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Meaning & History

English form of the Late Latin name Clemens (or sometimes of its derivative Clementius) which meant "merciful, gentle". This was the name of 14 popes, including Saint Clement I, the third pope, one of the Apostolic Fathers. Another saint by this name was Clement of Alexandria, a 3rd-century theologian and church father who attempted to reconcile Christian and Platonic philosophies. It has been in general as a given name in Christian Europe (in various spellings) since early times. In England it became rare after the Protestant Reformation, though it was revived in the 19th century.
Feminine FormClemence
Other Languages & CulturesKliment Bulgarian Climent Catalan Klement Czech Clemens, Klemens Danish Clemens Dutch Clément French Clemens, Klemens German Kelemen Hungarian Clemente Italian Clemens, Clementius Late Roman Kliment Macedonian Clemens Norwegian Klemens Polish Clemente Portuguese Kliment, Klim Russian Klement Slovak Klemen Slovene Clemente Spanish Clemens, Klemens Swedish Kliment, Klim Ukrainian
Same SpellingClément


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