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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. kleh-MEHN-teh(Italian, Spanish)
kli-MEHN-ti(European Portuguese)
kleh-MEHN-chee(Brazilian Portuguese)
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Meaning & History

Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Clemens (see CLEMENT).
Other Languages & CulturesKliment(Bulgarian) Climent(Catalan) Klement(Czech) Clemens, Klemens(Danish) Clemens(Dutch) Clement, Clem(English) Clément(French) Clemens, Klemens(German) Kelemen(Hungarian) Clemens(Late Roman) Kliment(Macedonian) Clemens(Norwegian) Klemens(Polish) Kliment, Klim(Russian) Klement(Slovak) Klemen(Slovene) Clemens, Klemens(Swedish) Kliment, Klim(Ukrainian)


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