Beautiful but going through a faddy phase. I know two women with young baby girls called Clara.
María Clara, whose full name is María Clara de los Santos, is the mestiza heroine in Noli Me Tángere, a novel by José Rizal, the national hero of the Republic of the Philippines. Her name and character has since become a byword in Filipino culture for the traditional, feminine ideal.The María Clara gown, sometimes referred to as Filipiniana dress or traje de mestiza, is a traditional dress worn by women in the Philippines. It is an aristocratic version of the baro't saya. It takes its name from María Clara, the mestiza protagonist of the novel Noli Me Tángere, penned in 1887 by Filipino nationalist José Rizal. It is traditionally made out of piña, the same material used for the barong tagalog. The barong tagalog (lit. "Tagalog dress"), more commonly known simply as barong (and occasionally baro), is an embroidered long-sleeved formal shirt for men and a national dress of the Philippines.The baro’t saya or baro at saya (literally "blouse and skirt") is a traditional dress ensemble worn by women in the Philippines. It is a national dress of the Philippines and combines elements from both the precolonial native Filipino and colonial Spanish clothing styles. It traditionally consists of four parts: a blouse (baro or camisa), a long skirt (saya or falda), a kerchief worn over the shoulders (pañuelo, fichu, or alampay), and a short rectangular cloth worn over the skirt (the tapis or patadyong).
It reminds me of Clara from the nutcracker!
My personal impression of the name is that I don't like it. Clara has a nice meaning but I would put the sudden uptick in popularity down to the name being somewhat uncommon and think people will be less drawn to it once it's everywhere. I find it a little bit wet and whiny tbh.Someone below said Clara reminds them of chalk and I wonder if they have synesthesia.
Cute for a little girl, hideous on an adult!
I prefer it to Claire! Love it.
It's so beautiful, elegant and a very nice name. I prefer Clare too.
I'm drawn to it, it's certainly not a bad name, in fact it's quite nice. However! I'm not sure I'm so keen on the CL sound. CL brings to mind words like clog, clam, clot, cloth. Saying CLara feels clumsy. Prefer Cara.
I relate this name to the wonderful Nutcracker ballet & the spirited magic of Christmas as well as to light (lovely candlelight, the light of hope and Christmas lights) and clarity.However - I also understand the sentiments of a comment below about the clumsiness of the sound however I disagree that it's due to the 'cl' for example I don't mind 'cl' as in Claire or Clarke but Clara gets caught in my throat so I think it's the Cl and the ara combined that cause the disharmony.
Also Judeo-Provençal:
I have a great aunt with this name, and it rhymes with my surname. So, I'm not able to use this name. It is really pretty, though. I like Clara.
Chloe Lukasiak (2009-) is the youngest daughter of former Dance Moms star Christi Lukasiak and younger sister of former Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak. She has been featured in part on the TV show, often in the background of clips.
Clara; clear.
I love this name, it reminds me of The Nutcracker ballet. Very classy.
Really don't like it, reminds me of chalk.
I love the names Claire and Clara so much that I can't decide which one I like better! I also think Claira is a pretty spelling! Clara is absolutely beautiful, classic, and translates well into other languages like Spanish and German. I don't think I've ever met anyone named Clara but it was my great-grandmother's English name!
This name makes me imagine an English princess and candlelight.
It sounds very modern to me, I just can’t imagine this name being so common in the 1800s.
Nice! Sounds sweet but not my favorite.
I love this name, personally I would say Claire-uh, rather than Clar-uh, but both are nice.
My sister's name is Clara, it is beautiful, I love it.
This is my name; I actually don't like it that much. In the elementary school I studied in, there was a girl one class older than me with the same name as mine (her first name is Theodora, though). I didn't even know what should I call myself until she left my school. I wish my name was Chiara or Claire because they are both not that common in the country where I live, but I still think this is an amazing name.
Beautiful name. I also love Claire, both are so lovely and feminine.
I’ve always loved Clara. Even though it has always been a popular name in Spanish speaking countries, I think it’s a timeless, beautiful, yet simple name.
"Clara is a reoccurring character in FNaF: SL. She is Vlad's wife in The Immortal and The Restless. She is voiced by Amber Lee Connors".
I love the name Clara too! At first I was scared, because I thought people would say it sounds boring and old-fashioned, but I'm glad to see that it doesn't. I find it an absolutely charming name, adorable but at the same time aging well. It is a name that combines well for all ages and, although it is a common name, it is not too common, so it is likely that Clara does not have to share her name with three other girls. I notice that each year it is gaining a little more popularity. Love it. And Heidi's literary reference makes it even better. Clara is the name of a sweet and good girl or an elegant and kind lady.
There's Clara Sesemann from 'Heidi' by Johanna Spyri. She is a sweet girl with weak legs. She learns to walk by the end of the book. Clara likes books and kittens. She wears pretty dresses.
The name Clara has a vintage flair to it.
Clara Buhalmet is one of the twins in Fran Bow. She lives with her sister in a pink cottage at the bottom of a well.
The name Clara carries a Gothic sweetness. It is gloomy, pure and gorgeous at the same time. It means 'clear' or 'bright'.The sound of Clara brings to my mind an image of a peaceful stream, or tinkling water. Clara reminds me of the moon, cake, white candles, pale pink and blue ribbons, white dresses and a surreal, magical, gray world. It shares the wistfulness of Alice and fills your mouth with melodies.It really has the same ring to it as Alice - beautiful!
Clara Dao encourages other women to love their small or flat chests. She's all about body positivity and self-love because she knows what it's like to be in a dark place. She spreads love and light. She is strong, vulnerable, beautiful and real.
Ugh. There is absolutely nothing appealing about this name!
Absolutely beautiful! If you want the more “modernized” version, go with Claire!
I love it! I actually prefer this instead of Clare!
I utterly adore this name - it's my fave! If I had a daughter I would name her Clara (my other favourites are Mila and Willow).
It's beautiful, wholesome, and good for all ages.
There's Clara Oswald.
I like it! It either reminds me of a nice German lady in the early 1900s or those big wooden Dutch shoes. I definitely prefer CLAH-ruh, it just seems more fancy and grand to me. I've never met any Claras, but I have met a few Claritas; all of them were old ladies, so maybe Clara and Clarita are a bit old-fashioned in the Philippines at the moment.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
When I married Alex in Stardew Valley, I named our daughter Clara after his mother who died when he was very young. I might also consider this name for a future daughter in real life because I love the meaning and the classy, vintage feel!
Also Galician:
I don’t hate it, but I don’t see the appeal. Claire is cuter.
Meh. There are a lot prettier names!
My name is Clara and I absolutely love it! If you're on the fence with the whole clown/cow association, I can assure you that I've actually only heard that joke once, in Disneyland when I was 6/7. I honestly think if it wasn't my name I would use it for my future daughter. To me, it's the perfect mix of feminine and strong, it's easy to spell and pronounce, and it's uncommon enough that I haven't had to go by a last initial in class, while it's still popular enough that it doesn't confuse anybody.
Awful. I know too many mean old ladies by the name of Clara.
Super vintage and classic. Beautiful!
Clara sounds like a perfect name. It sounds a little old ladyish. But overall I think it sounds sweet and short. Nice name.
Very bad personal associations with this name.
I love this name. It's vintage and classy.
Old lady name!
Not a fan! Not appealing. Claire maybe. Clara no!
Despise. Just plain ugly, sorry.
Sounds so Scandanavian!
Really dislike this name!
Can mean “Bright” in Latin.
I'm from England and have never heard this name pronounced Clair-uh. It is Cluh-ruh, where I am from. South London. To me, that is the intuitive pronunciation.
I'm from England and have never heard this name pronounced Clair-uh. It is Cluh-ruh, where I am from. South London. To me, that is the intuitive pronunciation.
Growing up in England, I heard only the pronunciation Clair-uh. It was the way people pronounced the name of the famous singer Dame Clara Butt, for example, as well as the well-known variety of tulip named after her. I have seen some discussion regarding the name Clara on another site which implies that Clair-uh is the Yorkshire pronunciation. However, I grew up in the far south of England, and Clara was Clair-uh there too.I was startled when a fairly recent British television production of "David Copperfield" had the character Clara Peggotty's name pronounced the European continental way. That is not the way Dickens or the Victorian English would have pronounced it.
Okay so- I just scrolled through the "Famous" section and there's no mention of Clara Barton (although her name was technically Clarissa). Clara Barton was an independent nurse during the Civil War and was the first president of the American Red Cross. [noted -ed]
My name is Clara and I love it! The only problem is people often hear my name and think it’s Claire or Sarah. I never go by Claire as a nickname because I have a close friend by that name but I will go by Clare (even though I pronounce them the same I think Clare is a nicer nickname). I almost got named Amelia but I think Clara is so much more unique and modern.
My name is Clara, and I've always loved that almost nobody else had that name. It feels really nice to be the only person in your class (at school) with your name. It's always made me feel a little more unique and special. I've met between 5 and 10 Clara's in my life but most of them were older people because the name is a bit old fashioned. I happen to live on a street called Clara Dr. And when I was little, I thought my middle name was Drive. Actually, my middle name is Lucille and I LOVE it because it was my great grandma's name and Clara Lucille means, "Bright, Bringer of Light". I wanted to go by Lucy a few times in Jr. High, but I got over it and I couldn't be happier with this name. I haven't had many nicknames, but one of my teachers liked to call me Clarabelle (Like the cow) and my Dad sometimes calls me Clurvie :) I have always been a little spitfire ball of energy and light, and I think it is an amazing name for anyone of any age. The only part about it I dislike is when someone calls me Claire (It sounds too mischievous) or Clah-ruh, because it doesn't sound as cute to me. Also, most people imagine Clara as a little blond girl with blue eyes, and my eyes ARE blue but I have brown hair. Still, it's just the right amount of juvenile that I liked it when I was little, and it's classy enough for an adult too. This name also has a wonderful meaning that anyone would want to live up to.
Clara Zetkin (5 July 1857 – 20 June 1933) was a German Marxist theorist, activist, and advocate for women's rights. Until 1917, she was active in the Social Democratic Party of Germany, then she joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) and its far-left wing, the Spartacist League; this later became the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), which she represented in the Reichstag during the Weimar Republic from 1920 to 1933.
Clara Maniu (born Clara Coroianu; 1842–1929) was a Romanian feminist and suffragist. She was the president of the Romanian women's movement organisation Reuniunea Femeilor Române Sălăjene (R.F.R.S) from 1881 to 1897. She married Ioan Maniu in 1865, and among their children was Iuliu Maniu.
Clara Petrella (March 28, 1914 in Greco Milanese – November 19, 1987 in Milan) was an Italian operatic soprano, particularly associated with the Italian repertory, an outstanding singing-actress nicknamed the "Duse of Singers".
Clara Calamai (7 September 1909 – 21 September 1998) was an Italian actress. She was one of the most famous and popular Italian actresses in the 1930s and 1940s, sharing the limelight with actresses such as Alida Valli, Valentina Cortese, and rivals, Doris Duranti, Luisa Ferida and Isa Miranda. She was a charming and versatile actress who starred in both dramas and comedies of the telefoni bianchi style.
Growing up, I didn't really like the name Clara because people said it was an old name. During high school I started loving the name, the meaning was and is still reflecting in my life, I am famous in whatever I do, transparent and bright as a diamond. I love my name CLARA.
Clara Peeters, a still-life painter from Antwerp and the best-known female Flemish artist of this era. She was one of the few women artists working professionally in seventeenth-century Europe, despite restrictions on women's access to artistic training and membership in guild.
Clara Immerwahr was the first woman to receive a doctorate in chemistry in Germany, and is credited with being a pacifist as well as a women's rights activist. She was married to the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Fritz Haber.
Clara Kramer, author of “Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival“, a memoir about her life in Nazi occupied Poland, where she and several other Polish Jews spent 20 months hiding in a bunker beneath a house. The book was first published in 2009. She is a founder of the Holocaust Resource Center at Kean University in New Jersey.
Clara Thompson, a psychoanalyst and co-founder of the William Alanson White Institute. Author of “Psychoanalysis: Evolution and Development”. She also published articles and books about the psychology of women.
Clara de Hirsh - a baroness, Belgian businesswoman and philanthropist, who founded Clara de Hirsch Home for Working Girls in New York city to improve the girls' overall condition and to train them for self-support.
Clara Kimball Young was an American actress in the early silent film era.
Clara Brown, also known as the “Angel of the Rockies” - a community leader, prosperous entrepreneur and philanthropist during the time of Colorado's Gold Rush.
Clara Haskil was a world famous classical pianist, and a good friend of Charlie Chaplin. She was particularly known for her performances and recordings of Mozart. She was also noted as a distinguished interpreter of Beethoven, Schumann, and Scarlatti.
Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross. She did civil rights advocacy at a time before women had the right to vote and was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1973.
This name is perfection! Sounds soft and strong at the same time. Not overused, very classy and elegant with a radiant meaning and long history. It’s a stunning name which makes me smile. I absolutely love it!
As a Clara, I have only met two other Clara's in my life. I love my name, the sophistication of it, the cute nicknames, (like Lara, or more commonly, Larri) and the easy spelling, most of all. I love the name Clara, and I wish it was a bit more popular. But not in the Emma or Olivia sense. More like the name Henry-popular, but not too popular. I love the fact that it's peak as a name was in the 1800's, and that Clara Barton bore the name. Clara is a beautiful name, and it would be an amazing candidate for your little one's names.
Personally, I prefer the Italian Chiara (kee-AH-rah)
I like the name Clara more than Chiara.
The name Clara isn't very common on young women here in Italy. I like the nickname Lara a lot :)
Clara sounds sophisticated and old fashioned.
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes)
Clara Alexandra Lukasiak is a youtuber with over 100,000 subscribers and younger sister of dancer and actress, Chloe.
As a Clara myself, I like this name because it's kind of unique and not very popular. I am the only Clara in the entire school district and have met two Claras in my entire life. It would be nice to see this name more often but I hope it doesn't get as popular as Emma or Sophia because those names get a lot of criticism.
Can't stand this name, reminds me of Clarabelle the clown, but the name Claire is classy.
My name is pronounced claire-uh, but I'm fine with any pronunciation. If someone calls me cl-are-uh, I'm fine with it.
Clara Henry is a Swedish YouTuber.
More exotic and uncommon than Claire.
I am the fifth Clara in my family, but since my sister Louise calls me "clar-RAH", accompanied with a real nasal whine, I started telling new people that I was "Clare". My favorite teacher was Sister Mary Robert Clare, so I loved being a "Clare" too. If only I could be a KLAR-rah.. it won't happen in Toledo, but my English friend Jillian always had a lovely way of calling me Cla-aire, with such a melodic tone, with lots of "aire" well, it was precious!
Sorry to all Claras, but I really don't like this name.
In 2018, 80 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Clara who is a registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 459th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Funny how Clara is seen as old-fashioned while Claire is trendy. Same name minus the last schwa.
I love the ˈklɑːrə pronunciation much more than the ˈklærə pronunciation, but both are nice. I don't usually care about the meaning of names, but this one resonates with me.
YouTube vloggers 'A Griffiths Life Vlogs' recently named their daughter Clara Jane.
My first middle name is Clara (clair-uh) and I love it so much I want to start going by that instead. I feel so cheated I only got it as a middle name though. I like the pronunciation clair-uh better than clar-uh, but clar-uh is cute too. Clair-uh is both cute and beautiful to me.
I don't mind the English pronunciation, it is nice. But CLARA with Spanish pronunciation is how I will address my child, and that is so delicious to hear. In Spanish the r is pronounced in a softer way (there's two ways of saying R 1. Rolling your tongue like in carro, and soft r, like in amar or in lindura...)I am in love with this, it is literally the word for clear, light, transparent in spanish! And that is gorgeous. I had a dream with a young girl, blonde curls and a huge smile, that's what I think about when someone says Clara. And it is nice.It is a classic, but still not overused... a bit special. People will know how to pronounce it, it is short. And it does sound pretty in French too!Not to mention the diminutive Clarita which I think is soooo cute! Clara, Clarita...
My name is Clara, and my middle name is Jeanette. My mum and grandma nicknamed me Clara Jean as a girl, and I wouldn't choose any other name.
The German Marxist Theorist and Feminist Clara Zetkin is a famous bearer. She was awesome.
My name is Clara, and I love it. It's really cool! I like the way it sounds sunny and bright, and also pretty.
Clara Oswald is amazing but it should be pronounced K-lar-ruh.
I love the Clair-Uh pronunciation. Cla-Rah sounds harsh and weird to me.
I like the name Clara, although I prefer Klara, but Clara's still a very nice spelling. I pronounce it KLAH-ruh and this pronunciation appeals to me the most. I think it's a very elegant, feminine, but also strong name. When I think about this name I see a woman who is very sharp-minded, beautiful, talented, especially she loves literature, theatre and music, she's generally very into culture, she's very classy and elegant, but is also a very good woman with a big, open heart. Very generous, a good listener, really full of virtues. She has quite conservative views, can be very spiritual, is very sensitive and wise, you can talk with her about really serious, philosophical things, but she has also a very good sense of humour and likes a good joke. She's extroverted. She's very loving and caring for others, she hates lies, has a very strong will and is determined and hard-working, a bit of a perfectionist, often her self-esteem is either a bit too low or a bit too high.
Clara Strauch is a Swedish-American singer.
Clara Petacci, known as Claretta Petacci was a mistress of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and was executed with him by partisans. Petacci had a long-standing relationship with Mussolini while he was married to Rachele Mussolini. Benito was 28 years older than Petacci.
My three-year-old niece is Clara and I adore it! It is an old-fashioned name, my great-grandma's, but it has come back into trend recently. I much prefer "Clara" over the name "Claire" because I can't stop thinking of that line in "The Breakfast Club" about Claire being a fat-girl's name...Plus, it is the little girl from the nutcracker!
My name is Clara and I'm proud.
I prefer Clare, sorry but Clara sounds too baby-ish. It's pretty but not my favorite.
Clara is the name of the little girl who dances in the Nutcracker, though her name is sometimes Marie. If I have a daughter, I'd like to combine the two and name her Clara Marie (as a first name, not a first and middle! Her middle name would be Isabelle). :)
I don't like it, it's too "cutesy" sounding.
This is like the most perfect, respectful name you can give to your daughter. It's pretty, but it's strong. It's absolutely amazing. It means "Bright, shining" and it's simple to spell and comprehend. It's does not sound DUMB like Kayla or Kaylee. It doesn't sound NERDY or pretentious like Elizabeth. It works in the old days, it works today. If I had a BFF who was going to have a girl, and she asked me for my advice on what to name her... Clara would be it.
I like it a bit better than Claire, but not by much, as it still bores me. I can see a bit more personality in the name Clara than Claire -- perhaps the name of a writer or a soccer player. I still prefer Chiara, though.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl, some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:Clara Josephine
Ingrid Clara.
Clara is a really elegant name. The meaning suits her: I imagine a beautiful blonde girl in white clothes, who is kind and frank. I find the name Clara refreshing and youthful in this century.
The name is also used in Sweden, and Denmark. [noted -ed]
Lovely, lovely name. I prefer the pronunciation of Clair-uh rather than Clar-uh.
I never liked the "Clair-uh" pronunciation of Clara, because I always thought it sounded so undistinguished. I liked this name even before I saw Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald on Doctor Who, although the show strengthened my likening for it.
Clara is such a gorgeous name, pronounced CLAIRE-ah. I love it. Beautiful, elegant, old-fashioned, girly.
Clara is lovely. With the Claire trend starting to shoot down the slippery slopes, one can only hope Clara will take its place.
Obviously makes me think of The Nutcracker like anyone else. And no, I don't associate this name with a cow, if the name had Bell/Belle at the end maybe I would ~ don't see what's so bad about that though.
Clara is the name of the lovely old Hollywood actress, Clara Bow. It's also the name of bassist Flea's oldest daughter. I love this name! I think it's pretty.
It's gorgeous. So strong and feminine at the same time. Just perfect for a girl.
Clara is such a lovely and wonderful name! ^^
I love this name, let's hope it goes down in popularity by the time I have kids. I don't want my daughter to have the same name as everyone else, so let's pray Clara doesn't get too common.
My name is Clara, pronounced Clair-uh. I've always loved it, because it's really unique, I've only met 2 Clara's in my life and they were both briefly. My mom chose this name for me and she passed away when I was 5 from leukemia. I felt like one thing she left me was this beautiful, unique name that she decided I'd have. Though I don't know why she liked it, or her reasons for naming me Clara, I just feel like she couldn't have picked a better name for me. I'm 24 now and through the years I have thought some people who hear my name before meeting me might think I'm older or something because it's an older name. Last year I called to have my cable and internet hooked up and the guy came to my door and said "Is Clara here?" and I said "Yep, that's me" and he said "Wow, I wasn't expecting someone so young and pretty!" lol, but I love that, not only is it so unique but I feel I represent this unique name in a good way. I am just one Clara bringing it back, even though I've felt like the only Clara my whole life, and I love that too. I've had so many compliments on my name and ladies tell me they want to name their daughters Clara and questions about if I'm named after anyone, but I'm not named after anyone, and I guess I'll never be sure why my mom chose this name for me. But I'm forever happy with it and can't imagine having any other name! Thanks to my mom =)
I love the name Clara! I'm pregnant with my first and, if it's a girl, Clara is definitely in the running for top names. I also love that Mark Twain's daughter was named Clara.
This name is absolutely beautiful, pronounced either clair-ah or clah-rah. I'm glad to see its making a comeback!. In my opinion it's a lot more unique than Claire, and carries that old world charm as well :)
Name given to the protagonist of the book "La casa de los Espíritus" or House of Spirits by author Isabel Allende in 1982.
Actress Clara Kimball Young (1890-1960).
My cousin is called Clara, and she says it like klaruh, I prefer it like that to klareuh or however they say it.
Clara Bow was an American actress who was popular during the silent film era.
What an intriguing name... "Clara" has been tugging on the strings of my being for quite some time. It is simple, yet unexpectedly stunning; simple, yet thrillingly mysterious. Regardless, I do believe that I favor the variations "Claire" and "Clare" slightly more than the radiant "Clara."
It's a good name, though I prefer Cara. Clara makes me picture a sweet little girl with long blond curls and a mischievous side.
In John Sanford's novel "Certain Prey", one of the antagonists is a hitwoman named Clara Rinker.
I personally dislike this name... Something about the sound of it just annoys me. I do like similar sounding names like Laura, but this specific one probably irks me for several reasons.1. Klara Wagner, an online "artist" infamous for posting pictures of herself in various states of undress on the internet, bears a form of this name.
2. The C and R sounds close together. No matter what accent you speak with, it sounds harsh.
3. I'm in Australia, and in rural areas this name would be horribly butchered. In more urban areas like where I live, where the accents are easier on the ears, it isn't a problem, but in rural areas it would be pronounced as 'Claaaaaah-raaaaaah' with the A's sounding somewhat like a cross between the long A sound and short U sound (the sort of accent Australian characters typically have in non-Australian movies). Names that rhyme with Clara (such as Tara, Lana etc.) have the same problem.
My name is Clara. I pronounce it Claire-uh, but I don't mind the pronunciation in the UK at all (Clah-ruh sounds fine to me). I think it's a very pretty name, and I rarely meet anyone with the same name. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is so easily confused with Claire. A lot of the time when I introduce myself, people don't get the second syllable and start calling me Claire. I've started emphasizing the -uh a little more when I introduce myself, which makes the name sound a little weird. It can also be irritating to have to spell out your name to so many people, as Clara isn't common in the US (where I live). However, most people do pronounce the name correctly when they read it, so if you name your child this, they won't be the kid in school who constantly corrects new teachers and substitute teachers. In general, a pretty good name, but it has some drawbacks.
Clara Hughes is a famous Canadian with this name. She has won six Olympic medals- both in the summer (cycling) and winter (speed skating) olympics. It seems a lot of strong women throughout history have had this name. It is my daughter's name and I love it! It is soft, feminine and cute, but also strong and sophisticated enough for a grown woman.
Clara is one of my favourite names - so beautiful and glamourous.
This name is in the word declaration.
I love the name Clara. It's my name and I wouldn't want it to be anything else because it's uncommon claissie elegant and really pretty. I love it :D
Famed country singer Loretta Lynn's mother was named Clara.
This is such a lovely name! I love it the sound of Clara Juliet.
It's quite boring. I don't see the hype. Sorry.
Famous fictional bearers - Clara Copperfield, the lovely young mother of Dicken's David Copperfield - and Clara Peggoty, her servant and confidante, who's also David's nurse.
I think this name is really sweet! As to the pronunciation thing, I don't know I guess I'm not really a stickler for that. I tried to think about it and I said both "clare-uh" and "clah-ruh" in my head. Neither one sounds wrong, you know? To me it's like "Sare-uh" and "Sah-ruh" or "Meg-an" and "Mae-gan." Having been born in the mid-90s I know a lot of girls with both those names in their various spellings and I've only met one person who was adamant about the pronunciation.
This site, as have others, says Clara is the #4 name in France. Knowing that it definitely sounds like a little French girl to me. Even if it didn't originate there, it is certainly used there.
Shouldn't it be listed as a French name as well?
I think the name Clara is so pretty! I have a bad habit of shortening everything so if I ever named my daughter this I would probably (unintentionally) call her Clare an awful lot. But that's okay because I like Clare too! Clara's a charming little name that I would seriously consider using. I'm picturing the monograms now.
Clara. Two syllables. Short, simple, pretty sound. Okay, I know it won't dazzle people with any exoticism or original glamour, but I'm irrevocably in love with Clara. It has this Poe-esque, Gothic sophistication and poetic beauty about it. Clara seems like a Gothic Lolita name to me, as I picture porcelain-faced ladies with dark or auburn ringlets, white roses, corsets, 19th-century vampire novels and romanesque cathedrals (all of which are lovely things to me).
Wow, shotgun_wedding, you nailed it for me! That's a perfect description of the picture in my mind when I think of Clara--very "Po-esque," as you said. (Well, Clara Bow also works her way into the picture as well, as she's so iconic.)Anyway, I absolutely love Clara--my favorite variation of all the "Claire/Clare" names (of which there are quite a few).
Clara Cluck, a character from the Disney cartoons who is a hen and the best friend of Daisy Duck.I've never quite understood why people tend to associate this name with the cow Clarabelle from Disney, when there is a character with the name Clara!
Clara is a beautiful name. Much less common than Claire, which is also pretty but Clara sounds more exotic and foreign.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Clara here:
Clara Clayton was the lady that "Doc" Emmet Brown married in Back to the Future III.
I prefer the pronunciation "KLAH-rah" to "KLER-uh", but this is a lovely name nonetheless; simple yet elegant, not excessively popular, unique without the immature trendiness that seems to sell these days, and just plain lovely and dignified.
Actor Ewan McGregor has a daughter named Clara Mathilde.
Clara is the name Gregory Maguire used for the Cinderella figure in his novel 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister,' an adult retelling of Cinderella.
When I was younger, I thought this name was a hideous grandmother name. However, even though the Finnish equivalent Klaara certainly is old-fashioned, this name is very pretty in English, and it's pretty in other languages too, as long as the vowel sound in the first syllable is SHORT. This is very important, because otherwise it does sound grandmotherly and unattractive. I don't see why this name should sound much worse than Sara, Tara, and the awesome name Kara. It's a pretty, simple name that doesn't sound tacky, trashy, or immature.
How has anyone not mentioned Clara Bow, the original Hollywood It-Girl? I love the name Clara, but only when pronounced the European way- Clah-ra, not claire-uh.
I absolutely adore the name Clara. I loved it since I was a little girl and wanted this name to be mine. :) I am from Czech Republic and the name is spelled Klara there. We named our little girl Clara, we chose spelling with C since we live in US and it also seems a bit softer to me. I also love the meaning of the name, which some of you noted already: clear, bright. My choice of pronunciation is Clar-ah. We also call our daughter Clarka or Clarinka.
A beautiful name. I much perfer it to be spelled Claira, as that's kind of uncommon and looks much better on paper.
Princess Clara from Drawn Together is a famous bearer! :D
This is my middle name, and though I don't use it much, I like it a lot. I pronounce it Clar-ah or, as other people here have been saying, Clah-ruh. 2 of my great-grandmothers had this name, one of whom was Swiss.
My Italian grandmother is called Clara. I think it is a lovely name.
Clara del Valle Trueba is the name of a visionary/telekinetic character in Isabel Allende's "The House of the Spirits."
You also have Clara Hitler, Adolf's mom. I guess the poor woman is not to blame for having such a monster of a son.
My daughter's name is Clara for no other reason that I like it. But of all the famous bearers, I choose Clara Schumann, a woman ahead of her time.
I have also seen the name spelt "Claira".
Yes, Clara was a character in Heidi. It's also the name of Dean's younger sister on Gilmore Girls.
I think Clara was a character in the book Heidi.
In Spanish this also means "clear" or "light".
I just don't like the sound of this name, reminds me of clowns and cows. Not that I don't like clowns or cows, it just this name I don't like. I much prefer Claire which is more elegant.
I've never heard an American say "Clara", so maybe they rhyme it with Sarah. But I've heard plenty of English (UK) people say it, plus many radio announcers introducing or referring to Dame Clara Butt, and they've all used the Continental pronunciation (ah, not air) with one exception: the parents of a child who must be in her twenties now but was a toddler when I met her parents; they explained that they had been unable to choose between Sarah and Clare when she was born, so they merged them. And this caused genuine surprise. A lot can change in twenty years, of course. I'd be interested to know!
Clara Petacci (Claretta Petacci) (February 28, 1912 – April 28, 1945) was a young Roman girl from an upper-class family who became Benito Mussolini's mistress. Her father had been the personal physician to the Pope. She was twenty-nine years younger than Mussolini.When Mussolini was captured by Communist partisans in April 1945, it is said that Petacci was offered the opportunity to escape, but she firmly refused and instead tried to protect Mussolini with her body. The Duce was then shot immediately after her. On the following day, April 29, 1945, at the Piazzale Loreto in Milan, Mussolini and Petacci's bodies, along with four others, were hanged upside down at an Esso gas station and photographed as a crowd vented their rage upon them.Petacci is apparently respectfully considered in Italy; without reference to politics, but only as a woman who did not abandon the man she loved in times of trouble.
Clara Josephine Wieck Schumann (September 13, 1819 – May 20, 1896), wife of composer Robert Schumann, was one of the leading pianists of the Romantic era as well as a composer.
I much prefer the pronunciation Klah-ruh to Klair-ah.
I think this is one of the most beautiful names in the world. I think it suits a little girl, but is elegant and classy enough for a woman. It is relatively uncommon and has a pretty sound - how could you not love this name? This will be my first daughter's name without a doubt!
I don't like the name Clara because I think of Clarabell the clown or of a cow (I have a friend who named her cow Clara).
I think Clara is an elegant, delicate name.
I love this name - it's old-fashioned yet isn't very popular so it could be made into something really modern and individual when teamed with another name, such as Clara-Leigh, Clara-Rose, Clara-Elle or Clara-Tilly.
I have never really liked this name. I don't mind the name Claire though.
In Germany, Klara is used more often than Clara. [noted -ed]
In the opera "The Light in The Piazza" Clara is the main girl who falls in love with an Italian boy named Fabrizio and whose mother tries to keep them apart.
This is my grandmother's name, she has never liked it and thus goes by her middle name, but I have always thought it was quite lovely.
My name is Clara pronounced like Klaire-Uh and I love it so much!
My sisters name is Clara, she loves it! It is a very old fasioned name, and I have never met anyone by the name of Clara, except for my sis of course! Clara Barton started the American Red Cross.
Clara is my name, and I absolutely LOVE it! Also, I pronounce it clair-uh, FYI. I've heard it pronounced klah-ruh, and I dislike that a lot.
My name is Clara and I think it's a cool name because it means clear, bright!
Another famous historical figure to bear the name Clara is Clara Wieck Schumann, a renowned composer and pianist of the Romantic period. She was quite beautiful and married Robert Schumann, and befriended Johannes Brahms, two other prominent romantic period musicians. She was one of the few women in this field and pursued it while taking care of seven children. She was an amazing person, and the reason I started liking the name Clara so much.
A famous bearer of this name was American silent film actress Clara Bow.
Clara is the name of the main girl in the ballet The Nutcracker.
Clara actually means clear, bright.
I used to think Clara was an awful name. But I've come to realize it's not bad at all. I like it.
Clara is a very sophisticated-sounding name. It simply rolls off the tongue.

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