Damian is a hot, strong name.
Damian is a nice, masculine, strong, and handsome name. It’s really hot for a guy. I kinda dig the meaning too. I don’t know where these “devil” claims are coming from, but it means “to tame”. The name was absolutely nothing to do with the devil. Anyways, name your son Damien/Damian.
I love this name! It seems cute. I don't get why people keep saying like "This name is satanic because it sounds like demon or it's heaven backwards" like why-. Dami is a cute nickname.
Such a handsome name that I love a lot. It sounds awesome and it looks amazing. Totally use this name. Some combinations I love are Damian Kai and Damian Xavier.
Damian is a good name for a guy of any age. The people that think Damian= demon are crazy to say the least. The name has no evil intentions in the meaning, so ok Damian is used in the movie the Omen- only horror fans are going to make that connection. When I hear the name Damian my mind goes straight to Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son and one of the many Robins which I expect is what most children would probably think when they hear the name.
I LOVE IT! It's super handsome and can see it on ANY age! Love love love it and definitely use it!
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Also Bulgarian, spelled Дамян :
You'll find bearers on social media.
Damian is a very handsome masculine name that I love. Also one of my half brother's names. Damian is strong, masculine and I'd expect a Damian to be someone who'd do anything for their family.
Portuguese form is "Damião". [noted -ed]
One of my favorite boy names ever! But it happens to be my brother's name so I probably won't use it.
Well, I approve of the name Damian, but I don't however approve of it being a demonic, bad name. My boyfriend's name is Damian and I don't approve of you guys calling his name (and I quote) "Demonic". Nothing seems Demonic about him, and actually the complete opposite. He's sweet, not really the "Give me Attention" type of guy, and he's NOT bossy, mean or anything like that. I know this is based off of Greek mythology, but sometimes they just make up random theories.. Please don't take this offensively..
Obviously, my name is Damion and I haven't found any proof personally of my name being Demonic. However it does seem to put people on edge. I once had a nun that wouldn't say my name and not turn her back to me. She even walked backwards down a hallway to keep an eye on me, really creepy. Mostly slightly upsetting honestly lol.
I used to like this name. Now, I’m a little mixed about it. The cringe rate is very high on this name. Very youthful. But still it’s not a bad name, I just have a couple cons.
Cool name.
Damien is my older brother’s name, and I think it's a good and cool name, in fact my mom and dad named all 3 of their sons uncommon names starting with D-. My oldest brother’s name is Dane, my 2nd older brother is Damien and my name is of course Dante. They named him Damien after the saints not because of The Omen movie. I could care less how evil or satanitic the name might sound to you, because it is my brother’s name and if you know ANYTHING about family, it's that family loves you like no other.

I like the name Damien and I will consider it if I ever have a son.
Damian Thorne is the little boy who is the Antichrist in the 1977 American horror movie "The Omen".
I love the sound of Damian. I just picture a really cool hot guy. Ha!
I prefer the spelling Damien.
I actually really like the name Damian. (Damien looks nice, too, but I want to pronounce it the French way whenever I see it, and I don't live in a Francophone place so that wouldn't make sense.) But I've always been hesitant about it because I'm afraid a little boy named Damian will get constant Omen-related comments. But it sounds as if those people are relatively easy to ignore, anyway, depending on where you live.
Damian is a sexy name. I love the name and would either love my husband or future son to be called Damian. To all the Damian’s out there in the world I love you and don’t listen to people who say bad things about you. You are not evil you are a good and beautiful man.
Damian seems to have a unique sound to my ears that resonates in a pleasant way and being only eighteen, I would not mind bestowing this kind of name on any future child of mine when I’m ready to have children.
South Park Character.
If Damian can be unisex, then this name shouldn’t have such a weak rate for being feminine. It’s never boy names that are exclusive to boys, it’s girl names that are exclusive to girls. It’s not easy for a male to be sooooo original with names. Girls are strongly more kri8iv with names, but I’m still sure there are some boy names. So this name is unisex, I prefer it more on a boy, but a girl is fine too!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Damian who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 769th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Cain is a bad name, but me, I'm a Damian and I'm not the devil's son the I'm son of Jesus. Also, I'm a Lightworker. I love to help people. I always see numbers like 911 111 222 333 555 1111... oh, and my name is a French name Damien or Damian, either way. Please don't think I'm evil because I'm not... I'm very kind and helpful.
Very nice.
Famous bearer - Portland TrailBlazers Star Damian Lillard, the basketball player who memorably beat the buzzer with 0.9 seconds left vs Houston to advance to round 2 in the playoffs.

3x NBA All-Star [2014, 2015&2018] 3x All NBA [2014 3rd Team, 2014 2nd Team, 2018 First team], 2013 ROTY, 2x Big Sky Conference Player of Year.
Having been blessed with the name straight from the movie, I can tell you it's an awful lot of fun. Most people do associate it with the Antichrist, for no reason beyond they saw it on that movie one time. Then there are those truly educated ones that make you feel good about it. One little old lady, after asking me to spell my name, informed me that I was named after the patron saint of lepers. Which I thought was pretty awesome. Now understand, I'm a huge dork. D&D, video games etc. I wouldn't hurt someone unless I had no other choice. This name, however, has been blown in to something silly and "scary" by Hollywood alone.
Honestly, I'd love to see a complete geek with this name.
I like this name because it's unique, not too old fashioned, and it's cool.
I am a woman named Damie. It is a derivative of Damica. Damie is also my great grandmother's name. If the Omen movie had not ever been produced I often wonder, would things have been different for me?
I like it and have a brother by the name. It never seemed evil to me. If anything, I wouldn't use Mohammad because of religious associations, but Damian is a cool name. My brother is 21 now.
Well, somehow I don't think it's religious people who are making a fuss. The devil does not have a child in the canon, and there are saints named Damian, so it's clearly not an unholy name. I think people should not let themselves be so influenced by pop culture/silly movies.
Demon comes from δαίμων and Damian from δαμαζω. And even if Damian did mean demon, it would not mean the bearers of this name are evil.
I'm just sitting here shaking my head at the remarks from people associating this name with "evil" or "the son of Satan". All I can say is I'm so glad I'm not religious. That aside, I absolutely love this name; I think it's unique, strong, classy, not overused and overall I find it to be a great name for a guy.
The name Damian is the Christian spelling, meaning "the profit". Some people say that the the name Damien (spelling) is the devil's son but it is just a name.
My brother was named this after the boy in The Omen. I can't believe all the "devil" comments... It's the 21st century, people! Damian is a fine name.
Me being a musical nerd, I came across a young man named Damian McGinty. He is the perfect example of the name "Damian". He is Irish, attractive, has a baritone/bass voice, and is just a wonderful young man. I will let people believe what they want about the name, but to me the name is classy, intelligent, witty, sexy even, and nicknaming a friend "Day", or "Damo" is quite sweet.
My youngest son is due in 38 days and his name will be Damien Alexander. For those of you that are ignorant enough to actually believe that the name Damien derives from the notion that it is Satan's son's name, you are absolutely and ridiculously absurd.

The actual meaning is: From the Greek name Δαμιανος (Damianos) which was derived from Greek δαμαζω (damazo) "to tame". Saint Damian was martyred with his twin brother Cosmo in Syria early in the 4th century. They are the patron saints of physicians. Due to his renown, the name came into general use in Christian Europe. Another saint by this name was Peter Damian, an 11th-century cardinal and theologian from Italy.

The only thing evil associated with this name is the stupid movie The Omen. If you go by that then, well I'd hate to hear your opinions on Jason (Friday the 13th), Samara (The Ring), Carrie (Carrie), Michael (Halloween) and so forth. It is just crazy to associate all of these names with evil just because some movie portrays them that way.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Damian Hunter
Damian Miles
Damian Parker
Damian Ross
Damian Sawyer
Jared Damian
Lucas Damian
Lyric Damian
Isaac Damian
Kyle Damian
Jeremiah Damian
Spencer Damian
Thomas Damian.
Okay so Lucifer whom is the devil himself was an angel of God's. So he had a physical body. Then he has a wife in hell whom also had a physical body. So having a son named Damien isn't a problem between the both of them. Damien is the anti-christ. He's more than just a demon. Just giving info for those who don't know their history and there's always Google which I search daily.
I believe this name to partly at least derive from an ancient Greek perception of life. That each person had a driving spark that urged him to follow and behave certain ways. This was considered a vital part of the soul while in the body. Something one could not alter or destroy about themselves. A flashy spark that drives an artist a warrior a king a mother... This thing was called your personal deamon I believe the word diadem... the sparkling crown... and diamond to be derived from this concept as well. It allowed for ecentticities in the Greek view of freedoms. And these are people known to sometimes fight battles NUDE with long hair flowing. So for me the name is neither good nor bad as a deamon was not always your best self or your worst but just YOU. I like it immensely. The Greek idea may have been.. most likely... a barrow from older middle eastern names for sudden unpredictable happenings such as sand storms, drought, famine. But the Greeks liked the freedom part of that.
Damian is my older brother's name, and I guess the only time you can use the name "Damian" and "Devil" in the same sentence is when you say, "Damian's brother is the Devil". I love my older brother, but let's face it, he's not evil, he's a respectful and sincere man, just like many Damians out there.
DAMIAN WAYNE is the son of BATMAN, HELLO. Anya Koala is obsessed with him. Even though people say it's evil, not everyone named Damian is evil, alright? Sure, the Damian son of Batman is not the friendliest guy, but I've seen a waiter who was named Damian at Steak 'n Shake. He was nice. I like this name, okay?
If you name your son Damian or Cain you support evil, bottom line. It doesn't matter if a movie made Damian synonymous with evil, if you were named after the movie, whoever named you is about as ignorant or evil as someone who names someone Hitler. Also, I saw Paradise Lost about Damien Echols on Amazon Prime.
To the person who said this, are you joking? For one, good for you for watching a movie! Second, my first son's name is Gunner Weston CAIN Smith, are you trying to say I support evil because I gave him the middle name of my best friend who died when we were 17? Let me guess, I also support killing by guns because his name is Gunner. I am due on Halloween with my third son. So let me guess, since I am naming him Damien and am due on Halloween he is the anti-Christ! It is a name sweetheart. I am not naming him Lucifer, which even as a Christian I am upset because I think Lucifer is a lovely name and the meaning completely destroys it.
Damian is a very cute, classy, handsome, sexy name for a guy. And I think what the user "job2828" says is PURE BS. ^-^
I support evil because I named my son Damian? I didn't name my son after a film, I named him Damian because IT IS A NICE NAME. You are judgmental and moronic.
This is a fantastic name!
Damian in Arabic is: "ديَميان "
One of the ways I've heard my name pronounced. And no, I didn't particularly think the 'Son of the Devil' joke was funny the first hundred times I heard it. Still don't-interesting to see just how many ways of spelling it there are, and how many variations.
Although Damiaan is the authentic, native Dutch form (originally, Latin names ending in -ianus always became -iaan in Dutch), it is not used as often in The Netherlands as Damian. Damiaan is rare nowadays, whereas Damian is fairly popular and has been steadily gaining in popularity since the early '90s. In 2003 the name Damian was at its most popular ever: that year, 380 newborn boys were given this name.

As such, 'Dutch' should also be listed in the 'Usage' section for this name. :) [noted -ed]
A famous bearer is Damian Wayne. He is the fifth Robin, following Stephanie Brown, and is featured in the DCnU Batman & Robin comics. He is the son of Talia A'guhl and Bruce Wayne.
A famous bearer is singer Damian McGinty of my mum's favourite group, Celtic Thunder. He's fit ;)
The only resemblance the name "Damian" holds to "Demon" is if you pronounce it "DAHM-Yahn" (which is my least favorite, to be honest), obviously the only slight difference is an "A" rather than "E."
That off my chest... whether or not it reminds people of demonic usage-- it is also the name of many honorable Saints-- Angels, in fact. There are countless worse titles in usage that have cruel meanings... yet because the written version does not resemble, it is seen as suitable. Double standard, perhaps? Especially considering that the name currently in question has no true meaning of anything evil. "To Tame," is the definition.

Does that mean that I would dub a child by stated title? Not necessarily... I simply do not enjoy the written name nor to-the-ear sound. Merely my own personal opinion.

Among all the horrid abominations-- "Damian" sounds like a spring of clear water. While, no, I do not find it to be the most professional... It is not uneducated. Unlike the means of "Kaycin," "LaToyah," "Jaylyn," and other such "kre8tiv" atrocities, "Damian" stands as a much larger chance of success. It is not a name that employers would be too wickedly unnerved by, in the long run.

Through this whole duration of writing a comment... the name has truthfully grown on me. (My previous opinion still holds true, however.)
I like the name Damian. My grandma told me Damian meant 'the devil' or 'devils son' but when I looked up the name it tells me otherwise. Like on this website it means 'to tame' & it's the name of some saints. And if you go to it means 'sweet and harmless'. I don't know how the name got a bad reputation but meanings I found don't have an evil meaning.
In my opinion Damian/Damien is a good looking and nice name. I like that it sounds a little mysterious.

And get this guys: I ALSO happen to like The Omen! I may possibly even like the name Damian better because I had a good time watching the movie. Popular culture sometimes helps us getting introduced to names but in the end names are just sounds that we like. It's not like a child named Hannibal WILL become a cannibal, just because it rhymes!
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is DAHM-yahn.
One famous bearer is Damian Trotter, Dell-boy's son in Only Fools and Horses.
Petr Čech (Czech) and Martina Dolejšová have a son Damian Czech.
I personally love this name, no matter if it's related to the devil or not. It's a strong, beautiful name.
A famous bearer is Damian Kulash of the band OK Go! (The band with the guys on treadmills).
When I found out me and my husband were expecting a boy I started looking for a name that wouldn`t be very common and ordinary. Also I wanted to pick a name of a Saint, a holy name, a cool and interesting name all in one. And I must tell you I found a very special, enticing and charming name that made it to the top of our babyname list.
Damian [DAHM-yahn] we love you!
It bothers me that people would associate this name with negative things like being the son of the devil because of a movie. In a book series I read and in some legends I've heard Micheal (maybe not spelled that way) is the son of the devil but I've never heard anyone say bad things about that name. I personally love the name Damian.
Why on earth can someone HATE this name/the bearer of the name and say "it's the name of the devil's son". IT'S JUST A NAME!
Anyway, I like this name and (please notice this; the following words has NOTHING to do with the devil or God, it's just an opinion) it's something with Damian; every guy I have seen (in real life and on tv/cinema) with this name was/are good looking.
My name happens to be Damian, it's spelled with an ( A ) as in angel not an ( e ) as in evil! That happens to be my middle name! I was born a few years before the movie came out and remember hearing my name on the radio and being like that's great! My brother who is a couple of years older would always tease me because there was a children's show called Romper Room on at the time. And at the end of the show theu would pick a little boys or girls name. But they never picked mine, they picked his or one of the kids always had that name. So he would tease me and say that's because no one likes your name and it's stupid and just be mean! Until that day oh it was great that first day and the weeks and sequels that followed! Yeah sure they can say your lame name on some kids show but mine's on the radio! Then the T.V. then the billboard and the cinema marques! Can you feel it? The vindication, of years of being teased and made fun of to everyone saying my name! They made movies about me! I was the same age as the little boy in the original. Yet far cuter, and I had more than just the name.

I loved my name but hated the trouble it brought. I was raised Catholic so it was a constant battle within school and at CCD. I didn't accept my role as the Omen until high school. That's when I decided if they wanted the devil they would get the devil! I never had a real problem after that!

Now if you were given this name and you think you had it bad and deserve the name well you don't! No one has fought harder or longer than I have with this name! I earned it, and I'm proud to have been given it! If you have this name already you might as well change it! There can only be one and that one is me!
Oh and today is my Holiday, I just learned that from the site. I guess in Poland the 14th of July is Damian day! Also there are only two abbreviations that I know of and a third I tolerate.

#1 would be the generic (D). I accept it but it's rare when I'm called it.
#2 was only tolerated by family when I was younger and when my friends first heard it they always looked at me strange. Then realized it sounded OK and it was easer and shorter. And of course that would be Dame. I allow anyone to call me it. Now normally it's only my closest friends and most all my family who do.
#3 this is for family only, the only exception are children! I would allow everyone to call me it but only family and young children have. It doesn't bother me at all I just think people don't feel comfortable calling me it other than my family and even then its only a handful. That pet or short name would be Damie.

I suppose that's how you might spell it, I'm not too sure but that's how it sounds. Hahaha :)
This is also a Spanish name.
The name annoys me. It sounds a bit pretentious, and I hate the fact that people always connect this name to some evil forces, the Devil, and crap like that. It's not Demon, it's Damian. The two are not pronounced alike. The name has no such history or etymology.
In the TV series "Only Fools and Horses", Del's son is named Damian. Regardless of whether or not the name actually comes from daemon (I suspect it's a cross cultural name that has been attributed more than one meaning), that seemed to be the impression that the character Rodney had of the kid.
Also used in Spanish and is pronounced Dah-mian.
I like Damian more on a girl than a boy, but it's good on either.
This is such a virile name, best exeplified by seductively sultry Irish singer-song-writer Damien Rice (yes I know the spelling's slightly different), he could play me a lullaby on his guitar any night.
A famous bearer is actor Damian Lewis, currently starring on NBC's drama "Life" and has also appeared in "The Forsyte Saga" and "Band of Brothers".
I totally love this name. It's very cool. It's just the sound of it that makes it a great name.
I like the name Damian a lot, I'm going to name my first son Damian, and whovever says it's the name of the devil son needs to stop taking some stupid horror flick so seriously.
We have a son named Damian. We knew about The Omen but have no interest in watching the original or remade versions. We named our son after St. Damian (brother of St. Cosmos). They are included in the canon of the (Catholic) Mass, as they are martyrs in the Catholic faith and patrons saints of doctors, midwives, and barbers, among others. We chose this name because it is a saint's name, and well known but not widely used.
Damian does not mean devil! For those of you who don't understand that, I'll say it again. DAMIAN. DOES. NOT. MEAN. DEVIL.

For one, previous commenters above me have stated that it's not mentioned in the bible, and it was even the name of a couple of Saints!

Personally, I LOVE the name. It has a lovely, yet mysterious tone to it. This is probably what I'm going to give a future son of mine as a first name or a middle name. Along with Kirk. :D

Although I guess I like the spelling Damien better, but they both sound great.
Everyone who said that the name Damian has nothing to do with Satan is right. It does not mean 'demon' or 'devil,' and it was never mentioned in the Bible anywhere. In fact, it was the name of several saints. Every source I've seen says the meanings are 'to tame or subdue,' or 'sweet and harmless.' And if you don't believe that, I'll have you know that the Latin word for demon is 'daemon,' and not Damian. Indeed, if the boy in "The Omen" had been named Jeff or Stu, the result would have been the same. It's only a movie.
Another famous bearer of this name is Damien Rice, a singer-songwriter from Ireland. As of July 2007, he has released two full-length albums.
Whoever said that everyone knows that Damian means demon is just plain retarded! The name wasn't used in the Bible ONCE! It says NOTHING about the antichrist bearing this name! I think whoever wants to name their kid this should go ahead and name them this. Screw what those punks say! The name means sweet and harmless. SWEET AND HARMLESS! That has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a demon. If the boy's name would have been Israel or Gabriel or Jacob or Luke, I'm pretty sure Damian would be considered normal and everyone who ever heard of The Omen would say "Don't name your kid Jacob! It's evil!" IT'S JUST A MOVIE. GET OVER THE FACT THAT IT'S JUST A MOVIE.
Damian is the name of Satan's son in South Park.
Personally, I think that Damian is such a nice, strong name that it overcomes all of the negative associations that people put on it.
Demian is also a wonderful book by Hermann Hesse.
I personally love the name Damian and if I am blessed with a son I hope to give him this wonderful name, which in a baby name book I have, means "sweet and harmless". The people who refuse to use the name because of the movie "The Omen" are just plain crazy! This is a beautiful name that pop culture, not facts have made into a devilish name.
A famous bearer is MTV personality Damien Fahley.
Honestly, I agree with the people who say Damian is no different than Jason, the name with a scary usage. Jason is a very commonly used name besides that fact. What makes Damian different? Supposedly it sounds like demon, well in a way it does. But the fact is that you can make anything sound anyway you want it too. As you can see in the examples of David, Devon, Dennis, etc. They can sound like demon too. Thanks to Damienkc for pointing that out! There are many people whose name is Damian. Everyone should respect that. Some of the most kind people are named Damian, so please step away from the ignorant stereotype left by the Omen. It just makes you look stupid.

P.S. Names used for Satan - Belial, serpant, father of lies, Beelzebub, Lucifer. Nowhere in the bible is Damian EVER metioned.
Damian is not the name of the devil, Lucifer is the name of the devil. The name Damian was just used as a name in a horror flick, just like the name Jason was but that never stopped the usage of the name Jason. I read somewhere that St. Damian was the patron saint of physicians.
I didn't know any of this "devil" thing with it till I saw the Omen recently when my mom said that she would never name a kid that. Personally I think it is a very nice name. It's also the name of my friend's dad.
I LOVE this name! It's awesome and sounds cool! On some websites it says this name means "sweet and harmless" too! And, FYI, this has NOTHING to do with the devil. In fact, there were even 4 saints named Damian!
I'm sorry but if I ever get a son I would NEVER EVER name him Damian even if my life depended on it! The reasons:
Reason #1
Damian = Demon/Devil. Oh, come on! EVERYONE on this planet knows that. I've never even seen the Omen or whatever that movie is called and even I knew that Damian means demon! This is not even about any movie!
Reason #2
This name is the UG in UGLY! This is my opinion.
Huh? That doesn't make any sense. "Damien" sounds nothing like Devil. Devin, Devon, David, Dennis, etc etc all sound way more like it than Damien (or Damian in this case, same thing). I'm not being biased because it's my name, I used to hate it because I'd hear that whole Omen thing, until I realized that's completely fictional and there were quite a few saints with the name.

Also, with the whole name being ugly, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Good job posting anonymously so we can't see yours. Chicks really like my name, I can't recall any of them not commenting how much they like it. :P
People, please get your facts -right-. Damian is not the son of the devil in Christian mythology in –any- way, shape, or form. In fact, it’s only in the Omen that this is the name, and it was chosen with no religious significance or relation. It has –nothing- to do with the devil, apart from that film. Zilch. Zero. Nada. This means, that if you ignore pop culture, Damian is a perfectly normal, acceptable name. Not evil or demonic. It’s only been made so by the film; and if the kid had been named Daniel, Edward or Fredrick, you can bet those names would be synonymous with the Devil in popular culture nowadays, even if they aren’t in religious dogma.

Some people say the devil’s son is named Mammon, some don’t know or name it. But it certainly ain’t Damian. In fact, the name should only remind people of the Omen/Devil and put them off the name, if, whereupon hearing the word Samara, their mind is as easily influenced as to go to the un-creepy girl from the Ring rather then the Russian city or that mountain.

Sadly that is most people.

Oh, and by the way. There are apparently four –saints- named Damian. How “unholy” is that?

I personally think Damian is a lovely name, if, like so many lovely names, ruined by clueless film directors. However, there are many forms of the name…such as Demyan. Damien or Damiano. So use them or go live in that country if you want to avoid the clueless minions of popular culture tormenting your poor son and trying to use him in some kind of Black Mass. ^^
I like the name, but since 6/6/06 has rolled around the name will be really popular. I am not a fan of popular names, since I have a ridiculous common name.
I think Damian is a great name, in fact it is my favorite name for a guy. I love it and it means Divine Power. Also, there was a Saint Damian who was martyered for his belief in God.
I think it's a pretty good name, but it's like naming your kid Buffy or Hermione if they were a girl, it's too famous now.
I do not really think it should leave such a bad impression partially because it IS my name.
I really love the name Damian but it is said to be the name of the son of the devil.
The Devil CAN'T have a son because he doesn't have a physical body.
According to the Dictionary of First Names the meaning "to tame, subdue" is actually used as a euphemism for "to kill".

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