Absolutely gorgeous. I guess it's not bad but it's so beautiful, strong, classic, elegant and a very nice name. ❤❤.
Claudia is a beautiful name. It’s glamorous, and sturdy but also nice in its strong and delicate sound. It’s really not a bad name. Despite its meaning, it’s a classic and it was once quite popular for a reason. Claudia oozes elegance and taste. It’s taking a rest now, but I think it might come back someday. And anyways, I’d much rather be a Claudia than some of the sad names little girls are being named today.
My name is Claudia. I was born in '64. I'm a US citizen. When I leave the US, people pronounce my name "Cloud-ee-ah" and seem genuinely excited to hear a US citizen with such a name. My mother's nicknames for me growing up were Clo-Clo and Claudie. I'm grateful that my parents gave me an unconventional name.
To everyone concerned about the meaning of this name, please do not let that deter you from using it! Think, the average person will not know the "negative" meaning behind Claudia, but they will simply appreciate this beautiful name. My name is Claudia and never once has anyone thought negatively of it because of the meaning. In fact, it is a funny joke to tell people that my name means "lame", and gives everyone a good laugh. I absolutely love my name and am grateful my parents chose such as beautiful and timeless name. Also, Claudia is easily pronounced in many languages, so it's great for a multicultural girl.
This name is very pretty!
My name is Claudia. Growing up I didn't care for it much because I thought the popular and overused (but still nice) names like Jenny or Jessica were cooler. I now appreciate that it wasn't that common. I knew only one other Claudia in elementary and one in high school, neither were in my classes. I only know one other now as well. It's more common in Spanish speaking countries and communities like the one I'm from, and even then I don't come across it too much. I grew to love my name and often get compliments on it from both English and Spanish speakers. As someone in the comments below pointed out, the true meaning is actually not lame. I never meet anyone and then automatically wonder what the meaning of their name is so I don't think name meanings are all that important. I do love that it was the name of a Roman empress though. In Spanish some family calls me Clau for short. Everyone else calls me by my full name, and no one has ever called me Claud. It's a great name if you're looking for something that is easy to pronounce in English and Spanish. I think Claudia sounds both classic and modern. It's a little sassy with a combination of softness and elegance. If you're searching for baby girl names too and considering Claudia, go with it. :)
I somewhat liked this name until I saw its meaning. Look up Claudius to find that out. Why make someone bear a name with such a negative connotation? Or, more to the point, why invent such a name in the first place?Too much of a let down for me, sorry. But maybe not for others.
Despite its rather unfortunate meaning, I still think Claudia is a beautiful name. The “Klaudia” spelling is gorgeous as well. I also love the association with The Babysitters Club.
Overall, I think Claudia is a lovely name.
Claudia is one of the 8 playable characters in the JRPG Romancing Saga, as well as its remake. In the game, Claudia is an orphan who lives in the forest under the guidance of the witch Eule.
The name Claudia is actually related to power and protection, both historically and etymologically.
It is quite obvious that such a popular name, especially among the elites of the Roman Empire, did not mean a weakness at all and it is surprising that the meaning "lame" is still perpetrated across so many websites. However, this perpetration is understandable, as online content is often copied from one source to another.
Claudia derives from Claudius, which comes from the Sabine name Clausus, which means closed, inaccessible, sealed or unreachable, and was used in contexts such as "fenced land" (property). Claudius is the romanization of Clausus and originated with the legendary founder of the Roman Empire, Appius Claudius Sabinus Regillensis, who was originally called Attius Clausus.
Appius Claudius (505 - 480 BC), the empire founder, was born long before Claudius (10 BC-AD 54), the emperor who was believed to have some kind of disability. So the name obviously precedes the famous disabled bearer, both in History and in his personal life, since his disabilities did not manifest at birth or in his first years of life, so he was not named after them. Rather, the name he received was a great status symbol and did not relate to disabilities at all.
Appius Claudius, the empire founder, was the first famous bearer of the name Claudius and the leading figure of the aristocratic party in the early Roman Republic. Claudius and Claudia were always noble names and status symbols.
The name Claudia has been mistakenly associated with the Latin claudicus (to limp or waver), since such an honorable and desired name could not have had a bad meaning as it was a hit with Latin-speaking people, who were perfectly aware of all its possible meanings. (Even freed slaves would voluntarily keep this name, given by their former owners.)
Coming from clausus (as in Attius Clausus), the name is actually related to the verb claudo, which means to close, conclude or lock. So the name Claudius probably appeared with a sense of land ownership that, back then, was strongly related to the ability to protect the land. That makes a lot of sense with the exact timing of the birth of an empire (the Roman Empire, founded by Appius Claudius).
When the powerful Appius Claudius founded the Roman Empire, the name Claudius was such a desired name that people who could not use it as a surname (first form of the name), began to use it as a given name. For such a desired and popular name, the meaning of "lame" does not make any sense, at any time.
The name Claudia obviously follows the meaning of enclosure (to seal an area with a barrier; for example, a fenced land) and could even be related to the English “to close". Considering its history, it is clearly related to the protective power of a fortress and, therefore, to the fortune it protects. One could easily add the meanings of a safe haven or a safe home. The idea of "protection" was probably in the meaning of the original Roman name, as the name was an "elite" name, a name for “inaccessible”, "protected" people.
Other popular names also have ambiguous/negative meanings in their roots, e.g. Amelia, Emily, Cecilia and Deirdre, just to name a few. However, it seems that they have received new meanings in recent times and the "bad meanings" are fading away. In the end, it is the culture we live in that counts, and today these names are joyful and beautiful. Claudia's mistaken meaning is also fading as more researchers, and History, join the discussion. Anyway, it is always a distinctive, beautiful, and powerful name.
So, for all Claudias out there: Claudia means “to enclose” in the sense of keeping/protecting, originally wealth/properties. In short, it expresses protection and power.
And it sounds great.
A very classy and dignified name. As a 90s baby myself I grew up being given older cousins' Baby Sitters Club hand-me-down books to read and grew to like it because of the character Claudia. There was also the deuteragonist Claudia in the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, which I also enjoyed as a kid, so it has several fun and positive literary associations. I imagine a Claudia being a very independent and strong individual who could do anything they set their mind to. A good, sweet, solid classic of a name. I think it would be a great choice for any would be parents considering it in my opinion!
This name is pretty...but I really hate the fact that it basically means "cr******".
The names Claudia and Claudius were adopted as the Romanized forms of an earlier name “Clausus”, which was the Latin spelling of an original Sabine name. The names Claudia/Claudius are most likely Sabine word cognates with “clausus” ("shut, closed"), perfect passive participle of “claudō” ("I shut, close"), rather than the sometimes given origin “claudus” (“lame”),
I think this name is beautiful and innocent. I've met a girl with this name and she's nice. I like the K spelling too, Klaudia.
I think it is a very beautiful name! Although the meaning is bad, that doesn't stop it from sounding so graceful. The main character of my book is named Claudia and she is independent, strong and kind, so that is what I associate the name with.
Claudia Pandolfi (b. 1974) is an Italian actress.
Nero had a daughter named Claudia Augusta.
This name just recently fell out out of the SSA’s top 1000 baby names and I don’t know why. I think it sounds very classy and sophisticated and will age a lot better than most currently popular girls’ names. (I also have an anteater stuffed animal from WWF named Claudia).
One of my favorite names. Very beautiful!
Claudia is the name of Viren's daughter in the Netflix series The Dragon Prince.
My name is also Claudia. I know Claudia means lame and/or crippled, I'm trying to convince myself that it's not that bad, I mean I know it means things I wouldn't want to be called, but it's a beautiful name even if it means things like lame and crippled, it is still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful and in some ways I'm glad, proud, and honored to be a Claudia!
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
I found the meaning of the name also means “enclosure” which gives the idea of not letting anyone... as in not fully letting anyone in to the secure place of trust straight away, as in taking time but once once embraced a friend for life and they open up to you fully.... this is a nice and a good thing. I think the meaning should be changed because to royalty or nobility class or something because of the history of usage and emperor Claudius wasn’t lame, he had a minor sight or hearing problem and had a sore hip which caused him to limp a bit but who is not susceptible to that?! Claudias are royalty, celebrities and are loveliest people with a truly unique and historic Latin and Italian name that has survived through the generations. There are beautiful expressions about Claudias on the Urban Dictionary website, they truly match the Claudias I know, as I am one such and 99% percent of it described me very well. It was a lovely read :)And the beautiful actress Claudia from 1981 Dynasty I was named after, as an Irish baby in the west of Ireland.
Claudia Stilinski is the deceased mother of Stiles Stilinkski in Teen Wolf. She only appears in two episodes in Season 6, but is mentioned several times throughout the series.
C L A U D I A is my name. :)
I have to be honest, I used to hate it when I was a kid, but every time that somebody called me I felt like everybody was noticing the name, I don’t know how to explain.
I started loving it, I think it is very strong, it's elegant and fresh, and yes is hard to say it but I think that makes it more interesting.
I am from Argentina and over there it's pretty common that people used to make short versions of the names, in my case they normally call me Clau so its sounds like “cloud” without the “d” and I think it sounds pretty cool.
Yeah, it means lame/crippled ;(. But it’s so pretty and I love it. (What are some alternative definitions you can come up with? ;))
An alternative meaning to the name Claudia could be “From the Roman clan of Claudius.”
I agree, and an alternative meaning maybe could be...uh...I feel like it could mean unique/beautiful because the name is unique? Idk.
This is my girlfriend's name, it's a beautiful, beautiful name, like her. I really think it's a great name.
Actually, the true meaning of this name is obscure. Some say that its origin must be sought in the Latin word "claudo", a verb with two different values: the first one has the same meaning as the verb "claudico", lame or crippled, that is; the second one means "closed", "confined", "conclude", "lock up" or, to paraphrase, "define". I read in an article that the link between these two words can be easily recognized by the way a crippled person is limited in his movements, confined even. It's very interesting, really; just think of the English verb "to close": it comes definitely by this Latin root.
I don't like the meaning of this name.
Here in Italy Claudia is not a common name in young women. I think it's a easy name to pronounce.
Claudia Leitte (b. 1980) is a Brazilian singer and actress.
I am using this for Nature's Fury.
Claudia Lynn Kishi is the vice president of the baby sitters club in the Baby Sitters club books by Ann M Martin.
I'm under the impression the Spanish nickname for the name Claudia is Ya Ya. Have others heard this?
Claudia Wolf is the name of a character in the video game Silent Hill 3.
In 2018, 58 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Claudia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 472nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Names grow to fit you, not the other way around. Claudia is a beautiful name for a girl, and Claudius was NOT a bad emperor.
Why would you give a girl a name that means crippled? Meanings do matter.
The name Claudio/a comes from the roman times when a roman family had a priest that was lame, the name Claudia means lame in roman. The roman family were called the Claudius for their known priest.
Fairly common in Sweden as well. [noted -ed]
A beautiful, elegant name, no matter what it means.
Hey! "Lame" and "Crippled" came from Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. It is thought that he suffered from cerebral palsy and yes, was "lame," twitchy, and weak. But he was smart. He brought Britain into the Roman Empire. He built roads, aqueducts and canals across the Roman Empire; these are now hailed as magnificent achievements. Roman history is confusing & there are several Claudius', but THE Claudius, the "I, Claudius" of books and movies is the "lame" one that seems to offend people consumed by the meaning of names. Be proud of our guy. He overcame a disease to become a great ruler, so great that he had to be poisoned.
When I was younger I HATED my name (Claudia). I think the name Claudia is a gorgeous name, and now that I have learned to love me and my name I feel it’s better to stand out than to stand in. Me and Claudia Schiffer both have the same name, and the same birthday! I think of Claudia with tan skin, blue eyes, a blonde wavy/curly hair mostly the wavy part but some days she has gorgeous curls. The one thing that stands out though is the meaning lame. I’ve never met a Claudia in my life. So everyone that has met me I consider a small tiny bit a special, because not many people know a Claudia. My middle name is Elise, which wasn’t a very popular name at the time. I liked the name a lot so sometimes I wish I could be called by my middle name (which my mom did) my friends call me Claudine, Claud, Claud’s, Santa Claud’s, and Cece, as my initials are C.E.C. and then I decided to put an e at the end. Personally, I think you should consider naming your daughter Claudia, even though it means lame, no Claudia I’ve seen on the internet or videos seems lame.
I think this name is absolutely beautiful (with German pronunciation CLOUD-IA). We're currently considering it for our next child if we have a girl. Whilst I love the full name I also think Cloudy would be so cute as a nickname. As for the meaning "lame" I also found the meaning by Anonymous above about 'secure, support, someone to lean on'. However, I have decided that if we are to call one of our next children Claudia I will share with the child a meaning I have created based on the german pronunciation. Clouds are an absolutely beautiful and wonderful creation - they are soft, peaceful and gentle looking; you must look up to see them, which I feel is a beautiful reminder of perspective and optimism; they are made up of 100, 000's of water droplets, which brings an element of cooperation and team work; being water they are the source of Life; and reflecting on their nature - how they are formed through the whole water cycle - they are a beautiful symbol of transformation. And I think Coralie is a beautiful name to go with this as it means "from the sea".
My name is Claudia, pronounced as Cloud-ya. I only met one other Claudia growing up. I didn't love or hate it as a kid but as an adult I absolutely love it. I was named after a girl who consistently held the best result in my Dad's university class. I got curious about the meaning as an adult and the idea of "lame" just didn't make sense -especially given how common it had been with the Romans who would be very unlikely to use a name that symbolized a weakness. Based on my research I give the meaning to secure, or enclose and provide firmness and perpetuity. Or as explained by linguistics: Haven, Safety, Support or One To Lean On.Source:
This is my name and I love it, I prefer it to be pronounced as Claw-dee-a, a lot of my friends call me Claude or Claudie. Another nickname I love is Claudex. (Pronounced Claude-dex) I also find the meaning behind the name Claudia funny!
Claudia Moro Fernández is a Spanish model and beauty pageant titleholder who competed in the 2008 Miss Universe pageant, placing seventh overall. She represented Madrid at Miss Spain 2008 and placed 1st Runner-Up to Patricia Yurena Rodríguez.
The name Claudia was given to 371 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Claudia are female.
Claudia Angela Jordan is an American actress, model, reality television and radio personality. She is known for appearing as a model on the U.S. version of Deal or No Deal and The Price Is Right, and for competing on seasons 2 and 6 of Celebrity Apprentice. Jordan appeared on the Bravo reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta for its seventh season.
Claudia Faniello is a Maltese singer. She represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song "Breathlessly" but failed to qualify to the final. Claudia was born and raised in Qawra, Malta, along with her siblings Fabrizio and Miriana. Her father is Italian. At the age of twelve, Claudia began to participate in a variety of television shows and participating also in many festivals and placing in top positions. In 2001, at the Phoenicia Hotel in Malta, she won the 'Talentissimi Juniors' – a show organised by 'Actreact'. A year later she sang live with Malta's National Orchestra in aid of impoverished children at the University of Malta. She was accompanied by Malta's ambassadors in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Julie & Ludwig and also her brother Fabrizio.
Saint Claudia Procula, the traditional name of the unnamed wife of Pontius Pilate appearing in Matthew 27:19. She was first called 'Claudia' in 1619 and is recognized as a saint in recognized as a saint in two Eastern Christian churches: the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
I'm Claudia and I LOVE my name. My Latin family pronounces it CLOW-dee-uh but otherwise in everyday life I am CLAW-dee-uh. My name feels strong, interesting, cool, but still classically feminine at the same time. Way underused. Name your daughter Claudia!
Claudia Pavel, alias Claudia Cream, is a Romanian pop singer and dancer. Pavel has had a string of hit music albums and music singles in Romania and is considered one of Romania's most successful and popular singers of the 2000s. Pavel speaks fluent Romanian, Greek, and English also some Turkish. Claudia Pavel was vying to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany with the entry "I Want U to Want Me", in the national final on December 31, 2010 she came in 10th place.
My name is Claudia Nichole. Growing up, I had constantly found it awkward to say "Hi, I'm Claudia" and I never understood why. I found out what my name meant in Greek (I think that's what it was, the whole lame thing) and I was very hurt and scared others were gonna find out and call me lame. I got the name chlamydia in 5th grade, I believe it was. When I was adopted in 2012 by my aunt, my cousin (I now call her my niece) was unable to pronounce the whole name and so only said Dia. I fell in love with the nickname. I remember thinking, "Hey, when my biological siblings have kids, they can call me Tia Dia, it rolls off the tongue!" So, even now, I go by Dia.I became obsessed with Hamilton in the summer time, and I went all out with it (mom and dad didn't like that, much, but oh well, I'm 16, I'm supposed to rebel, right?), and I looked more into Lin-Manuel Miranda and discovered In The Heights. I naturally became obsessed with it and noticed that the grandmother in the show was named Abuela Claudia. She puts a wonderful impact on all the characters and I thought "Hey, that will be me one day. This woman, Abuela, she is the type of person that everyone should look up to." I've encountered one other Claudia in my life. I met her at Hollywood Studios. Mom had shouted "Come along, Claudia!" And another mom looked over and said "Why are you talking to- Oh! I thought you were talking to MY daughter! I'm sorry." And we walked our separate paths laughing.One thing that made me begin to actually like my name is this livestream with Oceans Ate Alaska on Facebook last year. In summary, I basically made a comment and the drummer, Chris Turner, kept shouting "CLAUDIA!" in his English accent, and the crew on Twitter now has my name in their bio (don't believe me? Check out 432crew_oaa).Over all, I am loving my name now, but when I was younger, I hated it.
I'm Claudia Grace and I HATED my name when I was about five or six, but now I adore it. I used to get called Cloudia a lot and I'm through and through English so whenever a teacher who is obviously hella English calls me Cloudia I want to go up to the front of the class, write SANTA CLAUS on the board and ask if anyone says Santa Clous! I don't get vicious nicknames, more people just saying Cloudia to gently annoy me or as a mistake. I've had the nickname Pookie since I was a baby (usually only my father calls me Pooks or Pookie) so I would recommend an unrelated nickname that maybe your child could use in everyday life (even though I can't) if you are thinking of naming your baby Claudia. But I genuinely love it now.
My name is Claudia. The reason I got this name was because of the OBGYN doctor who helped my mom on my difficult birth. When I found out the meaning I did not like it and I asked my mom why she gave me such a name. My mom told me that a "NAME" never gave a meaning to a person; the person is the one who gives it the meaning. Now I love my name because I know the real meaning is "thank you from the heart."
I am Klaudia. Not Claudia but Klaudia:)
Part of my life I hated my name, but finally after 43 years I can say - I like it.
My childhood wasn't so easy because of my name - couldn't be easy with a very rare name, in 70's especially, LOL. People struggled to pronounce my name right. I was always the ONLY Klaudia around. Nursery, school, university.
In my whole life I've met only a few more Klaudia's, but my "life best friend" is Klaudia too :))
I know that the meaning of my name and I have to say - I always laughed making fun of it, but in some ways, it is true.
Me and my best friend - we're so different from the other Anna's or Monika's, as teenagers, and so much the same as Klaudia's all our life :)
Could be the name power, I guess :)It is funny how many Klaudias running around these days in Europe, but once I've realised not every "Klaudia!" shout was address to me - I am ok :)Love my name today, especially living in UK, where, again I fell like unicorn again haha, being Klaudia - not Claudia, not Clou-dia just regards to all Claudias and Klaudias :)
Please don't name your child Claudia. I have all my life hated it. As a child, others could rhyme their names, not Claudia. Although I was well liked, children would change my name tauntingly to Claw, Clod and Claudhopper.
Most people would not readily remember my uncommon name and call me some other name with a C hard sound like Carla or Cathy. Even people I know well seldom use my name, as 3 syllable names with 2 hard sounds are just not favorable to say. People more readily speak shorter, softer names. People gave me multitudes of unrelated nicknames or just avoid using a name when possible.
Finally, I always have to spell it when talking to phone customer service people. I personally could not name a sweet, healthy newborn "lame". I did eventually, at middle age become physically crippled/lame. If people become what their name suggests, then well...
I'm surprised that the "crippled" or "disabled" meaning is perpetuated on so many websites. From my understanding, the meaning of the name is unclear and linguists and historians debate it. The Claudii name preceded Claudius for some time, and many sources have questioned why a popular name would be in continued use with that meaning, including by freed slaves who had no reason to continue to use a name assigned to them by masters. "Claudia" has the same linguistic root as "close" and "clause". It's likely the name's meaning is along the lines of "enclose", "surround", "encompass", or "envelop." In fact, some have argued that the meaning "crippled" derives from this other meaning, in the sense of "confined." It's a shame that the rich linguistic history of this name isn't more widely known. Perhaps some would be more likely to use it if they knew the possible meanings of the name.
Claudia Raurell Carulla is a talented, famous young architect from Barcelona, Catalunya. As her construction designs, she is rock solid and incredibly trustworthy. She also dresses well, dances well, loves her family, can drink more than an Irish bartender. In one word: She is the bomb!
I love this name. It was my Latin name in Latin I and I still think it just has the most beautiful sound.
Skimming meaning of the name Claudia here from comments and I'm amazed that you don't know the 'pre-Claudius' Latin meaning of the name Claudia. My name is Claudia too and I learned it meant 'lame' at an early age. However, there was a pre-Claudius meaning which has apparently been lost. It's: Gentle lamb. I will say when someone asks what Claudia means - I'm a gentle lame lamb. It adds another layer, no? I have not liked the 'lame' meaning either and it's been rather odd that I have had a personal history of spraining my ankle throughout my life starting around age 19. So it may have become wish fulfillment.
Beautiful name, very unfortunate meaning. If the meaning of names are personally not that important though, it shouldn't deter anyone from using the name.
If you want to give a nickname to someone named Claudia u can call them clauda or clda.
Gorgeous name. If its good enough for THREE Emperors of Rome, it should be good enough for anyone, don't worry over the meaning. It sounds royal. I would kill for a name this awesome.
I love this name. I just can't get past the meaning.
This is my mother's name and will also be my future daughter's name.
It sounds classy and cute at the same time. Yes a thousand times over to this name!
"Claudia" looks great on paper, is pretty to write, but to say? It sounds like Santa Claus. I think that Claudia is an okay middle name but for a first name, it just doesn't sound right. :/
Claudia Brown is a character from the British series Primeval. She is portrayed by Lucy Brown.
The form Clàudia is used in Catalan.
Claudia Jordan (born 1973 in Providence, Rhode Island) is an American model and television personality.
Claudia Lee Mirkowski (born 1996 in Lafayette, Indiana) is an American teen actress.
Drop-dead gorgeous. :)
I love this name! I also spell it like Clodia because the English pronunciation claw-dee-ah sounds like some claw or sharp thingy. I like clo-dee-uh better. I never ever saw a Clodia before so it's rare and unique.
I really love the sound and look of this name! I'm not to keen on the meaning. However my young niece is named this. I can't imagine anyone meeting her and not liking her immediately! So even with an unbecoming meaning, I have to say this name is awesome! I wouldn't hesitate to name your daughter this!
When I gave birth to my first child sixteen years ago (a nine-pound baby who took 30 hours to deliver - I WISH I was exaggerating!) my OB nurse was a wonderful woman named Claudia who got me through the whole ordeal with amazing patience and kindness. I decided right then and there to give the baby her name. Since it turned out to be a boy, I hope she understands why we went with "Joseph" instead, but Nurse Claudia, if you happen to read this, I still think YOU ROCK!
This is the name of the biological mother of Jacob and his brother, in the TV series LOST.
Whatever your opinion on the name Claudia, you've got to respect a name that's been in the top 1000 most popular names for going on 130 years.
I don't like it. It sounds harsh and ugly. *no offense*
I do not even care that this name has a horrid meaning! I love it, it is so regal and beautiful! I can see this name on a little girl, a teenager and an adult, that makes a perfect name in my book!
I like this name, but it either reminds me of a black-haired girl who is too full of herself or a crazy blond vampire. Just saying.
I like this name, but I really dislike the meaning.
Klaudija is the Croatian form.
Claudia Donovan is one of the main characters in the new SyFy Series Warehouse 13.
I love the name Claudia. It has elegance, poise and beauty to it, and it's not too common. And I love Claudia Deheza from the band School of Seven Bells.
I love this name! It is sophisticated and classic, and has a beautiful, feminine sound to it. It is neither too popular/common, nor too unusual, and it has consistently been in the top 1000 baby names for over a century. It is also a fairly 'international' name that can be easily pronounced in other languages. Personally, I prefer the ''klaw-dee-ah'' pronunciation to the ''klow-dee-ah'' pronunciation though.
Claudia has been one of my favorite names ever since I can remember. For me, it represents kindness and sweetness. I believe that it is suitable for young girls and older women alike, and therefore a good choice as all children grow up eventually.
I don't know why but this name reminds me of Santa Claus and made me to image a picture of obese geek or a goth teen every time I heard this name. Claudius is a much better name for mature white-haired men with beards, but still reminds me of Santa Claus.
I have a cousin with this name. Because our family is from Puerto Rico, we pronounce it klah-OO-dee-uh.
This is a pretty name with the European pronunciation ''KLOW-dee-a'', but ugly in the English pronunciation. The English pronunciation makes me think of claws.
I have this name and pronounce as if it were spelt Cloudia. I personally like this pronunciation better.
To me, Claudia sounds like "clod." Where I come from, clod is a chunk of dirt, commonly found on the ground.
Very pretty. I prefer the pronunciation of KLOW-dee-ah as opposed to KLAW-dee-ah.I can't stand how some people choose a name solely based on it's meaning. The meaning of a name doesn't necessarily reflect a person's personality or physical state.
The French say, klohd-jia. I think it's pretty! My take on the meaning of this name goes a bit farther than simply "crippled". Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (10 BC – 54 AD) is no doubt the progenitor of the "textbook" meaning of this name. He is known to have had some kind of handicap -- a hump, or a club foot, or spina bifida, as examples.As Caesar of Rome, Claudius was "an able administrator and a great builder of public works. His reign saw an expansion of the empire, including the conquest of Britain. He took a personal interest in the law, presided at public trials, and issued up to twenty edicts a day" (thank you, wikipedia). So, I don't think it's fair to only focus on Claudius' physical limitations when, as a leader of men, he is renowned for his humanitarianism! It's sad, but predictable, that people tend to ruminate on the "ugly" when so much good is staring them in the face. So go ahead and name your daughters "Claudia" and let them know about the "real" meaning of their beautiful name!
My sister's name is Claudia. I happen to think that the name is very regal, proper and elegant, especially paired with her middle name Grace.
In my high school Spanish class, my teacher wanted us all to have Spanish names which only she would use to identify us. Claudia was mine, and I loved her Spanish pronunciation of it: "Clowdia". It made it sound so much more delicate and romantic.
A very beautiful actress named Claudia Black bears this name. She plays main characters on Farscape and Stargate SG-1! (I love Sci-Fi!)
My aunt is named Claudia, and I've always thought of it as a name for a strong, cool, and independant woman (basically, my aunt!). I think that it's got a nice ring to it as well!
Pronounced as "KLOWD-yah".
The full name of The West Wing's Press Secretary, C. J. Cregg, is Claudia Jean.
I have always loved my name (klaw-dee-a) and the meaning "lame" has nothing in common with any Claudia I have ever known. We all seem strong and independent like the name and yet somewhat soft. It's just beautiful! I don't think anyone can dislike Claudia and it's too strong to be shortened into a nickname which I like!
I love the name Claudia. It's beautiful, timeless, and has a cute nickname (Claud). However, the meaning is horrendous. Why is it that such beautiful, underused names have to have sad meanings? Hopefully, no one with the name Claudia (or anyone else) feels lame about themselves.
Claudia is a model for the gameshow Deal or No Deal.
My name is Claudia, pronounced Klaw-Dia. I don't really like it, mostly because it doesn't have a nickname. If anyone can think of one besides Claud (boys name-uuugh) tell me! Also, the meaning sucks.
My name is Claudia. while growing up I've never met another girl named Claudia. Everyone I know, knows at least 1 - 2 Claudias. After 22 years of living I finally ran into another Claudia!It's not a very popular name, and I appreciate that my parents named me Claudia. I didn’t get any bullying like other names: icky Vicky, creepy Carrie or things like that. So that’s a good point. My name is pronounced like the German site above. KLOW-dee-a. I personally really don't like the English KLAW-dee-a, reminds me of a big large claw and just sounds weird. The meaning of the name is “lame, crippled one”. Not that I’m proud of that but I don’t exactly feel strong. People always tell me that I look so confident and strong. I actually feel like I’m too sensitive for this planet. I also put others first. I do everything for my friends, family and for the one I love. Almost to the point of insanity. So I guess this name suits me. Unfortunately most people are having a hard time to keep my name intact. People seem to like to cut names. So my friends call me Clue. I’m grateful for that! I specifically asked them not to call me KLOW. In Dutch the part “Clau/KLOW” sounds like the word “klauw” which means in “claw”. People also love to stay on the W so that you get a kloWW-Dee-a. But whatever. Apparently there is even a movie called “Claudia”. Never saw it though. I don’t have any bad experiences with this name. Too bad it isn’t used that often. I like it.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Claudia here:
My second name - but it drives me nuts getting people to pronounce it right. For me it's like KLOW-DIA not KLAW-DIA (my mother is German).
A famous bearer is the Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, who acted in "The Leopard", "Once Upon a Time in the West" and "The Pink Panther".
Claudia is timeless, elegant, and strong yet delicate. My first daughter will be given this name - it's classy and would suit both a child and an adult. Claudia was almost my name - as it is I was called Amelia, which is quite similar. I think Amelia and Claudia would make perfect names for twin girls!
Claudia Gerini is a beautiful Italian actress and model.
A nice sounding name but its meaning leaves something to be desired. 'Lame crippled one'? Ugh.
Lady Bird Johnson's "real" first name is Claudia. (She was born Claudia Alta Taylor.)
I LOVE Claudia! It's strong, elegant, intelligent-sounding, ageless and completely beautiful.
Pronounced Kah-lawd-ee-uh.
My significant other and I were just discussing the perfection of Claudia in that, it isn't exceptionally common, and most people don't know more than two or three in real life. Yet, it's easily recognizable from literature. Plus, it's beautiful.
I really love this name, my new baby daughter has just been named it. To all those who are thinking about using this name, CHOOSE IT!
Claudia is a very calculatively notorious name for a girl who has bad behaviour and actually rebels a lot and is fraudulent in life.
Claudia Kishi is a character in The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin.
A bearer of this name is model Claudia Schiffer.
A well known yet fictitious Claudia is the beautiful, complex, seductive, deceptive child vampire in Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire. This stunning character is a complete contradiction to the name's meaning of "lame"!

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