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Gender Masculine
Usage Welsh

Meaning & History

Derived from the old Celtic word dei meaning "to shine". This name is also used as a Welsh diminutive of DAVID.
Other Languages & CulturesDaud, Dawood, Dawud(Arabic) Davit(Armenian) Davud(Azerbaijani) David(Biblical) Dauid(Biblical Greek) Dawid(Biblical Hebrew) David(Biblical Latin) Davud(Bosnian) Daveth(Cornish) David(Croatian) David(Czech) David(Danish) David(Dutch) David, Dewey, Dave, Davey, Davie, Davy(English) Taavet, Taavi(Estonian) Taavetti, Taavi(Finnish) David(French) Davit, Daviti(Georgian) David(German) David(Hebrew) Dávid(Hungarian) Davíð(Icelandic) Daud(Indonesian) Dáibhí(Irish) Davide(Italian) Dāvids, Dāvis(Latvian) Dovydas(Lithuanian) David(Macedonian) Daw(Medieval English) David(Norwegian) Davud(Persian) Dawid(Polish) David(Portuguese) Davi(Portuguese (Brazilian)) David(Romanian) David(Russian) Dàibhidh, David, Daividh, Davie(Scottish) David(Serbian) Dávid(Slovak) David(Slovene) David(Spanish) David(Swedish) Dovid, Dudel(Yiddish)
User SubmissionsĐài, Dai

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