Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Derived from Old Norse alfr meaning "elf". In Norse legend this was the name of king, the suitor of a reluctant maiden named Alfhild. She avoided marrying him by disguising herself as a warrior, but when they fought she was so impressed by his strength that she changed her mind.

Related Names

VariantsAlve(Swedish) Alv(Norwegian) Alfr(Norse Mythology)
Feminine FormsAlva(Swedish) Alva(Norwegian) Elva(Danish)
Surname DescendantsAlfson, Alfsson(Swedish)
Same SpellingAlf 2, Alf 3


Name Days

Estonia: October 29
Norway: January 3
Poland: February 11
Poland: February 14
Poland: April 19
Poland: June 17
Poland: August 21
Sweden: June 21


Entry updated April 25, 2021