This is a very gorgeous name, and I don't get why anyone would hate it.
I think this is a lovely name. The only problem I can see happening with it is that in America the beginning prefix is commonly said as Ass. I have a friend named Astrid who is a several generations ones after many years of usage in her family. Among her family it is usually said with the Aw-strid pronunciation but among friends she is still called the "American" pronunciation but when it is said in whole I don't think it is a problem. To me this feels like the sweeter and more personable cousin of Ingrid though Ingrid is a lovely choice as well. If anyone was struggling with nickname ideas we call her "Strie Strie" when feeling affectionate. It's a great name and if you were leaning towards using I'd say go for it :)
My daughter's name is Asterin Skye, which is similar to Astrid. I love unique and rare names that you wouldn’t normally hear on a day to day basis. She has two nicknames, Aster and Rin. I just think this name fits her perfectly:)
Very odd!
I like this name because it makes me think of Astrid from “How to Train Your Dragon”. She’s a total badass and she’s my favorite character.
Sounds like "asteroid", but asteroids are cool, so I like this name!
Astrid is also Estonian. The name day for Astrid in Estonia is November 27.
Strong name for a strong woman! Classic beauty! Astrid is a great name, mature and just good quality!
As of 2019 and 2020, the name Astrid is a very popular baby girl's name in Sweden, ranking at #2.
Ugly! Please don't do this to a poor child!
I rate Astrid 8/10.

I like it, every pronunciation (Norwegian, German, French..).

The sound is cheerful but traditional and can fit every kind of woman from the childhood and later the adulthood.

I like that it seems international despite being a Scandinavian name.

It has a noble, royal vibe thanks to many princesses and also a literarian/artistic feeling.
It's a pretty name. To everyone thinking that I will be teased because Astrid sounds like assturd or ashtray, nobody calls me that, I swear. It's a beautiful name and sounds like it belongs to someone who has a strong will.
I've liked this name ever since I read White Oleander.
What’s the appeal of this name? It sounds horrible.
Very pretty,
Makes me think of the main character, Astrid Magnasson in the book White Oleander. A great character, in my opinion, so this name appeals to me. Plus, I just think it sounds pretty.
I don't know if this is a famous bearer per se, but Astrid Greenwood one of the 2 playable characters in the Wintermute mode (AKA Story mode) of the 2014 Canadian survival video game The Long Dark.
The name Astrid was given to 443 girls born in the United States in 2018.
Astrid has this strong but folkloric vibe you don't get with other names. I would love to see Astrid become more popular so people can be comfortable with the name but not too common. What's appealing to the name is that I don't meet that many children with the name. I love the combination Astrid Victoria because it gives a sense of regal that you wouldn't get with a plain middle name like Marie.
Reminds me of the word "asteroid".
I wouldn't connect that name to 'The Office' at all. The characters of that show were not getting this wonderful name correct, they're only mocking it for nothing.
Never call your child this name. Or if you do, never show her The Office. It's possible that other kids will notice this without seeing The Office, but since seeing it Astrid makes me thinks of nothing but ass turd.
Sounds like a stripper, whoops. I mean it’s unique and all but whenever I hear it I think of a 20 year old woman shedding her clothes on a pole.
I think this is one of my favourite feminine names ever.
You can listen to the Swedish pronunciation of Astrid here:
I’m not European at all but I love this name! It reminds me of astro as in space and the beautiful, dark, zero-gravity outer earth with all the planets! It has that magical spark, but I can’t put my finger on it. This name is flawless.
I think it beautiful. My second daughter will be called like that.
I am German/English and this is my first name. My German grandfather told me a popular definition for "Astrid" in German is "Queen of the North" and this is what he called me. "Astrid" is a popular German name as well for women, and in my family, I am the second. I hated the name growing up because I could never find it on a souvenir while traveling. I hope my name doesn't become too popular, I now like how different it is. I have never gone by a nickname because honestly, they all seem pretty silly.
This is my name! I love it so much! I am a quarter Scandinavian, and I think I ended up luckier than my mother and aunt name-wise. My mother is named Marit and my aunt is named Kjersti. Sometimes I go by Asty, and I think that's a really good nickname for Astrid, besides Asta.
I actually just love the name because of the character, Astrid Hofferson’ from the popular movies, How to Train Your Dragon’.
I love this name just because of 2 people were named like that that had a huge influence in my childhood.
Usage: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Finnish, Estonian, English (Modern), Popular Culture

Pronounced: AH-streed (Finnish)

In Popular Culture, it was used one of the main characters from the 'How to Train Your Dragon' film series, which are based on the books by author Cressida Cowell.
This name always sounded Asian to me.
This name's gotta stay strong to become popular. No rejections.
Astrid is the main character in Victoria Jamieson’s book, “Roller Girl”.
Pronounced as AS-trid in English.
I think Astrid is a beautiful name. Astrid sounds like a high achiever and is relatively unique.
Unique but sort of harsh.
Perfect name for future women, wherever they're from.
Astrid is recorded on runes in Sweden, dating back to the year 1000 and has been in my family for generations. To me, it would actually be quite upsetting to see Astrid be popularized in non-nordic countries like other Scandinavian names (Ingrid, Freya and Tyra). It's our culture. If it's not okay to appropriate "Black", Arabic, Latino culture, etc. then it shouldn't be okay to appropriate Scandinavian culture either. Because you're just whitewashing our history and culture by trying to make it yours. It's not. Astrid is an ancient Scandinavian name and you should not name your child Astrid if you are not Scandinavian or raising that child in a Scandinavian/Nordic country. Those being Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark (+Faroe Islands & Greenland). My husband is half Nigerian, but we're not giving our daughter a Nigerian name because neither of us have ever been to Nigeria and we know almost nothing about the culture. We named her Astrid, since we are Scandinavians.
To the anonymous commenter below, please. Are you saying everything you eat, use and wear is from Scandinavian culture? If not, you are guilty of "appropriation" as well. Besides, all the cultures in the world have borrowed and incorporated things from other cultures into their culture.
In 2018, 5 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Astrid who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2945th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Astrid is a character from the "Halloween Town" movie series.
This is my name. Gosh I hate it so much! Please don’t name your child this. To me it sounds masculine...
It's a very pretty name with a wonderful meaning.
A close friend of mine is named Astrid, and she says that her parents named her after Astrid Kirchher, one of the Beatles' girlfriends.
I like this name. It's strong, very strong, yet still feminine, very characteristic and good for a woman of any age. If I lived in any Scandinavian countries and wanted to have children, I'd surely consider this name for my daughter. I have a friend called Astrid and she's Dutch and I like her. My other association with this name is pretty obvious - Astrid Lindgren. I love her. Yet another is Astrid - wife of king Olaf.
Astrid is a Swedish speech synthesiser created by Ivona Software.
Honestly, if you're not even Nordic or a part of Scandinavian culture it's ridiculous to name your child Astrid. It's just as strange as having a girl from Ulaanbaatar being named Ragnhildur or a white lad from Houston called Guo Liang.
Astrid Sofia Lovisa Thyra of Sweden was Queen consort of the Belgians as the first wife of King Leopold III. By birth she was a princess of Sweden's royal House of Bernadotte. Her grandsons include King Philippe of Belgium and Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.
Makes me think of the word asteroid.
The name Astrid was given to 363 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Astrid are female.
Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey is a French-Spanish actress and model. She is best known for playing Suzanne in The Sea Wall, the mermaid Syrena in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Sofi in I Origins. She is the recipient of the Prix Suzanne Bianchetti in 2009 and the Trophée Chopard Award for Female Revelation of the Year at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and a nomination at the 2016 David di Donatello in Rome.
Astrid Smeplass, known professionally as Astrid S, is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. In 2013, she had her breakthrough when she placed fifth in the Norwegian version of Pop Idol called Idol - Jakten på en superstjerne.
What a beautiful name! I love how it sounds and flows perfectly. Personally, I think Arista and Astrid would be perfect twin girl names.
I actually don't think this sounds old to me. It sounds refreshing.
Too odd sounding to me. Hate it.
This is my name and I love that it's unique. In school I was never once called "ass-turd, ashtray, or asprin". Thankfully I was named Astrid and proud of it. Seems to me that women that have been named "Astrid" are strong minded people with strong personalities.
I don't care for this name at all (I never did) it sounds way too close to "ass-turd" Also, Ashtray, Aspirin & Asteroid all come to mind.
Personally, if I was naming a child, I would steer clear from names that begin, or even contain, the sound of "ass" in them. Astrid & Aspen are great examples of that. I don't understand why anyone would give a human being a name that contains the exact same sound of "ass" in it. Seems illogical to me.
Astrid Bryan is a Flemish Belgian model, singer, actress, television personality, creative director.
I thought, but cannot confirm, that the French form was Astride, pronounced a(s)-TREED. [noted -ed]
The folk etymology including Greek astra ‘star’ or asteroid should be obvious.
To German school children looking for a way to mock a bearer of this name, it easily sounds like “Arschtritt” ‘kick in the butt’.
Well here's a comment from someone with that name. I don't mind being called Astrid. I actually like my name. Never had any issues with being teased about it or anything like that. If anything, most people comment that it's a pretty name and quite unusual in my country which is Malta, Europe. And no, I am not in the least bit pretentious :)
I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like the name Astrid. It starts with "ass," which is … dangerous, and ends with "trid," which is close to "turd" and just sounds ugly. It also seems like a very pretentious name.

I love How To Train Your Dragon, though.
I read that this name also means divine strength.
Astrid was very common in Norway in the first half of the 20th century. It ranked at #3 in 1900 (behind Anna and Marie), #2 in 1905 (behind Anna), #3 in 1910 (behind Anna and Gudrun), #3 in 1915 (behind Anna and Solveig), #6 in 1920, #9 in 1925, #6 in 1930, #2 in 1935 (behind Bjørg), and #10 in 1940 and 1945.
Astrid has always been my favorite girl name. Its nice that it doesn't sound overly feminine without being a unisex name.
Astrid Ellison is one of the main characters in the 'Gone' novel series by Michael Grant.
One of the main characters from the popular children's movie series, How To Train Your Dragon, is named Astrid.
This is a beautiful name and is pronounced Ah-strid. It reminds me of a heroine/fantasy princess. Thank you!
What a wonderful modern-sounding name. It being the name of the creator of Pippi Longstockings just gives it good vibes. I saw on a list that Aster is an upcoming name in America... I prefer Astrid. I found this name from a movie where a beautiful young girl had this name and I fell in love with its international sound, its history, and its rarity in the US.
Astrid is the name of a character in Skyrim, she's the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.
This is my middle name - I've always been very proud of it, maybe because both my grandmother and grand-grandmother wear it too, and I love them dearly. To me, it always felt like a very robust, sturdy, but yet elegant, name.
What a pretty name! My name is Melissa and I hate it. I wish my parents named me this.
Please note that the meaning of the Norse adjective fríðr is "beautiful" in the original sense of "beloved", thus the meaning of the name ÁSTRÍÐR, and therefore all derivations, is "she who is loved by the Gods". The meaning stated takes away the spiritual part of the name. It's my own name and been doing research about it for 15 years.
I was nearly named Astrid (because of the similarity to the Greek word for 'star'), but my mother hated it. It's a shame because I love the name and it's fairly unusual here.
Astrid Steele is the name of a former porn star played by Jennifer Jones in undoubtedly her bizarrest movie, the 1969 trash Angel, Angel, Down We Go (aka Cult of the Damned).
Astrid was the main antagonist in the book Blood and Chocolate. She was described as a "foxey, bitchy vixen."
This name is stunning. Everything about it is stunning. It has something very strong about it, whilst not losing any beauty to it. One of my favourite girls names. :)
Astrid is the name of a character in the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." She is my favorite character and I love this name.
I'm clearly in the minority here, but I do not like this name at all. It literally sounds "spacey" to me, not only because of its seemingly astrological association but because it just sounds weird to me.
I love this name. I want to use it because it has a great meaning, beautiful sound and it's a perfect blend of my Norwegian and German heritage if that makes any sense. I don't want my child to be called "Asteriod" though.
This name is pretty. I like the fact that it's not overly feminine.
I love this name, I worry, however that it might come across a bit pretentious to call a child Astrid though. You know like I have this idea of her as a cello-playing artist from birth but it's certainly unique and it's a classic name.
But it's one letter off from astroid.
I love this name. It's strong, it's memorable, it has a great meaning - really, you can't go wrong with Astrid. It's definitely in my top ten.
I love this name; I think it sounds really elitist without being too snobby, and in my name book it says that this name means "divinely beautiful", so in my opinion it certainly lives up to its name! :)
Astrid is a gorgeous name! It's definitely one of my favorites, and it's uncommon, which makes it even better. This name would perfectly suit a rebellious girl with original, rock 'n' roll style.
I think. I think that I would use this as a boy name. It sounds so masculine to me.
Naming your son Astrid is equal to naming him Eleanor.
Jan's daughter in The Office tv show. Michael thinks its Astird.
This is a really coolio name. My only problem is that is starts with Ass. You know, "Ass-strid". On any level, I still love it!
In German Astrid is pronounced AHS-trit. [noted -ed]
This is such a beautiful name. It's powerful, yet still feminine at the same time! Another thing I love about this name is how it's unique! I would totally use it as a middle name, but as a first name would still be beautiful as well! (:
From 1980 to 1983 there was in Spain a child musical group, Regaliz, composed oftwo boys and two girls. The name of one of the girls is Astrid.
I don't know if this counts for a famous bearer or not but still. Kylie Minogue played Astrid Peth in Doctor Who's 2007 episode "Voyage of the Dammed". She was a waitress who, lucky girl, got to kiss the Doctor.
Astrid is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
Astrid is the name of a character on the TV show "Fringe".
I loved this name until it became the butt of a stupid joke on "the Office." I can't get the association out of my head now.
After seeing the movie White Oleander, I fell in love with the name Astrid. I consider using it for one of my own children someday.
It is the name of my favorite fanfiction character, Astrid Ackerly.
Also used in France. [noted -ed]
Pronounced AHST-reet.
The "ast" part of this name makes me think of stars (because it means star in Greek). It sounds like a name for an ethereal princess in a fantasy story.
Astrid, queen of the Belgians, lived from 1905 to 1935.
Also used in Germany. [noted -ed]
Princess Astrid of Norway (b. 1932) is the sister of King Harald V of Norway.
Princess Astrid of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este, is the daughter of King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium. She is married to Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este.
Honestly, this name repels me. I would never name my child this, but others can.
The pronunciation depends on the area. In Norway the d is silent (like in Ingrid and other related names), and it's pronounced more or less AH-stri ['astrý].
It's spelled differently but we could also consider the delightful Brazilian vocalist, Astrud Gilberto, as being associated with this name.
Astrid's a cute name, and it's different, which is great. :D
It's getting to be a rather popular name in Denmark. I like this name because it's a little more special and interesting than...let's say Emma (I believe it's the most popular name in Denmark right at the moment). No offence, Emma's around the world!
Astrid grew on my from the first time I saw it in a naming book. Then after reading a book with a heroine named Astrid it grew in me even more. From another source I heard that Astrid is Greek for "star". I can't confirm it but I do like the idea of it meaning "star". To me it looks like Astrid could come from the word "astroid" even.
Astrid Kirchherr is the artist and photographer who got to know The Beatles during their time in Hamburg. She took the famous photographs of them there, styled their hair in the "moptop" hairstyle and designed their collarless suits. She also dated Stuart Sutcliffe, at that time a member of The Beatles.
This is my mother's name and to me it's a very strong and beautiful name. It's also the name of one of my teachers. I'd like to use it one day because they are both very strong women who I admire.
Astrid was the name of a queen of Belgium, the mother of the late King Baudouin and the present King Albert. She died in a car accident in 1935 at the young age of 29, and was very loved by Belgian people.
This name is very pretty. I will name my children this name.
Astrid Lindgren is a wonderful writer of children's books, the most famous of which is Pippi Longstocking (but the best, in my opinion, is Saltkrokan - Seacrow Island).
This is my name. Many people think it has astrological meaning but it means "the divine power of god". I am a very strong minded person.
The novel White Oleaner's heroine is named Astrid (Magnussen?)
The name Astrid also means strength.
Another form is Estrid. Astrid is pronounced as "UST-ridd".

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