personally, I think this is a nice name for a girl. It sounds a bit too feminine for a boy, in my opinion. Alex, Alexander, or Alexius sound much more masculine, to me.
Contrary to what some users put here, I really like this name. It reminds me of a jewel. However, it's some bearers of the name that tick me off - like it's associations with mean or snobby girls and unfortunately because of Alexis Bledel - ugh. If it weren't for those two, I'd really consider using this name!
I love the name Alexis. One of my twins is Alexis and she fits her name. I know many Alexis' and some of them have hit me the wrong way, but my husband named her and I can't judge a name based on how others have acted.
Masculine - French. The final S should not be pronounced. [noted -ed]
I personally find this a very ugly name. (Now I am shielding myself and shouting 'don't hurt me!' But it's just my opinion.)
Alexis was the name of the tsarevitch of Russia. He was presumed to have been murdered with the other Romanovs, but his body was never found. Although it is not likely he could have survived people trying to kill him, since he was a haemophilic, and came very close to dying before, by pure accident.
My name is Alexis and I happen to love my name. I am female and I am 25 years old I was the only one with that name where I live for a long time. I found it easier being the only one so I always knew when someone was speaking to me or when a teacher was calling on me. When you come from a town that has several kids with the same name it got to be very confusing. I was and still am very proud of my name. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Alexis Bledel is the actress who plays Rory Gilmore in the TV show "Gilmore Girls".
I know of a gorgeous little Alexis. Her nicknames are Allie, Lexie and Alex, depending on who is speaking her name. Maybe I'm biased but this is a very pretty name. It suits her to a 't'.
Just because your name is Alexis doesn't mean you're rude or conceited. I knew an Alexis once, and she was the kindest person I ever met, not to mention that she is a nerd herself, and hated being the center of attention. As stated, it all depends on your personality.
I think it’s funny to read what everyone has to say about the name Alexis. That’s my name, and I love it. I don’t think I'm mean, and I'd say I'm popular among my friends, but I don’t like making myself stick out like a sore thumb either. I don’t think you should really judge someone just by their name alone. Other things affect who we are, like our personality, and how we're raised. I also feel our Zodiac sign has some part in it as well. Our names are who we are yes, but it’s ourselves who define what we are. So just remember the next time you meet someone and you remember meeting someone with the same name, don’t just judge them based of what the past person had done to you. Honestly if you went about hating every Tom, Dick, and Harry just because some with that same name was rude to you or hurt you, you would be one sad lonely person.
My daughter is named Alexis. She was named after my great, great grandfather, whose name was pronounced the French way and spelled "Alexie" (ah-lok-see). She is not a mean girl by any means and is very well liked by everyone. She was born in 1982 and contrary to what everyone thought, was not named for the character on Dynasty. I do not think her name sounds masculine at all. There are too many "cutsey" names out there with no uniqueness to any of them.
ALEXIS is my name and I have always loved it.
This name is incredible--both soft and masculine. A potent mix. Irresistable. This name is my catnip!
Everybody says the name Alexis is a name for a mean girl and really popular girl, well, it's true! My name is Alexis and I'm in middle skool and I am one the most popular girls, and I'm nice to my friends, but mean to the nerds who get in my way. I guess it's just how I am but all my friends and especially the guys love me!
Actually, Alexis does not mean that you are a mean girl or popular. My name is Alexis and I'm popular but I could never be mean to anyone! And you shouldn't call anyone a "nerd", they're people just like you. I'm one of the nicest people you could ever meet so please don't believe that Alexis means you're a mean girl. I love my name I would name my daughter this but that'd be kinda weird. Alexis means "defender of all people" and I believe that! I plan on being a pedatrician when I'm older.
Alexis McCoy is the second eldest of the McCoy Septuplets.
For those of us who were growing up in the 80's, this name will always signify Alexis Carrington, the uber-bitch of the primetime soap "Dynasty". Played by Joan Collins.
My best friend is named Alexis. She says that her dad wanted a girl to be called Alex (but she isn't), and she didn't like Alexandra. I like this name. Otherwise she would be Mackenzie, and that doesn't suit her at all.
Alexis Smith is a bearer of this name. Not too sure who she is though.
Alexis Smith (1921-1993), Canadian-born actress. (That's who she was, Anonymous User 6/4/2006.)
Despite this is a nice name. I am sorry to say but I have met mean people with this name and had left a bad taste in me so I have defined some by being that was but that's just my opinion.
I think Alexis is a very nice name. I don't know any personally and can't say that I have seen the name at my kids school.
This name almost sounds like the name of a car (Lexus). However, Alexis fitted someone who was a lovely, exotic and seductive princess of either ancient Egypt or Greece. She was the helper of her royal close-ones and would lend a hand to anyone close to her...but if only that helpfulness was the same with others it would be different. Alexis lived in a palace of luxury and was so aloof but one day, a servant of hers became jealous and planned to tell one of the slaves to kidnap her. And one day they did. She was kidnapped and forced to become a slave to a queen of a faraway land (someplace in Persia) and had to swallow her pride to become a helper. Though, I don't think this is what the name is based on, because mainly it was a Greek masculine name and was already used. To me, Alexis always meant 'luxury' (lexis) and the 'al' could stand for 'noble, royal.'
I know a girl named Alexis and she's a know-it-all. She seems to be nice and sweet but that's because she wants to be little miss perfect. I think since this name actually means "helper" it suits a maid or housekeeper or something. I prefer that's nicer.
This sounds more like a masculine name. I would never name my daughter Alexis!
It sounds Egyptian and too exotic. But it suits a boy more than a girl.
Means defender of mankind.
I love this name! I named my daughter this and she has a personality that I've never seen in a small child. She's funny and very outgoing. From now on I'll always associate her personality with anyone I meet named Alexis.
Alexis is the name of the slave boy with whom Corydon falls in love in Virgil's Second Eclogue (written 37 BCE). It's thought by some historians that Virgil was in love with a slave named Alexander and that "Alexis" was based on this slave.
I have known two people with this name personally, but have come across about a dozen. The second Alexis was trendy, popular, sweet to her friends, but rather 'Mean Girl'ish sometimes. Because of her, this is how I think of any Alexises I meet, but overall this is a very pretty name.
I love the name Alexis. It sounds so trustworthy and kind.
Here in front of me I have a card that says
"Alexis (Greek Origin) 'A helper' 'God loves you, you have been chosen'"
I was walking down the street (after much time living wherever I could) and passed this Religious store. I went in and they had these name cards. I ended up buying one. It reminds me that I have a purpose no matter what, religiously, I believe.
An ancient Greek name, long before Alexius, 3rd century BC. Alexis was a comedian from Thoureion.
I am one of many Alexis' in the world, and I have come to find only few around me with the same name. Every person I have met with the name Alexis is a very kind hearted soul. My grandparents once gave me a book mark with the name meaning on it and I still believe to this day the meaning stands strong. Alexis ~ Helper of mankind, Be not afraid for I am always with you.

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