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Charles "Charlie" Spring, portrayed by Joe Locke, is one of the two main protagonists in the Netflix show "Heartstopper".
Better off as a nickname for Charlotte. I’m fine with this as a first name on boys but not girls.
I love this as a stand-alone name, but I also love it as a nickname.
Has no one mentioned Charlie (girl) from the Disney Channel TV show Good Luck Charlie? Wow. If you think that Charlie is a weird name, you should see the names on that show.
Charlie (Charlotte) Thorne, is the heroine in the book "Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation."
Charlie Dagleish, also known as Charlie Slimecicle. Dap me up!
Another user seemed to be upset that a number of names have been repurposed as unisex or even a full gender flip. This is nothing new. MANY names that are more common for boys or girls have switched over the years, Paige, Ashley, Lauren, Allison, and Tiffany were all boy's names until the mid 20th Century. These names have even existed in literature as such. In "Gone with the Wind" there is a male character named "Ashley." Unless you want to go back to Ancient/Medieval names or romance language names you're going to find a LOT of names that changed genders over the years.
So names like Charley can be unisex, even if initially male and even though Charles has feminine variants (Charlotte, Caroline) it can indeed be unisex. I can see Charley as a short form of "Charlotte" as well.
My brother's name. I like it for both a boy and girl, it seems really sweet. My Mum has said that half of the teachers she has met all have a boy called Charlie, and it is a little common. However, I really do like it and I would recommend.
Lemme make it easy for you.
1. Charlie on a boy : not the biggest fan but sure, why not? It's a boyish name. Even the meaning proves it is masculine "Free MAN".

2. Charlie on a girl : WTF?

I do hate when people name their girls Addison, Noah, Charlie, Mason, Micah, Malachi, Blair, Kai, Hudson and so. These names and similar ones are BASICALLY & ORIGINALLY & HISTORICALLY for males, you desperate dimwits.
I honestly wouldn't like to be called Charlie as an adult. Not as a boy and especially not as a girl. It's just so infantile.

It is also so overdone already.
RIP Charlie Watts: 1941-2021.
I've always adored the name Charlie for a boy, but it's become such a popular unisex name. I don't know that I want him to be 1 of 20 Charlies in his class & then he has to go by Charlie C or Charlie #5/20 or something like that. My best friend grew up with a common name & it was very annoying for her, so I always keep that in mind when looking at names. Other than that, I love it for a boy & Charles is a handsome & timeless name!
This is my boyfriend’s name! 10/10 very cute, just like him! I love it!
It's a nice nickname, but for a boy only. I don't like it on a girl.
I love this name so much. Boy or a girl. Just love it. It has a nice ring to it. From a boy's point of view it sounds better than CHUCKY.
I personally like it better as a nickname.
Ok for a boy. No for a girl.
Ewww! Sounds so gross.
Charlie Magne is the main protagonist of the adult web-series pilot "Hazbin Hotel".
I think Charlie is a sweet name with a beautiful meaning. It's sad, though, how people feel the need to argue on and on about the “gender” of the name. In-fact, it seems to me like a lot of people get so caught up in which gender it suits best, that they actually forget about the loveliness of the name, regardless of the gender. The name Charlie is used as a nickname for Charles and Charlotte equally, so as a full given name, Charlie should work well for anyone. Overall, I think Charlie is a wonderful name with a soft and melodic yet strong charm to it.
Good dog name.
I changed my mind. I actually like it on a boy, too! I just don't like the association of Charlie Brown.
I love this name. It's one of those names that are timeless. I've never been a major fan of Charles, so if I had a son, I would likely just go with Charlie.
Charlie Tahan is an American actor, known for his roles in Ozark and Super Dark Times.
I think this name is darling, on a boy. I just don't think it's feminine enough to be used as a girl's name, but I get why it is.
I love this name for a boy it's so cute! And I like it much better than Charles. I think it’s youthful but not childish if that makes sense. It can be used as a full name and not just a nickname for Charles. Would definitely recommend this name for a baby boy!
I like the name. I feel like a Charlie would be a very fun and youthful grandpa. I always thought that this name was only for males until I was about 9. I definitely prefer Charlie on a man though, Charlie for a girl can work sometimes if their real name is Charlotte or Charlene, but not always. I will say that "Charlie" looks much more feminine compared to "Charley", and I respect parents' decision if they want to nickname their daughter Charlie if they think Lottie, Tottie, Lennie, or Lena isn't attractive.
Boy name. Strongly dislike for a girl!
This is a BOY'S name and just as much a boy's name as Christopher, Liam, John, Paul, Colin or Arnold.
I think it works on either girl or boy.
No for a girl!
I knew a girl called Sharlie (SHAR-lee). She told me that her parents were fighting over what name she should have, her dad wanted Sharon and her mum wanted Charlie, and her big brother made a suggestion to combine those two names together so they both agreed to name her Sharlie, that is what apparently happened.
This name is nice on a boy but in the UK, it’s a NO for girls.
This name is so garbage. Every person I know with this name is a cringe anime lover. I have a Haikyuu! For you:
Charlie sucks so bad, What a garbage name it is, Absolutely trash.
Although this is a unisex name, I personally prefer this for a girl.
Charlie is now known to be a unisex name. Sometimes, for trendy spellings, parents use names like Charli, Charlee, Charleigh, and Charley as "feminine spellings" of the originally masculine name, Charlie.
I really like this name.
Unisex or not, this name is bad.
Charlie is a unisex name.
Charli D’Amelio is a TikTok star and social media influencer. She has over 80 million followers as of September 2020.
For a girl, I love the name spelling Charleigh. This is definitely a unisex name. A nice one at that.
A great name for non binary people who want a gender neutral name!
Sounds weak and feeble to me.
It’s okay for a boy. I dislike it on a girl.
Charlie Cleveland is the director of the first Subnautica and co-founder of Unknown Worlds Entertainment alongside Max McGuire.
Famous bearer Charlie Shotwell plays Eli.
It's alright for a boy, but I prefer Charles. Only works on a girl when it's a nickname for Charlotte.
Also a diminutive of Charlotte.
Charli D'amelio.
I love this name. There’s a heavy feminine aspect but I still only like it on a boy!
I love this name for a girl as a nickname for Charlotte.
This is literally a boy’s name. Why are so many people naming their girls this? What’s next? Bob becomes a girls' name? This name sounds awful on girls unless she’s a big tomboy or something in which case it may work.
Female bearer: Charlie Watson is the name of the human protagonist in Bumblebee (2018). Portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld.
Charlie Scene is a member of the band Hollywood Undead. His real name is Jordon.
Charlie is the main antagonist of the Indian Disney movie Roadside Romeo.
I can picture it on a girl, but I like it better for a boy.
I love this name for a boy or girl. I knew a girl named Charlie in elementary school and met some male Charlies too. For people who think that Charlie is only a boy's name, look at the rising popularity of girl Charlies in name rankings around the world.
There's nothing feminine about this name. Leave it for the boys.
Boy name, no, not for a girl.
Name of that boy who went to that chocolate factory, think it was Willy Wonka.
Charlie is an ultra-nice name, though I prefer it on a boy. I can’t seem to picture it on a girl. I’ve met so many male Charlies who probably had it as their legal names, and they’re really masculine. That makes Charlie sound so masculine to my ears but rarely feminine. Charlie also sounds like a cute nickname for Charles, but it’s cute as a legal name too. I can sorta picture it on a girl, and it will be great as a unisex full name, even as a nickname of Charlotte, Charlene, or even the forced feminine form Charlesine. Personally, I like it better for a boy. It’s a little cute for a girl too.
In 2018, 62 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Charlie* who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 572nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

*as a first name, not as a nickname.
I love the name Charlie for a girl and my name is Charlie and I am a girl. It's short for Charlotte and if you're thinking about naming a baby Charlotte you should consider Charlie as a nickname.
I’ve heard of more boys named Charlie. But only 1 girl, so I prefer this name on a boy. Regardless if it’s used more frequently for girls. It’s still not a sin to name her Charlie.
Charlie is the name of the little girl in Hereditary. She totally creeped me out.
I named my cat Charlie! Charlie is a calico fluffy girl who loves cuddles and scratches. I've only met 1 human Charlie in my life. It is a nice name.
Charlie Sloane is one of the characters in Anne of Green Gables. He had a crush on Anne and tried to propose to her once.
Charlie-in-the-Box is a resident of the Island of Misfit Toys in the Rankin/Bass TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

“Nobody wants a CHARLIE-in-the-box!”.
I love it as a girl nickname, and prefer Chuck for a boy. Charlotta can also be shortened to Charlie. I also prefer Carly though.
I don’t like Charlie as a boy's name, but I think it sounds really cute as a girl's name. I keep thinking of it as a boy's name because of Charlie and Lola.
Charlie is a nice name. It does not need to be used as a pet form of Charles as it is also a form of Charles.
Charlie Gard is a 10-month-old boy with a rare genetic condition known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which is said to only affect 16 children in the world. He made headlines after his parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates from Bedfont campaigned to keep him alive, despite doctors and judges saying it would cause him significant harm.
Charles Otto Puth Jr. Is an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer, best known for his 2015 song "See You Again", which he wrote, co-produced, and performed with Wiz Khalifa for the Furious 7 soundtrack as a tribute to the late Paul Walker.
Charlie Norris is a retired American professional wrestler who competed in North American promotions as well as the World Championship Wrestling during the early 1990s. Norris was born in Red Lake, Minnesota, a community located in the Red Lake Indian Reservation. He graduated at Red Lake Senior High School in 1984.
This should NOT be used as a full name. Ever. It should only be short for Charles or Charlotte.
I love this name for boys and little girls. I'm not a fan of the boy name Charles, but I do like Charlie a lot (though I hate the nickname Chuck- EW). And I think Charlie is a cute nickname for little girls with the full name Charlotte. I wouldn't call my daughter Charlie past the age of five though, it becomes a bit too boyish. If you like the name Charlotte, Lottie is a great nickname (especially if you have a British or Australian accent).
My name is Charlea pronounced "Charlie" I am a girl and no, it is not short for anything, my name is just Charlea. I always liked it, I did think for a boy it was "manly" but for a girl I think it is very pretty and sweet. If you're thinking of naming your child Charlie for a girl but you are not sure if it's too manly it's not, it's sweet and beautiful for a girl! I think more girly ways of spelling it could be "Charlee" "Charley" "Charly" "Charli" "Charlea (my personal fave, duh)"
Charlie is a really really babyish and feminine name for a boy. On the other hand this is a really SEXY SEXY name for a girl. I feel REALLY sorry for all boys with Charlie as their full name.
My wife's name is Charlie! I think it's really cute and gives a spark of personality to her. I don't mind whether it's used on a boy or a girl and the people who say it's "disgusting" on a girl need to realize that some people on here are named Charlie. Personally, I think it sounds like someone who is really fun! Makes me think of Charlie from Supernatural.

And just to make you guys angry (because apparently you don't like 'masculine' names on girls) our daughter's name is Ryan and she's a sweet feminine girl who LOVES her name :)
I know two girls named Charlie. One is a little three year old and the other is my best friend! I love the name Charlie for a girl, I think it could suit a boy but I would prefer it as a girl's name. And all Charlie girls, don't take any notice of whoever said that "If you're a girl named Charlie then your parents probably wanted a boy" that's just mean! Why would anybody say that? I mean really? How would you like it if I said "Oh! Your parents don't want you, they want the opposite sex as you!"
First of all, I would like to start by saying I think Charlie is a beautiful name, for boys and girls. Especially girls. I really don't understand why anyone would think it's not for both genders. I personally think the name is super cute and is a perfect given name if you want something special, beautiful and unique. My name is Charlie and I'm a girl and I think my name is great. It's not short for anything. JUST CHARLIE. I also really appreciate when other female Charlie's stand up for our beautiful and EXQUISITE name :D. I think it also makes a great nickname but I prefer it as a given name. I respect everyone's opinion but I strongly believe opinions should be presented with respect. And if anyone still has any doubt whether "Charlie" can be a female name, I suggest you go rethink and maybe even watch a movie or read a book with the female name Charlie (Like "High Fidelity", my parents got my name from that book!). Thank you for your time!
I prefer Char. I have friends called Charlie and I call them Char I think the name Char is sexy.
Charles "Charlie" Gordon from Daniel Keyes's short story "Flowers for Algernon".
In Britain, it can be used as a word meaning "fool."
I don't like it when a grown man has Charlie as his legal name. Charlie sounds better on a little boy. When it's used as a girl's name I think it sounds good on a grown woman, but not so much on a little girl.
This sounds really stupid as a given name, and in France it's forever tainted by Charlie Hebdo. Sounds like something an Islamophobic French couple would name their son or daughter.
Charlie Puth is an American singer and songwriter.
It sickens me how an obvious masculine name is now labeled as "unisex"
I don't give a rat's ass that it's primarily used as a nickname for a girl for names such as Charlotte or even Charlize. Charlie will forever be boyish. It's like naming a girl Tommy or Robby or Randy and anything else.
I love this name but for a boy only! Oh my gosh, only for a boy

Use Lottie for Charlotte, folks.
Kinda prefer Chuck for a nickname of Charles, but Charlie is pretty cool for a boy also. For a girl it's ok, but if their name is Charlotte I'd say Lottie is better, but for Charlene I can't think of any other nickname besides Charlie. Not good as an independent name for either gender though.
My boyfriend is called Charlie and does not like being called "Charles." He says it sounds too posh but I think Charlie is a very cute, playful name but strong as well.
Don't forget the characters named Charlie on both Revolution and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Good name, quite common but not over used. I would use it for a tomboyish Charlotte and it is a cute alternative to Charles... Although, when they are older, it does seem a bit immature, so maybe Charles is the way to go. My brother is called Charles as his given name but we call him Charlie.
I love the name for both boys and girls. It's great for either genders as a nickname or a full name.
Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan was the title character on the 2010-2014 Disney Channel series "Good Luck Charlie". She was played by Mia Talerico.
Charlie Bradbury is a female character on the television series "Supernatural."
Charlie Lenehan, a singer who is part of duo Bars and Melody. Leondre Devries is the one who provides the rapping for their songs.
Charlie Dog, a Looney Tunes character.
I think this name is really really cute for a girl, it ages nicely and it reminds me of Charlie from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower whom I kind of want to name a future kid of mine after.
Oh, and to add one more thing, I know "Charlotte" has the same meaning as "Charlie", though I consider it a proper, classic feminine name for girls (unlike 'Charlie').
This is my sons full name and I do not think it should be a girls name my son is all boy and it fits him perfectly! I believe it is one of Americas most likeable names. Every person I told what his name is they say I love that name, plus the name always put a smile on my face :-)
I love the name Charlie for a boy but using it on a girl is rather tacky. ;( Come on, Charlie sounds like it's only meant for a boy! Charlie is a diminuitive of Charles- nobody would want to call a girl Charles now, would they? Furthermore, the meaning of Charlie is "free man", so the "man" part should be convincing enough to remind people which gender it should be used solely for...
Right.. My name is Charlie. It's on the birth certificate and I am happy with my name, AND I AM A GIRL! It's not short for Charlene or Charlotte. IT IS JUST CHARLIE! My name is just Charlie. And I am perfectly happy with that. The name is unisex and that is a fact. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but It's pissed me off that almost every comment on here is against the name for a girl. I have had people tell me what a lovely change it is that my name isn't actually charlotte or anything like that, it's just actually Charlie. And my nickname is chalk and I'm happy with that too!
One of my favorite boy's names! It sounds like a name for a friendly boy with a really good sense of humor.

I absolutely hate it for a girl. :(
Lieutenant Charlie Waverly is a character in the 2011 Spielberg film War Horse, he's played by Patrick Kennedy.
I find it funny how so many people here are saying it's extremely overused. I guess they must all be from the UK, here in America it's actually pretty rare (at least where I live). I personally don't know a single Charlie. Whenever me or my classmates hear the name "Charlie," we automatically think "British boy," haha.
Okay. 1. This should not be used as a girl's name, it's ridiculous! The only time it's acceptable is if it's a nickname for Charlotte or Charlene (though I think most people prefer the former) 2. I'm kind of disappointed to see that in England, Charlie is actually way more popular than Charles. Charlie is #5, Charles is #62. That just doesn't seem right to me. This is an adorable nickname, but I still think that you should put Charles on his birth certificate, even if you're always going to call him Charlie. Just in case. Charlie is my favorite nickname for Charles, I don't really like chuck or Chaz too much. But please, stick to Charlie as a male nickname, not a female or male full name!
There is Charlie the drunk guinea pig from Smosh so he is famous.
I adore this name for both genders, and the few Charlie's I have met are so nice! I would consider this name if I had a son!
Charlie White is an American figure skater who won silver with Meryl Davis at the Vancouver Olympics.
I LOVE the name Charlie! I really don't know why people think it's only appropriate for one gender; it is PERFECT for either a girl or a boy. My middle name is Charlotte, so sometimes I get called Charlie and I love it.
If I was ever to use Charlie for a girl, I would call them Charlotte. I don't like Charlie as a full name for a girl.
Charles seems so old-fashioned for a boy though. I reckon I'd just stick to Charlie.
Charlie Fox is the oldest son in the 1986 film "the Mosquito Coast". He is played by River Phoenix. If you want a good association with this name, watch this movie. You'll love the character!
Charlie is the name of the main character in the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.
This is a pretty decent nickname, as it can suit all sorts of guys and it sounds pleasant enough. But there are a lot of bad associations, too, like Charlie Sheen (who thinks he's a rockstar from Mars).
Charlie is one of my favorite boy names, but I just don't understand for the life of me why anyone would name their daughter Charlie. It just doesn't sound unisex at all.
So, I actually really like this name for a girl, *gasp*, lol! But I don't think I would ever use it, or if I did, it would be as a nickname for Charlene!
I like the name Charlie for boys but unfortunately all the boys I met named Charlie weren't nice. I don't like it for girls though, even though all the girls I met called Charlie were really nice.
Charlie Francis is an FBI agent in Fringe Division on the hit sci-fi drama "FRINGE."
My name is Charly Sue. I love it. I was named after my grandparents Charles and Susan. :)
Charlie is a very nice BOY name. I guess it's acceptable for girls in the cases of Charlotte or Charlene, but Charlie as a given name for girls? Absolutely not.
Absolutely adorable nickname. Can't stand it on girls, though. Charlotte is much better.
Guys. Charlie Manson?
Charles "Charlie" Hunnam, is a very handsome English actor who starred in the movie Green Street Hooligans.
I really hate to have to bring this up, and I apologise if it changes your opinion of the name for the worse, but some people call cocaine 'Charlie'. So (s)he may have to deal with that.
Charlie McDonnell is a famous teenaged British youtube personality who is currently second most subscribed to in England.
Charlie Watts (2nd June 1941) is the drummer for the Rolling Stones. He is also a successful artist and breeds Arabian horses. In 2006 "Vanity Fair" elected him into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame - his style icon is Fred Astaire.
Charlie Clements (b. 5 June 1987) is a British actor born in Sidcup, South London. He is best known for playing Bradley Branning in the popular British soap opera EastEnders. :)
It's okay on a girl if it's pronounced with the "sh" sound instead of "Chuh" as in Sharlie, instead of Charlie. But I still think it's ugly on a girl.

So much better for a boy. There are very few boys names that I think fit girls, and even though Charlie is meant to be a shorter version of Charlotte, I'd still go with Lottie as a pet name instead.
I don't like this name as a legal name. It sounds better as a nickname, and even then it makes me think of the actor Charlie Sheen. It's even worse on a girl, since it doesn't sound feminine, and some hideous celebrity couple used in on one of their daughters.
I love this name for a little boy. Who cares if it's the name of the unicorn?! Hahaha. Anyway, I love it. Charrrleee. I love the Char- sound. So cute. Grows up easily. If I used it, I would name him Charles and call him Charlie. I heard of a little girl named Charlie Grace. I love that combo and I think that girls should only use it in conjunction with a girly middle name. Charlie Anne, Charlie Rose, etc. FANTASTIC NAME!
There are two Charlies in Alfred Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt": the mysterious 'Uncle Charlie' and his namesake 'Young Charlie'.
Okay, I'll admit that I was actually quite surprised to find out that this is sometimes used as a girl's name. I had no idea that it was a short form of Charlotte up until now. If I used this name for Charlotte, I'd probably pronounce the CH as they are in that name (more like CH). Even then, I doubt I'd use it on a girl anyway. (Unless of course I met a girl who called herself that.)

I think Charlie is a cute name for a boy. It makes me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was a book I liked. It also makes me think of Charlie the Unicorn (a video that is popular online). It's one of the few nicknames you give to a kid that wouldn't sound too childish if used sometimes when the kid gets older.
"Charlie" is also the code word for the letter "C" in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Charlie (short for Charlotte Adele Donna Seto) is the main character in the book How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbaleister.
Charlie is one of my favorite names! But for a boy, short for Charles. NEVER for a girl. I know the coolest boy named Charlie, he's like a little brother to me. Now when I hear this name, I think of him.
Charlie's my name! Although I have it pronounced SHarlie, I think it's a beautiful name for a girl.
I think it is such a sweet and gentle name, yet it is very masculine. It's my favourite name for boys, of all time.
It is also a pet version of Charlotte.
Internet video: Charlie bit me!
You'll hate me for saying this, but this nickname sounds tremendously immature to me. I absolutely hate it on females. Come on, is two syllables really that much of an effort to pronounce? In Charles, there's only one syllable inastead of the two in Charlie. So why not just use Charles? I don't know why, but this name makes me think of rather annoying and immature people, whereas Charles currently sounds a bit snobby because of Prince Charles and because Charleses go by Charlie. Charlotte sounds sophisticated, Charlie just makes you sound like a bratty tomboy. You know, the kind of tomboy who is trashy and rude and makes fun of all those lowly creatures also known as other girls because they're not more boyish, like her.
This is my favorite name ever, though I like it better on a boy than a girl. It's so sweet. ^^
A character in Neil Gaiman's novel "Anansi Boys" was named Charlie Nancy. Actually, Charles, but he goes by Charlie (Fat Charlie). Awesome, awesome character and name. It rubbed off me really well.
I love this name for a girl! It's so cute! For a boy, I love it too though! I don't really like the names Charlie can be a nickname for though. But, I really love that name, for both genders!
I love this name for a little girl. It sounds so sweet. I think of a sweet brown-haired freckle faced little girl when I hear this name. Kinda ugly for a boy. What happened to Chuck and Charles?
I like this name, but it is VERY common! In my school year alone, there are 4 boys called Charlie, though one is short for Charles. I think it works either way, but the guy who's name is Charles had to put up with a lot of people who wouldn't call him Charlie, they insisted on using his full name. That's how kids can be.
Not only is it too informal, it's also meaningless as a given name.
Charlie is best as a nickname for Charles. Charlie sounds too weak and informal as a given name.
I love the name Charlie, for a boy or a girl! Charlie is one of my sister's favorite names. If she ever has a girl, she will name her Charlie (she likes Charlie more for a girl than for a guy). I don't like Charles or Charlene. Charlotte is okay. It bugs me when someone has one of those names, but doesn't go by Charlie! I prefer Charlie as a given name most, because that means their name isn't Charles or Charlene or something plain like that.
Charlie Cox is a British actor. He stars in the Fantasy movie "Stardust" based on the book by Neil Gaiman. He is a fantastic actor, and cute as a button.
Charlie the Unicorn. Hehe. Just go on Youtube and type Charlie the Unicorn, then you'll understand.
Charlie is hideous as a given name, but it's better when used as a nickname for Charles.
Charlie Eppes is one of the main characters on CBS' Numb3rs. He is a professor at CalSci, a consultant for the FBI and NSA, and federal agent Don Eppes' genius little brother.
Charlie Swan is a character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels.
I think this has to be one of the cutest names for a girl EVER! I am naming my daughter that when I have one. But NOT short for Charlotte. Just Charlie.
We must also never forget Charlie the Tuna, the cartoon StarKist Tuna mascot! I love me some Charlie the Tuna!
I can't understand why anyone would name their daughter Charlie. It's OK if it's used as a nickname, but otherwise Charlie is a strictly masculine name to me.
Personally, I love this name on a boy more than a girl. I've seen the female version of Charlie spelt without the 'e' on the end, like Charli.
My name is Charlie, short for Charles, and I think this is an okay nickname. I like it better as a boy's name than a girl's name. Maybe because I'm a boy!
Also used as a nickname for Charlotte and Charlene. I actually love the name on a girl.
Famous Bearer: Charlie Bone. From The Children of The Red King series, written by Jenny Nimmo. Technically, it never says that his name is short for Charles. This name is OK, but it just reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, written by Roald Dahl.
I don't much care for Charlie as a girl's name, but I love it on a boy.
I prefer this name for a female but I think it's a very sophisticated and cute sounding male name.
Charlie is also the name of the German shepherd on the movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven" a very cute movie!
Charlie Hall is a Christian music artist.
Theresa Wright's character in Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt" is called Charlie.
Charlie is such a handsome, charming and debonaire, on a boy only. Charlie on a girl is so masculine all I can think is that her parents must have really wanted a boy.
I think this is a lovely abbreviation of the name Charles, but not of Charlotte - it is too masculine for a girl, in my opinion.
Old fashioned, good, sturdy - I love this name!
Charlie Parker is the antihero in John Connolly's brilliant novels.
Charlie is Ron Weasley's older brother in Harry Potter. He deals with dragons.
There is a very sweet animated British children's show called "Charlie & Lola". Charlie is the caring and ever patient older brother.
We'll never forget the great comedien Charlie Chaplin. One of the greatest icons who ever lived.
Charlie Jolson is the head of the Bethnal Green Mob in Team Soho's PS2 Game "The Getaway".
On the TV show "Lost," Charlie Pace (played by Dominic Monaghan) is the heroin-addicted, former bass player of the band Drive Shaft.
Charlie Bucket, a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is a famous bearer of this name.
I think it's a beautiful name for a girl rather than a boy.
Charlie is a very common name for male dogs. It sounds more casual and exciting than Charles.
It is also short for Charlotte.

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